16/06/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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with us in the early part of next week, temperatures reaching 32


Celsius also on week, temperatures reaching 32


Celsius also on Monday. The best of the sunshine today was


across England and Wales. We still have this feed of cloud into the


north-west, and that was thick enough for some drizzle and poor


visibility across the coast. Chingford finished the day with


decent sunshine. That will stay with most of us for the weekend, and it


will turn increasingly warm. It will be hot for some, and increasingly


humid as well. Certainly worth bearing in mind. The reason why is a


south-westerly wind dragging up this warm air from the Azores.


Temperatures in Spain could be in the mid-40s, the mid-30s in France,


and 30 Celsius plus in the UK. High pressure certainly the headline


story for the weather this weekend. This weather front is still


introducing cloud and drizzly outbreaks of rain. It will be a


pretty mild night, maybe a bit of patchy fog out to the West first


thing, but hardly a cloud in the sky across England and Wales, lots of


dry and sunny weather to come. The heat will build quite quickly. In


the Northwest, more disappointing to the north-west of the great Glen and


in the Northern Isles. With breaks in the cloud, some sunshine in


eastern Scotland, and 20-22dC not out of the question. A similar story


in Northern Ireland and northern England. Temperatures could peak at


28 Celsius. Temperatures on the coast will always be fresher, but it


will be dry and sunny. UV levels will generally be high or very high


across England and Wales. On Sunday, we do it all again. The heat is set


to build, maximum temperatures of 30 Celsius or more. That frontal system


in the north-west sinks slowly to the south, introducing fresher air


on Monday and Tuesday. We keep the heat for the time being. The last


time we have seen that happening was way back in September. That is how


Hang on, you haven't even told me what it is yet.


It's all anyone could talk about. Give it up!


But I just want to make noises. Yoo! Mmmm! Ya!




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