02/06/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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feel marked by temperatures round about 20 degrees. Watch out for


Monday for the starting dry and ending up wet and windy. Good


evening. The weekend is upon us and actually for many places it is


looking pretty good. Try whether to be had and also sunshine. There are


showers in the forecast. Low pressure in the north Atlantic


trying to push in fresher air behind. This weather front is


pushing into East Anglia and the South East. It started to spark of


some thunderstorms during the afternoon and into beeping.


Torrential downpours in places. That sundry activity is easing down.


Still the odd rumble of thunder. The rain in the Midlands under into the


northern England is of a lighter variety. By the end of the night


nine, ten, 11 degrees. Another warm night in the south-eastern corner.


To start the day in Wales and the south-west, dry and bright weather.


Showers not too far away. It may be more cloudy in the south-east of


England. The showers are more frequent in the north-east are being


but they should not last for too long. The Northwest is dry and


bright. A few showers dotted around. A lot of dry bright weather. It'll


be great in the north-east. In Scotland there is low cloud and fog


patches as well. The early showers do not last too long. Will brighten


up in the central and eastern areas. Most of the showers will be in


Scotland and Northern Ireland where temperatures will be around 17


degrees. 21, 22 in East Anglia and the South East. Much fresher than it


has been. A lot of dry weather across England and Wales. Into


Sunday, we will start the day, ten, 11 degrees quite widely. Just the


odd shower in the south-west of the UK. Showers in Scotland and Northern


Ireland not as frequent as they are on Saturday. Round about 20 degrees


in the south-east was at temperatures easing down a bit


through the weekend. On Monday, the area of low pressure is heading our


way. Not the kind of chart you expect for early June. It will bring


heavy rain. Sunshine and showers takes us through the weekend. Turns


wet and windy on Monday. The


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