21/07/2017 BBC Weather


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dry and warm for a time. That's how it's looking. What about the rest


the UK? it's looking. What about the rest


the UK? Here is Sarah Keith-Lucas. Across England, this band of rain is


pushing its way northwards and eastwards into southern Scotland by


the early hours of Saturday morning. It strive for the North West of


Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pretty decent dry weather in fact


through much of the weekend. On Saturday, with low-pressure still in


the West, the wind rotating, they will blow in blustery showers across


the south-west of England and Wales. Later in the days ago showers


working for the north and East elsewhere across England and Wales.


Rain across the north-east of England and southern Scotland.


Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland faring better. Temperatures


around 21 degrees in warm spots. We expect it to stay mostly dry at


Royal Birkdale for the open but there is a chance in the afternoon


we could see a feud is in showers. Some of those could be potentially


heavy and sundry. Into the evening and overnight most of them tend to


ease away, perhaps lingering in the south-east a little bit longer. Into


the early hours of Sunday morning, temperature is around 12-15d. Some


showers from the word go on Sunday. I think the showers on Sunday are


few and further between on Saturday. Wales in the Midlands... Bit of a


dry day across the south-west of England. Northern Ireland and


northern Scotland having another largely dry day. A degree or so


warmer compared to Saturday. Around 23 degrees on Sunday. Though showers


tend to ease away into Monday and Tuesday so things are looking dry,


bright and temperatures on the rise, 25 degrees by the time we get to




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