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This is BBC World News Today. I'm Alpa Patel.


After the attack - the investigation.


Europol says Friday's ransomware hack was unprecented in its scale -


and officials round the world say they will hunt down


people at this time but we have a people at this time but we have a


number of lines of enquiry. We'll have the latest on the attack,


plus details on how you can work out if your computer is at risk,


and what you can do Donald Trump says


he could announce his replacement for the man he sacked as Director


of the FBI within a week - with 11 names said to


be on the shortlist. The grand final of the Eurovision


Song test. Stand by for outrageous contest, a live up date from the


Eurovision Song contest. We'll find out which world


leader gave his son a look at what his father does


for a living. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. The global cyber attack


affecting organsiations in almost 100 countries


is on an unprecedented scale. That's the assessment of Europe's


police agency - EuroPol. More than 24 hours after the hack


attack, the authorities say they are getting to grips


with the problem. In the UK for instance,


the government says most hospitals Other high-profile victims include


the US courier company FedEx. Megafon was also affected -


that's the second largest mobile And Spanish Telecoms giant


Telefonica also hacked. The cyber attack which wreaked such


chaos in Britain's health service was a global assault,


affecting Russia worst of all but also countries


as far apart as the US, The two British agencies tackling it


said a complex international investigation would be needed


to catch the culprits. We haven't identified the culprit


at this time but we are deploying all covert and overt means available


to us and we have a number It is important that we pursue those


quickly so we can reassure the public we are taking


this very seriously. At the heart of this attack


was a software worm which spreads itself from computer to computer


using code originally designed by US It encrypts all the files


on infected computers By last night at least,


75,000 computers had been infected At that point, a cyber security


expert managed almost by chance All the data is still unusable


until a ransom is paid. Any modern computer that


had its software regularly updated was safe but some NHS trusts use


old operating systems that were particularly vulnerable


and others may simply have failed to take a security update


released in March. Today, the National Security


Centre had this advice. The first is to make


sure your security software The second is to employ proper good


anti-virus software and the third and most important for ransomware


protection is to back up your data because you cannot be held to ransom


if you have a back-up. It has been a reminder of how


vulnerable organisations are to attack by organised criminals


seeking to raise money or by hostile states and terrorist groups trying


to cause maximum disruption. There are thousands


of vulnerabilities. For example, if we were to look


at a company of 50,000 computers, we might find hundreds of thousands


of vulnerabilities It is also reminder that computers


are not a one-off investment. Well, here in the UK,


hospitals and doctor's surgeries were disrupted as a result


of the hack. Well, as we heard briefly


in Daniel's report, the global cyber attack was halted,


almost by accident, after a 22-year-old in the UK


checked the code and found a reference to an


unregistered website name. The researcher who goes


by the pseudonym MalwareTech then paid ten dollars to register


the domain which caused much of the malicious


programming to stop. He then reached out to the cyber


security expert Darien Huss to confirm that he had indeed found


a way to stop it. Mr Huss joined us earlier


to tell us what happened. My colleague first pointed me to


this malicious cyber attack and I started researching the incident and


immediately discovered there was the domain hard-coded in the militias


sample and the code is so simplistic that I realised that there is a kill


switch functionality in the malware and so I proceeded to tweet about it


and started conversing with other security researchers and that is


when malware tech reached out to me to confirm that by sequencing that


domain that was hard-coded in the malware, they were stopping


infections. He has been called an accidental hero, hasn't he? He


stopped the spread that those computers that were already


infected, it was too late for them? Yes, that is correct. Unfortunately,


many of the computers that were already infected by sequencing the


domain that actually doesn't help those computers and many of those


computers had all of their files encrypted so really the only way to


recover from an attack like that is to either pay the ransom or to


restore from a back-up that was previously made of those computers.


Well, here in the UK, hospitals and doctor's surgeries


were disrupted as a result of the hack.


The BBC's health editor, Hugh Pym looks into how the cyber attack -


affected Britain's huge state-run health sector.


The news shocked staff and patients alike.


The cyber attack shut down key systems.


Ron Grimshaw won't forget it in a hurry.


He was in the middle of having an MRI scan but it was abruptly


I was stunned, obviously stunned, and the nurse said this is the first


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was at a meeting of the emergency


Cobra committee along with the Home Secretary,


who denied there were weaknesses in NHS systems.


I don't believe it is to do with being prepared.


There is always more we can all do to make sure we are secure


against viruses but I think there had already been good


preparations in place by the NHS to make sure that they were ready


In England, hospital and ambulance services have been affected at 48


In Scotland, 11 out of 14 health boards have felt the impact,


including health boards and GP surgeries.


The Scottish Ambulance Service was also affected.


2,000 PCs have been taken out of commission.


It will take a few days but we will be working


round-the-clock to do that as fast as we can.


All but five of the English trusts have restored their networks.


