28/07/2017 BBC Weather


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underneath all that rain. Let's look at the Outlook. Sunday looks like a


better day overall. Monday or Tuesday, largely dry.


at the Outlook. Sunday looks like a better day overall. Monday or


Tuesday, largely dry. Hello, I am sure anybody on holiday


in the UK right now is not too impressed with the holiday. This


weather watcher picture sums things up. In Highland Scotland, at least


there was some sunshine between the downpours. Further south across


England and Wales, thickening cloud, outbreaks of rain, initially heavier


in Wales, and then in northern England pushing to the North Sea.


Dribs and drabs of rain heading across the Midlands to the


south-east. Walt two heavy bursts and gusty wind in the south-east


ahead of the rain. Later, skies were clear and the wind will drop a bit.


In the north-west, we are going to hang on to the showers. Temperatures


about 12 or 13 degrees. Into the start of the weekend, some more


showers around and some sunshine for Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Showers initially near the north coast of Northern Ireland, western


Scotland, that bit dry across eastern parts of Scotland. One two


showers to begin the day across eastern England. Largely dry for


Wales, a sunny start across the Midlands and East Anglia. More cloud


across southern counties of England. Overnight rain is still there, very


close, sitting to the English Channel. It will work northwards


through the day. We might not be so lucky for the cricket at the Oval


tomorrow. A chance of rain to the afternoon session, turning wet into


the evening session. Things going downhill across southern parts of


England and Wales. This rain moving northwards. How quickly is difficult


to gauge. Likely to turn wet through the afternoon. A slice of drier


weather with some sunshine, one two showers before we are back into


blustery showers in the north-west. Heavy ones with hail and thunder in


Scotland. Those numbers, similar to what we have had over the past few


days. This rain in the south, it moves northwards through England and


Wales, turning more extensive. Heavy bursts of rain, gusty wind in the


south-east. The rain swept clear eventually, right at the end of the


night. That weather system out of the way. The one constant through


the weekend and into the beginning of the next week, this area of low


pressure in the north-west that will keep the showers going. For many to


begin within the east on Sunday it will be dry aren't quite sunny.


Showers from the word go in the West. The wind will push the showers


further east through the day. Heavy, potentially thundery downpours. Not


many showers until later in the south-east corner. Into the


beginning of next week, heavy showers for Scotland


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