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it is going to look cooler and breezy, and we should see more cloud


as well. breezy, and we should see more cloud


as well. Here is more with Thomas Savernake.


Good evening. We are on course for the hottest June day in the UK since


1976. Temperatures will be soaring tomorrow. Back in 2000, we had 37.


33.7 degrees. We are forecasting around 34 degrees. Summer between


1976 and 1995. -- somewhere. Tomorrow is the summer solstice,


traditionally regarded as the first day of summer. It is very warm out


there. Today temperatures got up to 31 degrees in the south. Nowhere


near as hard in the north. Still relatively one. And into tomorrow


there will be showers, some thunderstorms. We will talk about


the heat in a second. I want to emphasise how nasty some of these


storms are. We can see a lot of rainfall. Some very big lightning.


And some gusty winds as well. The extremity will be in the south-east,


possibly London. The heat will go as far north as


Sheffield. Here, also around the Manchester area and Yorkshire, the


possibility of nasty storms. It doesn't look like a lot. But they


could be particularly vicious during the course of the day. And across


Northern Ireland and Scotland it will be fresher. Temperatures in


some areas not even reaching 20 degrees. Look at the contrast in the


temperatures tomorrow between Aberdeen and London. 20 degrees


difference. Through tomorrow evening we will start to see fresher air


coming off the Atlantic. Also, there will be some storms moving into some


of these western areas. There will be rumbles of thunder across the


North. Some of these storms will be particularly nasty as well. We will


skip to the afternoon and we will see temperatures in London around


25. Quite a dip in the temperature compared to what we are going to be


experiencing. Temperatures will continue to ease as we go through


the rest of the week and into the weekend. Down to around 23, 24 in


London. For most, in the teens. Lots of hot weather on the way. And some


Brexit means Brexit. We did it!


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