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Hello. Some of us had a preview of summer today. I know there's been


somedaytime warmth in recent weeks in the sun, but today's warmth had


the humidity we're used to in summer. This is a weather watcher


view. Both of these locations significant today for warmth and


temperatures. Lossiemouth 22. 4 Celsius, that was Scotland's highest


temperature of the year so far. 2 # at Gravesend in Kent. That -- 22 at


Gravesend in Kent. Rain in the south-west though, Cardiff into the


Midlands. That's now into south-east England. It expands its coverage


elsewhere across England and Wales as the night goes on. Mild, muggy


with the cloud. But it's already cooler and fresher in Scotland and


Northern Ireland under clear skies. In Scotland, look out for the


Northern Lights. They may be visible as the night goes on. Tomorrow, in


Scotland and Northern Ireland, plenty of sunshine to begin with.


Some showers will get going. Look at this rain, around for some parts of


England and Wales all day long. Let's look at things at 4pm in the


afternoon. We start in Scotland. The showers mostly in the north-west.


Southern and Eastern parts mainly dry in. Northern Ireland, morning


sunshine and then scattered afternoon showers. It is cooler and


fresher. Still pleasant when the sun's out. But it is decidedly cool


under the cloud and rain for much of the day for Yorkshire, the Midlands,


into Eastern Wales and south-west England. 10 or 11 degrees. Rain may


never get into Pembrokeshire and western fringes of England and Wales


may brighten up later. It's late in the day before the rain reaches the


south-east of England. Until then very warm and humid again. Once the


rain gets in, it could be very heavy and thundery. As that gradually pull


as way, as we go through Wednesday night, we're left across southern,


central and Eastern parts of England with around 20 to 40 millimetres of


rain, the first proper soaking for the garden for quite some time. Of


course, difficult for travelling through. That has gone by Thursday,


a day that starts with plenty of sunshine, some showers get going,


though Eastern England looks mainly dry and it is cooler and fresher


across the board by then. It will stay that way for Friday into the


weekend with low pressure close by. On Friday that may produce showers


more widespread than Thursday. Those showers hang around over the


weekend. It is fresher for all. Chillier nights. That preview of


summer has come to an end. When it came to my TV habits,


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