12/07/2017 BBC Weather


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Looking ahead to Friday, more cloud, but staying fine and dry and


temperatures creeping back up but staying fine and dry and


temperatures creeping back up to the weekend.


Good evening. Beautiful day across most of the UK today. A big


difference compared to what we had yesterday, some managed to dry off


after that deluge. Today, beautiful blue skies in London and this


beautiful picture in Cumbria. This is the satellite from earlier, you


can see a bit of cloud in the morning. That pulled away and that


mass of cloud was the rain that we had yesterday. But at the moment, it


is very quiet out there. The stars are out, the winds are light, I


could mention there might be some mist. Relatively mild in the middle


of city, but further north in rural spots could be as low as four or


five. So nippy. Tomorrow, we have high pressure in charge of the


weather across most of England and Wales, stretching out from here. But


this sneaky weather front trying to push in and it might bring some rain


to Northern Ireland and western Scotland early in the afternoon. But


we could have one or two showers in England and Wales and you can just


about spot them. One blob of rain there, one near Cardiff. But showers


could be here, here, or here. You can see the chance of catching them


is very low. So a fine, dry day for most of news England and Wales and


indeed Scotland. Part from around Aberdeenshire. This band of rain


won't amount to much and will waft through Northern Ireland and


Scotland, spots sof rain and then that is pretty much of it. So not a


lot of rain on the way for Thursday. Should be a fine day for most.


Friday, the clouds are increasing. They're streaming in off the


Atlantic and the humidity will be rising. Friday, weather systems in


the north with some rain around. This means that for the Wimbledon


final, the women's on Saturday and the men's on Sunday, it is going to


be cloudy. Dry most likely. But it will be cloudy and muggy. With some


of that rain in some of the north western areas


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