11/07/2017 BBC Weather

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get a full day's play. Into Thursday, pretty decent weather


again and a decent day Thursday, pretty decent weather


again and a decent day to end the week.


Good evening, a Dave heavy rain across some parts of England and


Wales. It starts in the south-west and across Wales where we have seen


over an inch of rainfall which continues to push eastwards. Day 8


of Wimbledon and rain stopped play across Murray Mound, where it didn't


dampen the spirits of those spectating, the rain to clear away


from west to east and some heavy across the south-east through women


wi. It'll take its time doing so through the night and some rain


could produce another inch across parts of the south-east. But where


we have seen the clear I skies by day, through the night we'll see


temperatures falling away. It is going to be a chilly night with


temperatures falling down to single figures, but, we'll get some decent


spells of sunshine here, particularly in the north and west.


Not a bad start and temperatures will recover, maybe up around to


12-14 by 8.00am. A little bit more of a braze off the sea here, making


-- a breeze off the sea making it feel fresher through the day. Across


parts of northern England and Wales, decentshine from the word go. A


legacy of cloud through the south-west, across the Bristol


channel and up into the east Midlands, and potentially at 8.00am,


still rain across the Kent coast. But it'll start to clear and through


the day we'll see that cloud breaking up andshine coming through.


All the time the breeze coming in off the North Sea. So sheltered


western areas seeing the best of the warmth andshine. Highs of 20 to 23.


Out to the east around 15-18 but perfect weather conditions for men's


quarterfinal day. It looks as though we'll see highs of around 22 by the


middle of the afternoon. Dry and sunny. We'd pretty much do it all


again into Thursday. A good deal of dry weather. The heat will build and


we could trigger off one or two isolated showers. More organised


showers by the end of the day. Into the Western Isles and far north-west


of Scotland A weak weather front still to clear its way steadily


south and east as we go through Thursday night into Friday. So,


potential for a few trailing showers into the south-east first thing in


the London area. Elsewhere, dry, with some sunny spells coming


through andes I suspect we'll start