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on Friday. At the weekend, we start with some sunshine and showers, it


will become drier and feel warm. Now the National forecast.


Good evening. A quiet day on the weather front but we still managed


to have some huge contrasts in the weather. This was a beautiful


picture from Cumbria, blue skies and crystal clear blue skies in Argyll


and Bute but closer to the north coast, it sends shivers down your


spine! Chilly and cloudy all along that cost this bank of cloud that


sliced the country in half, cool and cloudy to the east and to the West


had sunshine. But it still been dry and it will stay that way for most


of the week. As we get into Friday, there is some rain on the way. In


the short-term, not much happening in the next few hours, quite a bit


of cloud in most of England and Wales but many northern and western


parts, the stars are out. Temperatures not too low, six or 7


degrees, maybe a bit fresher in the Glens of Scotland. This is first


thing in the morning, beautiful weather in the Western Islands and


Northern Ireland and the Lake District, Morkel cloud closer to the


North Sea coast and also in the Midlands -- more clout. Nice in West


Wales and beautiful in Cornwall and nice in along the south coast as


well. This could be quite stubborn cloud, it could break up in a few


areas but overall, the further east you are, no more cloudy it is likely


to be but one good thing tomorrow, the wins will be lighter in the east


and it might not feel so chilly. But 18 in Belfast, doing pretty good. A


pleasant afternoon but the skies were clear and it will be chilly


first thing when the money, temperatures only a couple of


degrees in towns and city but the nascent is powerful and the


temperatures will shoot up to mid or high teens. -- the sunshine is


powerful. And on Thursday we start to see low-pressure and cloud


heading towards the south of the UK, maybe even some rain but starting to


feel a bit less fresh and a bit warmer in some southern areas. On


Friday, the possibility of some hit and miss downpours and even some


thunderstorms on Friday into Saturday. Dry


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