08/09/2017 BBC Weather


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It remains unsettled into next week as well. Quite windy on Monday.


Hello. There are signs that by this time next week, our weather will be


trying to settle down. Until then, it is low pressure after low


pressure. This one will be coming in on Sunday, with rain spreading


south-east across the UK. Around our first area of low pressure, the wind


will continue to blow in plenty of showers to western parts of the UK


overnight. Watch out for the northern lights in Scotland - quite


a show last night and it could be again tonight. And maybe in parts of


north-east England as well. In the west it looks 30 wet in the morning


in the north-west tomorrow. Some showers in Scotland but then


becoming widespread across England and Wales in the afternoon. Some of


them possibly thundery. Nowhere particularly warm. In the north-east


of England those showers could hang around longer. Saturday evening and


night, most of the showers will fade away. Becomes dry and clear and


chilly. Some fog forcibly forming over eastern England as we move into


Sunday morning. -- possibly forming. This band of rain spreading


southwards and eastwards. It is getting more windy, as Sunday goes


on, particularly Sunday night and into Monday, around this area of low


pressure, especially across parts of Wales and the south-west of England.


Gale force winds are possible here. There will be some brighter moments,


too. Of course, nothing compared with what's going on with Hurricane


Irma. The recent satellite picture shows it moving close to the north


coast of Cuba. Still some uncertainty about the exact track,


but regardless of that, it will be a very powerful, extra need dangerous


hurricane, perhaps the most destructive since Andrew back in




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