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Hello. We have just had the warmest day of the year so far in Northern


Ireland. Very pleasant in the Sunshine - 20 Celsius in County


Tyrone. Similar temperatures in western Scotland, and it is this


part of the UK that will see the best of the weather this week. These


are the shower clouds we saw earlier in England and Wales. White wet


across the south-west, but now dry. More low cloud coming into eastern


Scotland and north-east England. Towards the south-west, there could


be one or two mist and fog patches after the earlier rain. Touch in


Highland Scotland. High pressure will dominate the weather later in


the week. This cheeky weather front here could spoil things a bit across


central and eastern parts of England on Tuesday. We start the day with a


mishmash of cloud and sunshine. As the wind picks up the cloud


increases across eastern areas and bring some showers. For most of the


day, it will be fine and sunny across south-west England and Wales.


Quite warm in the sunshine. Turning cooler as the club thickens. Some


showers, mostly light, but the odd heavy one in the south and east in


the afternoon. Not a bad day for the north-west of England. Although


there is a bit more cloud, Northern Ireland and western Scotland will


see temperatures of around 16 Celsius. The shell was further south


do eventually get blown towards Wales and the south-west. Then they


will fade away. We get a brief respite, but more thickening cloud


comes in from the North Sea to bring chambray bursts of rain into eastern


England and anywhere south of the Humber. More sunshine in the West.


The sunniest skies are written in the north, in the North of England,


Northern Ireland and Scotland. These are the current sea temperatures. It


is starting to warm up at this time of the. 10 Celsius if you're lucky


across the southern North Sea. I show those because the wind is


coming from the North Sea. This high-pressure dominates. What does


it mean? Essentially, later in the week, it will be dry. There could be


a few showers across southern England. There will be windy, and


with the wind from the North Sea, it will be


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