04/07/2017 BBC Weather


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Hot weather is coming back to some parts of the UK over the next few


days. The warmth and humidity will be coming back up across the UK. It


is England and Wales which will see the higher temperatures. Even the


Lake District is going to improve. Today, it was no better than 15,


with rain. Northern Scotland, clear spells overnight, just like last


night, turning quite chilly. But quite warm night elsewhere. Warmer


nights to come as the week goes on. Eight o'clock in the morning, chilly


start for some in Scotland, but sunshine to compensate, and there


will be more of that during the day. Coming down towards northern


England, things will gradually improve and it will turn a bit


warmer. But it will be a slow process. South of all of that,


increasing amounts of sunshine. Barely a breath of wind, hit and


humidity for Wimbledon. For northern Scotland, we hold onto some sunny


spells. The far north-east of England, staying rather cloudy and


cooler compared with elsewhere. In all of that sunshine, the south-west


of England, getting up towards 30. This area of low pressure then adds


instability, and that's a recipe for some fun to read downpours on


Thursday, especially in parts of England and Wales. Uncertainty about


the detail. By Friday, the threat of showers has


just about gone, and we still have some of the heat. But this weather


system will be a game changer for the weekend, and


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