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is all going to grind to a halt and we are back to fresher weather.


is all going to grind to a halt and we are back to fresher weather.


Hello, very warm to hot weather returns for some of us this week but


right now we're watching wet weather coming into Northern Ireland. This


is how it looked earlier, the cloud is even bigger now, with the rain


just about in and courtesy of this weather system which will take the


rain onto parts of Scotland and northern England and it will hang


around for much of the day tomorrow for some of us. This is how it looks


overnight, rain gradually ending in -- edging it bot of north-west


England and southern Scotland, Grisly for parts of Wales and the


south-west the cloud thickens, clear spells for eastern England and


especially northern Scotland and it will turn out to be quite chilly


year with spots into low single figures as tomorrow begins. But as


it stays quite clear here tomorrow, after that chilly start with some


sunshine, it will feel pleasant in the afternoon in northern Scotland.


In contrast for the Central Belt and southern Scotland and across


Northern Ireland and the Northern counties of northern England, it is


a rainy zone and quite cool with heavy bursts. Further south in


northern England, you might not see much rain but maybe a few passing


showers and for the rest of England and Wales, it could be quite a


cloudy start but bear with it. Just like today, some sunny spells


expected, especially in the afternoon and evening. You may also


catch a passing shower, a light one in the Midlands and the Lincolnshire


and East Anglia but most of us will avoid them and stay dry. You can


clearly pick out the rainy zone on Tuesday. North of that, sunny spells


and quite pleasant in northern Scotland, cool in the raid and a bit


warmer and more humid for some of us in England and Wales, mid 20s into


south-east England. That warmth and humidity will build at Wimbledon as


the week goes on, particularly when we have sunshine, it looks like


Wednesday will be a sunny day with more blue skies on offer across a


large part of England and Wales. In the rainy zone from Tuesday, on


Wednesday, still a fair amount of cloud here but it should be


brighter, certainly drier, still some sunny spells in northern


Scotland and quite a range of temperatures but in the sunshine for


England and Wales, more into the mid 20s and some in southern England and


South Wales by Thursday, near 30 Celsius once again. The heat and


humidity is there on Thursday but there is a new ingredient, some


perhaps torrential thundery downpours breaking out, still


something to wait for in the detail but we


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