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Wednesday as the wind swings to the west. It freshens up later in the


week. Now thele national forecast. The heat we are experiencing in some


parts is now the most prolonged spell of heat in June, that is the


key, in June, for around 20 years. We have had five days of


temperatures of 30 degrees or more in a row and today up to 33 degrees


just west of London. So a little too hot for some. We are on a par with


many exotic locations, including Athens. Let me show you the


temperatures around now, so still around the mid 20s. At 11 o'clock.


The reason I'm showing you is these vams that you can see -- values you


can see are higher than what we would normally get during the day


time this time in June. If you see what I mean. Further north, a lot


fresher in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Even 15 in Glasgow at 11


o'clock is still warm. Tomorrow a weak cool front will push some of


the heat further south. So perhaps a smaller area will be experiencing


the higher temperatures. 30 in Cardiff. And the north sea counties


only 17 degree in Newcastle. And the pollen levels are high. On


Wednesday, this could be the peak of the heat at least so far. We will


see a resurgence of heat from the south and there will be some thunder


storms. So let's look, thicker cloud and some fresher conditions in the


north-west. But some thunder storms around as well. Very hit and miss.


To the south we have the sunshine, the temperatures might even get up


to 34 degrees across the south. That was a more conservative figure. On


Wednesday the start of Glastonbury, 29 degrees and then a sharp decline


in temperature and traditionally for Glastonbury, looks as though there


is a risk of thunder storms. Not just Glastonbury, but many parts of


the UK and after the storms, things probably will be cooling off. Still


staying hot in some of the the south eastern areas and the heat may not


ease in the to live and enjoy


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