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Hello. There I think we've seen the back of the thunder storms now. Over


the next few days, our weather will start to come in from the Atlantic.


We'll draw down fresher air from the North West. Recently, we've been


drawing up humid air from the south, from the near continent. Of course,


it all went bang in the early hours of this morning. Some tremendous


thunder storms, a rattling and liting up the skies in the


south-east. Since then, it's not been as stormy. A few storms over


the near continent. It's been bursts of rain across the UK. And a lot of


cloud too. Quite low cloud in places as well. Quite a poor day, for


example, here in Buxton in Derbyshire. A lot of cloud still


around. It is turning drier. All these down pours are tending to work


their way northwards and eastwards, out into the North Sea. It's turning


drier. It's still quite warm and humid, particularly across England


and Wales. That's where we'll head in the morning, for the rush hour.


Perhaps people returning to work. One or two showers in the


south-west, Wales and the North West of England. They should be light.


For central and Eastern areas it's cloudy but at least dry. It should


be brightening up too. This is where we see the change into the


north-west, where we've got some bursts of rain into niegd in the


morning. The -- Northern Ireland. We get the sunshine after the rain in


Northern Ireland. In the afternoon, showery rain across northern England


and Wales. Ahead of it generally dry. Better chance of seeing


sunshine. Sunnier skies into Scotland and Northern Ireland where


we have the fresher air. Warm and muggy in East Anglia and the


South-East. We're all into the fresher air on Tuesday night.


Temperatures are lower. A better night for sleeping. Fresher air


comes in behind that weather front there. At the same time, we will


find high pressure building in across the UK, settling things down


mid-week before these weather fronts try to arrive in from the Atlantic


later on. So looking ahead to Wednesday, apart from some cloud


lingering through the channel and the south-west, some good spells of


sunshine. The winds dropping in the NEET and temperatures probably into


the low 20s. -- north-east. I want answers to the questions...


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