13/07/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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north of us, but still lots of dry and bright weather. The outlook, it


has been very hot in Spain, as and bright weather. The outlook, it


has been very hot in Spain, as you may have seen. We could get some eat


next week. I'll start a forecast by showing you


how hot it was in Spain today. Incredibly hot. This is a new


Spanish record, 47.3 degrees today, one of the highest temperatures ever


recorded in Europe. Some of that will be wafting our way a little bit


later on next week, or the first half of the week. Warm with sunshine


tomorrow, decent enough, and today wasn't so bad. But we had lots of


rain out there right now, this band of rain bringing it into northern


areas. If it is raining heavily where you are in northern England,


it's not going to last long, pushing out into the North Sea eventually


cost for most of us, particularly in the south, it will be a dry night.


Not as fresh as last night. It was really fresh in the north, dipping


to three degrees in one or two rural areas. Not tonight. Tomorrow


morning, nice in Scotland, very nice in Northern Ireland, too, and nice


in northern England. The southern half of the UK looks nice as well.


Temperatures will be around 15-17 for folks across the south, and not


far off that further north. Maybe a few spots of rain clearing, but they


are early. The day is looking decent with light winds. But the weather is


expected to turn later in the afternoon across the north-west, and


we'll get some rain in Northern Ireland and western parts of


Scotland. What about Wimbledon tomorrow? I think most of the day it


should be bright with some sunshine around, and temperatures will be in


the low 20s. Tomorrow evening, dry across England and Wales most of the


time and, in the north, weather fronts. They will continue to


trundle in our direction through the weekend, so northern areas, in fact,


many northern and western areas very overcast, so Saturday isn't looking


great. Lots of cloud, humid, but warm despite this weather. Sunday, a


little bit better, because that cloud and humidity shifts a bit


further south, so quite cloudy here, with a bit of brightness, but


fresher and brighter in northern areas. Next


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