There could be more cancellations of routine surgery


Well, so serious was the attack that finance ministers -


meeting at the G7 summit - have called on banks around


the world to test their systems and ensure they're protected.


You can find much more on this story on our website,


including how you can check if your computer is vulnerable


and what you can do to protect yourself.


President Donald Trump says he could announce a replacement


for fired FBI Director James Comey by late next week.


He told reporters on board Air Force One he could name


Lucy Grey has been looking at the possible nominations.


The sacking of the director of the FBI sent shock waves through


Washington. President Trump accused James Kobe of being a showboat and


Grandstand. Trump says the decision could be made quickly. People love


every well-known, the highest level, we can make a decision. US media


reports that around 11 people in all are being considered for the role


but four people are expected to meet the Attorney General Jeff Sessions


and his deputy. They include acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, he has


worked in the FBI for over 20 years, running the Washington yield of


before coming deputy director. He defended his former boss and cast


out White House claims that Mr Comey had lost the confidence of his


staff. I hold Mr Comey in the highest regard, I have the highest


respect for his considerable abilities and his integrity and it


has been the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life to


work with him. Also reported to be in the frame is Republican Senator


John Corning, he is now the Senate Jo Riches whip. Alex Fisher,


lawyer who previously read -- let lawyer who previously read -- let


the just this department criminal division. Also, Michael Garcia, a


judge on the New York State Court of Appeal. He has worked on


high-profile terrorism investigations and was chairman of


an investigation committee on at Fifa.


One man following this story closely is Callum Borshures


Thank you for being with us. We saw some of the candidates there. Who do


you think front runners? Certainly the biggest names are John Corning


and Andrew McCabe and Mike Rogers. They all represent different types


of candidates. John Corning is loyal to Trump, and we know he prizes


loyalty. McCabe is the incumbent. He was perfectly willing to consider


the White House this past week. Mike Rogers is the pick of the union that


represents FBI retired and current agents. Agents really like him


because he used to be an FBI agent himself. They are probably the front


runners. John Corning, tell us about him and what the reaction would be


if he were to get the job? Well, I think that pig would be viewed


sceptically by Democrats and others because he is so loyal to Trump.


There is this ongoing investigation of Russian tampering in the election


last fall and whether there was any collusion with the Trump campaign.


So, putting John Corning in that role would have the appearance of


trying to shutdown or stalled Gatt investigation, it might look as if


Trump were trying to put somebody in the role who would make sure that


nothing bad happened to him. This has been such a fast and fear this


week in Washington politics, Democrats are furious, what has the


response been from Republicans and Trump supporters? Well, they have


said it is that about time and they have said Democrats are being


hypocritical by objecting and they have a point, quite frankly, because


Democrats were very critical of James Comey and the way he handled


the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation during the campaign.


But Democrats have said we didn't like the way he handled the


investigation but we don't believe that is why the Trump administration


is why they fired him, we think they fired him because he was trying to


get him off his tail. So, this sort of act and forth is doubly


complicated. Mr Comey wasn't very popular at times in either party. He


was due to testify, we now know he isn't on Tuesday, will we hear from


him any time soon? I suspect we will. We have had James Clapper who


has been called to testify a couple of times, so there is a precedent


for bringing in these folks who works in various intelligence


leadership roles to hear what they have to say. It certainly was


probably a bit too fresh for Mr Comey to come in and testify on


Thursday of this week. Andrew McCabe went in his place but I suspect we


will be hearing from Mr Comey at some point down the line. Thank you


for being with us. Still to come, all the sport, including Manchester


City's push for a Champions League place as Pep Guardiola sends out an


unchanged team for the first time as a Premier League manager.


The Pope was shot, the Pope will live. The man they called the


Butcher of legal went on trial today in the French town where he was the


Gestapo chief in the Second World War.


Winnie Mandela had been sentenced to six years in jail. The judge told


her there was no indication she felt remorse.


It is the worst earthquake to hit the country for years.


A machine has defeated Garry Kasparov.


America's first legal same-sex marriages have taken place in


Massachusetts. The police agency Europa League has


described the cyber attack on security systems around the world as


unprecedented. Donald Trump says he could announce the replacement for


the EI direct in a week. The Eurovision Song Contest


is under way in Ukraine. Italy's entry, an act involving


a man dressed as a gorilla, The BBC's Steve Rosenberg


is in Kiev for us and he's Over to you, Steve.


