18/04/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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The weather hasn't been too dramatic of late. That is not say it's not


without problems. One of those could occur as early as tonight. There


could be a sharp rural frost around especially so in the southern half


of the British isles. I make the distinction between south and north,


further north we have a weather front, a weak affair from the


Atlantic. It has enough breeze and cloud to help to keep the


temperatures up relative to the south. Now there is just the chance


of the odd pocket of frost further north, but my real concerns are away


from the major towns and cities across the greater part of England


and Wales, away from the coast. Minus three or four is possible.


That does convert into a glor yobs start to the new day. As you go


further north you get closer to the weather front and there will be this


loop of potential rain, I say no more than that, through Northern


Ireland, the north of England and the southern and eastern parts of


Scotland. The cloud sitting low on the western hills of Scotland. Not


too much to encourage you out of your bed there. Once the day gets


going the cloud will break across Scotland. The rain will pull away


into the north channel in Northern Ireland. A dry afternoon here,


perhaps. The south could get up to 13 or 14 away from the coast. We


will see a sea breeze there. The chances of overnight frosts are


largely confined to the south eastern corner but not ex-clues


civil. Thursday, quite a bit of cloud around, high in the sky, a


bright enough day except for the north of Scotland. New weather front


here, bringing cloud and rain. That front is significant for Friday


because it starts to make a bit of a move. Down and across the northern


half of the British Isles. If you are looking for rain this is not the


for cast for you. Even on that front there won't be an awful lot of rain.


To the south, brightness inland, 16, 17. There is a fresher feel behind


the weather front across Scotland, eventually Northern Ireland, it's


that air mass that winds. I move you on towards the eked. That weather


front will pull into the near continent. Here comes the cloud and


the north-westerly breeze. I suspect


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