14/07/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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could hit 26 degrees. Into next week, dry and so to begin with, it


turn week, dry and so to begin with, it


turn stormy by Wednesday. Now the UK outlook. Good evening. A bit of a


damp patch heading our way this weekend and not a lot we can do


about it. Let's see what will be happening over the next couple of


days. Quite warm and muggy, particularly in southern areas. This


is the satellite picture, a big thrill of cloud stretching across


the North Atlantic and it is heading in our direction and has already


been pretty wet in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland in the last


few hours. Some damp and cloudy parts of western and north-western


areas and the cut-off line is around northern Wales, the North West of


England, this area and south of that, the Midlands and South Coast


and the south-east it should be dry through the night but quite warm.


Tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, those clouds keep rolling


off the Atlantic, bringing the damp weather. This is lunchtime stopping


in with the wet weather in the Northern Isles and western isles and


to the south of that, mostly it will be that thick cloud, some drizzle


and missed around the coasts and over the hills. These are the


lunchtime tempters and they will keep on rising through the day, 17


in Cardiff, 20 in London and bubbly some brightness in the early


afternoon in the south coast -- probably some brightness. Late in


the afternoon those temperatures possibly peeking around 26 degrees


with some brightness. A humid day for many of us but notice this line


of weather which is a cold front and behind it there is fresh air coming


from the Atlantic which will be in place by late Saturday night into


Sunday in the North West. That weather front is straddled on


Sunday, the Northern three quarters of the country in a fresh Atlantic


air on Sunday also the weekend is not looking that bad, some sunshine


on the way for Belfast and Glasgow and Manchester, Wales as well, and


the South will stay clammy with temperatures in the mid-20s. Next


week, Monday and Tuesday, lovely on Monday, the temperatures keep rising


in the South into Tuesday and by the middle of next week we are in for


somewhat of a short lived heatwave and


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of John Williams in a concert to mark his 85th birthday.


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