10/07/2017 BBC Weather

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week, 22 or 23 degrees. If you have got a plan


week, 22 or 23 degrees. If you have got a plan for the weekend, there


are not any great fireworks and the weather should not get in the way.


It has been a Monday characterised by sunny spells and scattered


showers and a bit of heat as well. In the South resource 27 degrees


today. Tomorrow it will be much fresher with rain. We have some


showers today and this was Lincolnshire early on. Not a typical


July afternoon. Most of the showers were in eastern England, some of


them heavy with thunder. In the last few hours we have seen 25


millimetres of rain with isolated and potent showers on the Kent


coast. They will fade away. In the west we see cloud and patchy


outbreaks of rain overnight. Not quite as humid for sleeping.


Tomorrow is tricky, a real mess first thing. There will be outbreaks


of light, showery rain. There will be organised rain pushing into the


south-west later on. The best of the weather in Scotland and Northern


Ireland, dry and bright with sunny spells. But there will be nuisance


rain in northern England and in the South East. By the middle of the


afternoon it will turn heavy in the South West and South Wales. Take a


look at London. London might see a window of fine weather into the


afternoon and that bodes well for Wimbledon and the outer courts. Top


temperatures tomorrow are a little bit down on the last few days. But I


suspect Wimbledon might be a bit better than we first anticipated


with the real rain not arriving until the end of the day. But once


it gets here, it will be heavy. Great news for the gardens. Heavy


rain moving through quite quickly. A lot of surface water first thing. It


is quite breezy with that wins coming in off a chilly North Sea.


The best of the sunshine further west on Wednesday with highs of 22


degrees. A bit fresher on the East Coast. A quieter story continues


from Wednesday into Thursday and a ridge of high pressure takes over.


Some showers out to the West as we go through Thursday and into Friday.


It is not looking too bad. When we the first thing they do


is grab a gun. There's a lot of questions


that needs to be answered.