27/07/2017 BBC Weather


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Saturday, start on a reasonable note but there will be wetter weather


later. Through Sunday and Monday but there will be wetter weather


later. Through Sunday and Monday it looks dry and bright. Here is Darren


with the national picture. Not the sort of whether we'd hoped


for at this time of year. It's still warm in the sun does come out. This


was a weather watcher picture sent from Fife. We seems angry looking


clouds today. Here's one of them, it's brought heavy rain, heavy


showers. We had some of those earlier today across Scotland,


recently they've affected Lincolnshire. In the last few hours


across Norfolk and Suffolk. Those storms moving away out into the


North Sea. There will be passing showers overnight for England and


Wales in the breeze but it is further north where there is a


wetter weather arriving in Northern Ireland pushing into Scotland and


far north of England. Accompanied by strong and gusty winds. Enough


breeze to prevent temperatures falling lower than 12 degrees even


though we've got cool air over us at the moment. Bright start for most of


England and Wales tomorrow, hazy sunshine before the cloud increases


and we see one or two showers ahead of this rain pushing in from the


south-west. Further north pretty much stuck with a mixture of


sunshine and showers. Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some of those


showers will be heavy and Dundry, gusty winds, too, temperatures 17 or


18 degrees. -- heavy and thundery. You can see how the cloud has rolled


into other parts of England and Wales, thick enough to give some


rain, more likely in the afternoon across Wales and the south-west.


With luck it will stay dry until the evening session for the cricket at


the Oval. England and Wales will all catch rain quickly during the


evening, strengthening winds will see the rain developing, could be


heavy here and there is specially in Wales. The rain moves through for


most areas later in the night but we keep the showers towards the


north-west. The one constant over the next few days is this area of


low pressure here, it'll have moved away to take the rain clear


overnight, but we're left with this Stradling trailing weather system


that'll be sitting in the English Channel all day on Saturday which


threatens to push rain back again. Across southern parts of England,


especially heading into the evening. A good slice of dry weather through


Wales from the Midlands, northern England, probably the best day of


the weekend here. We're back again to sunshine and showers for Scotland


and Northern Ireland. Some very wet weather during the evening and


overnight for England and Wales, it's gone by Sunday, then back to


square one. Sunshine and showers. Some heavy, frequent showers, a lump


under in the West, those will get driven across to the east through


the day. The mixture this weekend. Not a


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