21/04/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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the mid-teens. Largely dry for the marathon. Here is the outlook for


the weather marathon. Here is the outlook for


the weather for the next few days and Helen Willetts has the National


forecast. While unusual to see snow in May, it


will be a shock to the system. We've seen some interesting contrast. 19


degrees cost is in Scotland in the sunshine today. In the sunshine only


11. The differences we are behind a cold weather front. Seeing a stepped


down in temperatures. The cold air filtering sound so there will be a


widespread ground frost across the country. The week weather front


still with us so we could cheat patchy mist and fog. The best chance


of seeing the meteor shower overnight will be in those clear


skies further north. A better chance for south overnight. We start


Saturday morning with the line of cloud, the weather front from


Northern Ireland through Wales, the Midlands coming the south-east. The


clear air following the weather front. Slow to weaken and showers


may follow. It's likely we'll get good spells of sunshine in the


south-west, south-west Wales into the afternoon, where we see more


sunshine, we're temperatures of 16, possibly 17. Could be the odd


shower. More sunshine than today for some. Not perhaps for Northern


Ireland. That weather front never too far away. Largely dry with some


brightness, certainly through central and southern parts of


Scotland. Parts of the central belt with showers will make it feel


chilly. Here is a taste of what is to come. Clear skies filter further


south tomorrow night, then it means it'll be a cold night in the south


with ground frost here as well. A chilly start to Sunday. If you are


running the marathon, even if you have cloud, it'll feel chilly. Good


running weather. As the morning wears on its likely we'll see more


breaks in the cloud, becoming warmer into the afternoon for the late


runners. It means it looks like we'll see more sunshine around on


Sunday compared with Saturday and for Northern Ireland the same is


true. For northern Scotland things will change with the onset of heavy


rain and strong winds, still chilly air up in the Northern Isles. 14-16


because the sun isn't as strong this time of year as it is in August. The


high and light winds help it to feel warmer. We'll see another step down


as that Arctic air flows in behind our cold weather


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