20/04/2017 BBC Weather


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appreciate that. Much colder next week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east England, where we had the majority


of the decent sunshine. Even under cloud it was dry for the most part.


We have this week whether forgiving showers in the south. This weather


front starting to pep up in the North, it'll change the feel of the


weather for all of us in the coming 36 hours. Through the night very


little changes, cloud comes and goes, there will be missed a shallow


fog south of the M4. Possibly the odd pocket of ground frost here and


there. You can see the rain gathering further north and already


by the time we get to morning we have colder air in across Orkney and


Shetland with a fairly stiff breeze as well. It could be we see someone


to be showers as the day progresses and the rain is fairly persistent


for a time to the night, to the morning into north-west Scotland.


Patchy rain extending across the rest of Scotland, north-western


parts of England and Wales, are likely to keep grey skies through


the day. Eastern parts of England, across East Anglia and south-east,


the western areas, because we could have missed and shallow fog it


promises breaks in the cloud. A more promising day without week weather


front having disappeared, it'll probably be brighter, more sunshine


coming through. If the sun comes out for a couple of hours, it could send


temperatures towards 20 degrees. Even in the cloud, 15 or 16. The


north of the weather front, even with sunshine returning, will be


significantly chillier. 10 Celsius. The chilly air filters further south


through tomorrow night. A widespread ground frost to the north. A bright


day, but the showers will be wintry over the hills. We also have a


relatively mild feeling air further south so with any breaks in the


cloud we're looking at the high teens. Definitely a lot lower in the


north. The wind is light, Sun is a strong this time of year. It'll feel


pleasant enough. Very little wind around our high pressure. As we get


towards the latter part of Sunday, this next area of low pressure


steaming in. Potentially gales, even severe gales, late on Sunday. For


most of us, pleasant enough in some sunshine. At least it'll be dry for


the majority. Brace yourself for the beginning of next week. Arctic air,


even colder, heading our way, wintry showers not


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