31/07/2017 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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the temperatures will be average with high pressure building on


Sunday. with high pressure building on


Sunday. Now the National forecast with Nick Miller. Another summer


months nearly gone but let's face it, the weather has not covered


itself in glory in the past few weeks, just a few moments of summer


sunshine. It was Merseyside today and in Kent, they might avoid the


showers tomorrow but the rest is not so lucky. Sometimes the showers fade


away through the evening and the night and some have but some


continue as you see in the past few hours in the western UK and there is


a threat later in the night and the first part of tomorrow of some more


prolonged, intense downpours in parts of north-west England and


Wales so be aware of that. Elsewhere it is mainly dry with some clear


spells and temperatures lower than this rate -- away from town and city


centres so tempted into single figures. Some sunshine to start the


day tomorrow, a few showers in north-west Scotland and Northern


Ireland but further south in Scotland and especially near


north-west England and Wales there will be some heavy and perhaps


prolonged downpours to begin the dates so things could be difficult


in the early morning rush hour before they move eastwards so bear


that in mind again. The odd shower in coastal south-west England but


much of England will start dry with some sunshine but don't bank on it


lasted long. In the morning this line of downpours spreads further


east across northern England and parts of the Midlands and further


showers followed behind soap look how widespread the downpours are in


the afternoon. A greater chance of hail and thunder compared to today.


Some Sunnis above as well, some south coast spots and south-east


England and London were avoid them and stay dry with temperatures in


the low 20s and most of us in the high teens. Tomorrow night we are


expecting the showers to fade away and the weather on Wednesday has a


different flavour. Low-pressure stillbirth outbreaks of rain rather


than showers and that will -- low-pressure still but outbreaks of


rain. It will not reach the North and East of Scotland and eastern


England until late in the day so before that are some sunny spells


and quite pleasant but the wind picks up as well with this weather


system, driving the rain through on Wednesday night and Thursday is


blustery and back to sunshine and showers. Friday could be cooler. Not


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