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going into the weekend as well. A similar story across the UK. Thomas


matter has that story. Good evening, before we get to the


forecast, I want to show you a map which depicts how dry it has been


during the course of April. Brown is below average rainfall, blue is


above average. You can see how Brown the map is. Some areas in the south,


some counties have only seen a few percent so far in April. Not


necessarily a good thing at all. The rest of the week, not an awful lot


of change, a fair bit of cloud and just a bit warmer but only


marginally. The clouds are still streaming in off the Atlantic. This


is fairly moist air, quite damp, even a few spots of rain and


compared to the last couple of nights, this coming night is not


going to be as chilly. In fact, we're not anticipating a frost at


all but maybe a risk in the far south or the south-east very in the


night. Let's start tomorrow's forecast, around rush hour in the


south, not looking bad with some sunshine around and temperatures


around eight or nine. Light winds. Some more clout across Wales and the


North Midlands into northern England, generally more northern


parts of the UK first thing will be a bit cloudier and a bit less chilly


than in the last couple of nights or couple of mornings. 10 degrees


there, first thing in Scotland. Tomorrow will be overall a cloudy


day compared to what we had today and certainly people in southern


parts will notice the cloud increasing through the afternoon.


Whether you are in the north or the South, temperatures tomorrow will be


more or less the same. On Friday, a change for northern parts of the


country. We are expecting rain to move into western parts of Scotland.


This is a very weak weather front, another one of these weak weather


fronts we have had persistently throughout April. That is why we


have seen so little rainfall. Saturday, high-pressure anchors


itself across the UK. This does not necessarily mean we will see clear


blue skies but the wind will be generally light and there will be a


fair amount of cloud around, at least to start with and later in the


day, some sunshine, particularly across more eastern areas. Slightly


fresher across parts of Scotland. Saturday into Monday, we are


expecting a big area of low pressure potentially to sweep towards the


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