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a bit of sunshine. The output, it is set to stay the same towards the


weekend. Now Nick Miller with the National forecast.


I doubt you need me today that for most places, April was a dry month


and if you colour the map depending on how much rainfall you had


according to the Met office, it looked round, drier than average,


and a flick of white in Devon, more in Scotland, close to average and a


bit of blue in the far north-west, some places wetter than normal but


foremost, it was dry and the UK as a whole, the tenth driest April on


record, and quite a contrast between wettest and driest in the month,


including that list of -- bit of blue in north-west Scotland, 223


millimetres but in Edinburgh, one weather station recorded just three


nanometres. We are continuing that dry theme into May. Now we are


talking about temperature contrast. Yesterday, the warmest day of the


year so far in Northern Ireland but today it was the turn of Scotland,


21 Celsius the top, the warmest day of the year so far. But just ten


around the Humber, cloudy and breezy from the sea and these are the


contrasts that are set to continue as long as that breeze blows which


is for a few more days yet. The day ended with more showers in


south-east England and they are fading, by the end of the night,


patchy rain coming back into East Anglia and the south-east in parts,


but not much. Clear and dry in the north and west, Chile


in the countryside with a touch of frost, especially sheltered glens in


Scotland, after the one-day and a few fog patches as we start the day


tomorrow in northern Scotland, not lasting long. Plenty of sunshine for


Scotland and Northern Ireland and Northern counties of England.


Elsewhere in England, cloud increasing, pushing onto Wales


although Anglesey will hold onto blue skies. Maybe the odd light


shower but especially East Anglia and the south-east England, a bit of


patchy, light rain and a stronger, cool breeze, feeling very different


tomorrow, not so warm in western Scotland, maybe not as warm as


today. From cloud across southern parts, to end the day tomorrow,


again some light showers, still tomorrow night and into Thursday,


the odd hit and miss light shower around, some sunny spells for


Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, maybe not as much


clear blue sky as the past few days. Breeze picking up across southern


areas, strong and gusty going into Friday, two, pegging the


temperatures back along the North Sea coast compared with elsewhere,


maybe a bit brighter across southern parts on Friday. With high pressure


in control for the weekend, keeping low pressure at bay, the flow from


the North Sea along eastern coastal areas, mean West is best for


sunshine and TV: He's not your father.




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