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with the temperatures at about 21 Celsius. Here is the outlook and


more rain to Celsius. Here is the outlook and


more rain to come on Monday. Take care.


Good evening a huge contrast in the look and the feel of the whether or


not across England today. Lots of lovely sunshine but for


Scotland and Northern Ireland, grey with outbreaks of rain, although


this song thrush does not look like it is minding the rain. Here is the


satellite picture. There is a swirl of cloud, that is low pressure. That


is pushing into Scotland and Northern Ireland under the cloud and


the rain, we got close to 26 Celsius in the south, 14 Celsius in the


north. Under the cloud, there is a fair bit of rain to be had. It is


moving across the Irish Sea. The overnight lows are 12 Celsius in


Glasgow and Belfast. But warm in England and Wales. 14, 15, and 16


Celsius. In the morning, this is 8.00am in the morning. Already 16,


18 Celsius. In the north-west, there is rain.


And in the Northern Ireland and Western Scotland we are on the west


of the weather front with fresher Atlantic air. That will win out. It


will follow a weakening weather front to the east, ahead of that,


there will be thunder storms breaking out in area and the


south-east. Be aware of that. It will be warm and humid here. 25, 26,


27 Celsius but in the west it is at 17 or 18 Celsius. There the fresher


Atlantic air. That will push the showers and the storms to the North


Sea in the evening, then dry for the most part into Friday night.


Saturday morning and the low in the north Atlantic is there. It will


throw in the weak weather front but it will mean there will be cloud and


outbreaks of rain from the west. A few showers in the south-west. More


in the north-west but largely dry in the south-eastern corner. The


temperatures down to 20 Celsius. Temperatures down further on Sunday,


18 or 19 the top temperature, many at 16 Celsius, showers coming in on


the breeze. The west with most of a risk of seeing the showers, the


eastern more dry. In the week, a


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