Thank you very much indeed. I'm in the press centre which is full of


journalists and fans and loggers. This is what the United Nations


should be like. Lots of different countries and cultures joking and


chatting, and having a good time. We've got Poland suitably dressed


for the occasion. Wonderful costumes. It is almost as if this


was the Eurovision Song contest in this room. When the musicians appear


cheers. I think we've got Spain cheers. I think we've got Spain


singing now. You look around here, with got Spanish fans waving their


flags. It really is a big party. People knock the Eurovision Song


contest a lot but the idea behind it is a very noble one, in other words,


bringing people together, bringing different countries together,


knocking down borders and using music to do it. Who is the


favourite? Well, bog area, Italy, Portugal, they are the front


runners. We should be hearing from Lucie Jones initial while. It is the


Eurovision Song contest, it is so unpredictable, I have never been


able to edit a winner in my life and I don't know who is going to winds


this year's contest. Steve Rosenberg, thank you very


much. Here was the sport. Hello, we start with football news -


Manchester City are up to third in the Premier League table


after a 2-1 win against Leicester Pep Guardiola's side are now three


points ahead of Arsenal in the race for a Champions League spot but can


count themselves fortunate after Riyad Mahrez's penalty


was disallowed after his slipped - making a 'double


contact' with the ball. In the second half, wouldn't know if


we defend the attack. It is not easy, to be in Europe next season,


sometimes it is not easy to play this kind of game.


Arsenal are now just 1 point behind fourth placed Liverpool


after their 4-1 win away at Stoke City.


It means Arsene Wenger's side have now won 6 of their last 8 league


games and were increase the pressure on Jurgen Klopp's team,


France international Olivier Giroud got 2 of their goals


as they also go level on goal difference with Liverpool.


We had a difficult week, we played Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and we


had three winds, in a very convincing way, over the three


games. The desire to play together, the fighting spirit is there, and we


are very pleased. There was a huge win for Swansea City, they have a


real chance for survival with a 2-0 win away at Sunderland. They are now


unbeaten in their last four league games and Paul Clement' site will


stay up if Crystal Palace can beat Hull City tomorrow. A great effort


today. We will watch the game tomorrow and see what happens. The


season is not finished, absolutely not. They could still beat with an


terms, we did a good job today, we've got a good cushion going into


the final week but we have to be mindful that they could get a result


there, and we have to be ready and well-prepared to finish the job next


week. Elsewhere, Bournemouth moved


into the top half with a 2-1 win over Burnley Middlebrough lost


for the 8th time in their last 10 games, beaten 2-1


at home by Southampton Saracens have beaten the French side


Clermont. Chris Ashley scored with his 37th try in the competition.


Clermont edged to within a point but Alex Gould was sealed -- sealed win.


Lewis Hamilton has taken pole position in the Spanish Grand Prix


after edging out Sebastian Vettel by the smallest of margins.


Hamilton couldn't improve on his first lap in his final


attempt but it proved enough, beating Ferrari's Vettel by just


0.051 seconds after the German locked up in the final chicane.


Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas took third ahead


The third round of the players championship is underway. It is


considered as the unofficial fifth major.


Simona Halep has defended her title and she is now up to number four in


the world. That is all the sport. Back to you.


Think drought and Africa comes to mind.


But years of low rainfall - due to climate change -


have left 3.5 million people across Central America in need


In Guatemala - one of the worst-affected countries,


hundreds of thousands are at risk of malnutrition, as


Clamshells and an abandoned boat, the last vestiges of this leak which


once supported many livelihoods and helped feed local communities. After


five years of below-average rainfall and high temperatures, the two


rivers which fed the lake no longer reach it. This is all that remains


the body of water which once covered five and a half square kilometres.


Formerly a tourist attraction, the local council used this image of the


lake on its Twitter account, idle since 2012. It makes you want to cry


to see the whole lake dry. We will have to see whether it fills up


again with the rain that falls. The outlook for rainfall remains bleak.


This is the so-called strike corridor extending from southern


macro 3/ southern Guatemala to Nicaragua. It is likely to feel the


effects of drought. Wells and springs have also dried up, along


with any hope of a corn or bean harvest. We have children dying for


a lack of food, it isn't visible, that aren't pictures highlighting


the problem but we should be in Paris to. In many communities


achieved malnutrition is being staved off by hand-outs. Campaigners


say climate change is here to stay, it may not be a case of weathering


the storm. And longer term solutions are needed.


Michelle Obama has launched a strong defence of the healthy eating


initiative she championed as First Lady. At her first public appearance


since leaving the White House, she had back at the Trump administration


which has lowered the drizzle standards. The former First Lady who


has been a standard aerofoil fighting childhood obesity asked why


anyone would want to deny children healthy food.


He's a world leader and already an internet favourite


so just who could outshine Canadian Prime Minister


Well, his adorable toddler, that's who.


Three-year-old Hadrien Trudeau has melted hearts around the world


and stolen the limelight after a day of work experience with his dad.


The prime minister finding time for a game of hide-and-seek


with his son before the duo were photographed handling


45-year-old Trudeau has proved before he has knack for grabbing


global attention on the internet and not surprisingly,


these photos shared on his Facebook page have also gone viral.


Thank you for being with us. Goodbye.


Good evening. There is some much needed