05/06/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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rain, particularly on Saturday. Sunday is a big improvement and


rain, particularly on Saturday. Sunday is a big improvement and it


will feel the touch warmer. Good evening. It wasn't flaming June


today with all of that rain and wind. Really gusty winds and it will


get windier. Of us tomorrow. Lots of grey skies across the UK. By the


time we get to Wednesday, the weather is going to briefly improve.


In the short-term, we've got the rain and wind and the rain will be


the problem for some of us. For others it will be the wind. The low


pressure will come across the UK tonight and into tomorrow. It's a


very slow process. This is what it looks like through the early hours.


The heaviest rain is transferring through the night into Northern


parts of the country. South-western Scotland, the Borders, eastern


Scotland, probably the north-east of England tomorrow getting heavy rain


as well. To the south, the weather will improve across parts of Wales


and the south-west in that it least it won't be raining and there will


just be bits and pieces of light rain in the morning, but the winds


will be strong. In Northern Ireland you will have some sunshine, but


there we get closer to the low pressure and you are underneath it


across Scotland and the rain will be heavy. Cloudy and rainy here, and


chilly. To the south, strong winds. Gales around the coasts and inland


we could see gusts of up to 50 mph. That is really windy for this time


of year. It will take twigs and branches of the trees. But there


will be some sunshine as well. The gale force winds might last for a


time into the evening and eventually things will quieten down. This is


Wednesday. A window of good weather before the next one comes in. On


Wednesday the bulk of the country should have a fine day. The


north-east portion might be feeling the effects of the low in the North


Sea. For most of us, through the Western Isles, western England and


into the south-east, fine, and then this low pressure comes in. It looks


like the weather fronts will be riding up the western and


north-western parts of the country. Maybe in the South east if there is


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