24/07/2017 BBC Weather


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remaining unsettled. But there will still be dry and bright spells, on


the still be dry and bright spells, on


the cool side perhaps. Darren Bett has the National forecast.


All our weather this week will come in from the Atlantic. We started the


week with some major differences, sunshine here in western Scotland in


the Highlands, temperatures of 25 degrees around Glasgow. Contrast


that with grey skies, cool breeze in Southwold in Suffolk. Temperatures


are struggling to around 15. Still cloud spilling into the eastern side


of England overnight, still rain or drizzle here and there. Away from


here many places will be dry and there will be some spells of clearer


skies following the sunshine. Temperatures in towns and cities no


lower than 12 or 13. A cloudy start, we'll see the nagging breeze easing


away from East Anglia. Drizzly showers pushing through by late


morning and the power breaking up, sunshine coming through. Nice day


with light winds and sunshine. The cloud probably increasing in the


south-west later in the day. There may be one or two showers in the


West Country, south Wales. We could get the highest temperatures of 25


degrees or so and there will be many showers. It'll probably be dry in


the afternoon through eastern England, temperatures inland easily


20-22d, much better day than today. Similar in Northern Ireland,


clouding over in the West later, cloud from northern Scotland. One or


two showers around here perhaps, but on the whole it'll be dry. The is


still to come. Into the Atlantic, this was earlier today, we have to


focus on this area of cloud. At the moment it's a tangle of weather


fronts but things get more organised by Wednesday, deepening area of low


pressure washing our way, pushing in these weather systems. Strengthening


the wind, too. Quite a wet start for many western areas on Wednesday.


Early sunshine in the east. This rain pushing east. We all see some


rain, heaviest in the north, not much rain in the afternoon of East


Anglia and the south-east. Away from here, many areas after the spell of


rain seeing sunshine to end the day. That'll give a late boost to the


temperatures around 1920 degrees. Any remaining rain in the south-east


of England should pull away in the evening. -- around 19-20d. In the


north-west we'll pull in some cooler and fresh air. Sunshine around as


well on Thursday and Friday, but they'll be showers. Heaviest across


the North West, accompanied by some blustery winds as well.


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