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quite unsettled with showers around. It's not all doom and gloom with


drier interludes. Here's It's not all doom and gloom with


drier interludes. Here's Ben with the national picture. Good evening.


What goes up must come down. So the saying goes. That certainly applies


to the temperatures. Sunspots cut up to 27 degrees and tomorrow we could


get even warmer with some spots up to 29. The middle of the week will


bring a change. Thunderstorms will be sparked off and as they clear


away, that's when the temperatures take a tumble all the way down to


around 20 degrees at best for most places by the end of the week. For


the time being, things are quiet, largely drive through the rest of


the night with clear spells and more cloud creeping north through England


and Wales and turning muggy in the South with a cooler and fresher


night further north. But muggy air will work its way through many parts


of the country tomorrow. High pressure to the east. South-westerly


breeze and increasingly humid air from the continent increasing the


risk of thunderstorms later. For much of the day it will be dry with


spells of sunshine, quite hazy across England and Wales with more


high cloud streaming its way in. The wind picking up as well,


particularly in the south. A beautiful day for much of Scotland's


tomorrow. Just a small chance of showers over high ground. Glasgow up


to 25 or 26. Cooler on the East Coast. Northern Ireland and northern


England in fine shape. Quite cool for the East Coast of England with


the wind picking up. Coming further west, sunspots reaching 28 or 29.


However, later in the day, trouble arriving from the South with


thunderstorms that will be quite hit and miss as they moved north during


tomorrow night. Some places might miss out on the action but if you


get a heavy downpour you could get a lot of rain in a short space of.


Frequent lightning, blustery winds. Heavy rain pushing to Northern


Ireland. Scotland overnight. Heat and humidity could spark further


thundery downpours. Close to 30 degrees across eastern areas, but


something fresher will push in towards the West. This is where our


temperatures head downwards. Wednesday night into Thursday, a


cold front sweeping east and that will see the return of fresher air


from the Atlantic. No high 20s by the end of the week. 17-22d with


spells of rain at