29/06/2017 BBC Weather


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June has been a crazy month, with quite literally extremes. Last week


was about the heat, the hottest days since 79. This week rain, records


broken in Scotland. This picture was taken by a weather watcher in


Edinburgh earlier today. In Edinburgh this month, we've had more


rain than the previous five months combined. There is more rain around


overnight in northern and western areas of the UK. Tending to become


lighter and more patchy but some heavy bursts towards the south-west


later on. Further east, more chance of staying dry, cloudy overnight and


12 or 13 degrees. That's how we start the morning. In the rush hour,


more rain in Devon and Cornwall. Quite a bit of water on the roads


and some patchy rain for Wales, especially in the West. Further


ease, perhaps try and a little sunshine creeping through in East


Anglia and the south-east. From northern England, low cloud and some


rain or drizzle. Stronger northerly winds for Northern Ireland, still


some rain in the air and across Scotland a bit of a dull and damp


start with some rain and drizzle. But through the day, this rain


tending to become lighter, more patchy petering out to asserting an


extent. Some sunshine possible in the Midlands, East Anglia and what


likely in the south-east. The Dan Temm drizzly weather heading further


into England and Wales, allowing Scotland and Northern Ireland to


become drier, 15-16 is an improvement, quite warm in the


south-east where we do get some sunshine. The wetter weather on that


weather front will push into England and Wales during tomorrow evening.


Overnight clearing away, in time for the weekend, our weather coming in


from the Atlantic. The weather systems coming our way are moving


through very quickly and are weaker, so be drier this weekend, brighter


and should feel a bit warmer. A little early grave in the south-east


corner of England. England and Wales having a dry day. Spells of cloud


but also some sunshine to enjoy. More clouded Scotland and Northern


Ireland with this rain but it becomes lighter and shouldn't amount


to much. Quite a warm day compared to recently across England and


Wales. A little rain overnight, but clearing quickly on Sunday morning.


We will see some drizzly showers in the north-west, so not quite so


clever here. The rest Your baby has been loved by me


very much.


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