07/09/2017 BBC Weather

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The latest weather forecast.

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most frequent on Sunday and possibly windy to end on Sunday. Nick Miller


will give you more details with the national forecast in connection.


Hurricane Irma is making the headlines but there are three


hurricanes out there. One is Katria. On Friday, irrationala is heading to


the bar hamas, and then to Florida. And we will keep you updated. Our


weather is looking unsettled for several days to come. The low


pressure is in control. A windy picture, wet at times. Overnight


rain singing south to the rest of England and Wales showers into the


west of Scotland. Drier, clearer moments. In eastern Scotland, the


temperatures dipping down to single figures in some spots. With low


pressure in control on Friday, an unsettled picture. Expect showers.


They will be over Western Scotland. Some in the east. Some of us


starting dry but showers will get going.


Many in Wales, Midlands, East Anglia starting dry but far south of Wales


and south of England cloud and outbreaks of rain with heavier


bursts on and off during the day. Dry moments at Lord's but not


lasting long. Some outbreaks of rain heavy over south England. Rain


building into the Midlands and area, drifting to the east. Perhaps a


rumble of thunder. Elsewhere, a few sunny spells but cloudy, nor is


warm, or over the weekend. Saturday, the least bad day over the weekend.


Some bright or sunny spells. A scattering of showers that could be


heavy. Breezy in the west and the south. Sunday a band of rain to the


South Eastwards in the UK. The further heavy showers following on


behind. With the low pressure in control. The weekend will be wet.


Although occasional drier and sunny moments. A windy South Wales and


south-west England and there could be gales for a time. For the latest


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