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there will be further rain over the weekend as well.


there will be further rain over the weekend as well. More on that pesky


jet stream with Matt Taylor. Good evening. Temperatures for the


rest of the week fall below expectations. That all comes after a


spell of wet and windy weather tomorrow. If you are on holiday, do


not despair. There will be some dry moments. The rain courtesy of this


son of cloud. It will take most of the night before the rain settles in


Northern Ireland, parts of Wales and south-west England. Patchy rain in


the north-east of Scotland. Most of you drive. Mostly clear skies


tonight. Temperatures in the countryside could drop into single


figures. Most in the teens. The big driving force behind not only


tomorrow's weather but the rest of the week is this area of low


pressure. These weather fronts will bring a wet and windy start to the


west. In the eastern half of the country, this is the best part of


the day. Enjoy the sunshine when you have got it. Elsewhere, the rain in


the West pushes east. Heaviest in the northern half of the country.


Lingering across north-east Scotland into the afternoon. Later and patchy


during the second part of the day. Temperatures could reach 20 or 21.


For those of you in the Western half of the country, when you open the


curtains in the morning you may be in despair. But hold hope. It looks


like a fine afternoon. The rain clears. Good sunny spells. Pleasant


enough under the strong sunshine. An isolated shower across Northern


Ireland and south-west England. Those showers become more abundant


as we move into Thursday. Low pressure strengthens the wind. Close


to gale force winds Scotland and Northern Ireland. A breeze


elsewhere. Showers most frequent for Scotland and Northern Ireland. A dry


start for England and Wales. Pushing across the sky is quite quickly in


the breeze. Most will have some decent weather at times during the


day. Some may avoid the showers altogether. That is the case as well


on Friday. Mainly the showers frequent for western Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Showers for England and Wales into the afternoon


will stop another spell of more persistent rail -- rain pushing in.


By the time we get into the weekend, we can have rainbow spotting.


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