17/05/2017 BBC Weather

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with some sunshine and a few showers. But it will be a bit


warmer. Before today, many gardeners were


crying out for rain. Some of the those garden may now be water


logged. And Lincolnshire was one of wettest places with 40 millimetres.


That is nearly a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. Some difficult


travelling conditions. Some parts of north-west England stayed dry. This


was the main rain-maker. It is pulling away. Tomorrow a day


sunshine and showers and that freshing feeling air will filter


into those parts that were muggy today. It was 25 Celsius in Kent. A


different feel, but still pleasant when the sun appears tomorrow. Still


some rain in the east of England. Become light and patchy tonight.


Clearer in the north and west. Still the odd shower in Northern Ireland,


Scotland and Wales and western England. Turning chilly. In rural


spots single figures. A slow start in the east, drizzle in places and


elsewhere a lot of blue sky from the word go, but shower clouds build. At


4 o'clock we will find a few showers into South West England. A dry day


in the Channel Islands. It will mainly be dry in the so south-east.


The risk of a heavier shower in Wales. A greater chance of a


thundery down pour in Northern Ireland and there could be some hail


and some beefy showers in northern Scotland and some sunshine in


between. It will be warmer where you have the rain. The odd shower in the


evening and then rain pulling across eastern England through Thursday and


into Friday and during Friday it could be heavy. Feeling cold and by


the end of the day some could feed into Scotland. A lot of uncertainty


about the position of system. There could be fewer showers in Scotland


and Northern Ireland on Friday. But more in Wales and the South West.


The weekend, warm sunny specimens spells at time and more rain over


the next few days. Where it