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Europol warns of a fresh wave of cyber attack victims as people


return to work on Monday- following Friday's


For those companies that are not running an up-to-date systems, who


have not patched where they should have, they had better make sure that


they have done that before people turn up to work on a Monday morning.


Victory for Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats as they take


Germany's most populous state from their rival Social Democrats.


The United States warns it will continue to "tighten


the screws" on North Korea following its latest missile launch.


A World War II veteran breaks the record for the world's oldest


skydiver at one-hundred-and-one years old.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Europe's police agency, Europol, says the global cyber attack has hit


more than 200-thousand victims in more than 150 countries.


Cyber security experts are now warning of a possible new wave


of malware attacks around the world when people return to


Europol says Friday's cyber attack was unprecedented in its scale.


Europol says it has seen how ransomware has become a major


criminal problem in the last two years but they have never seen


anything on this scale. Ransomware combined with the worm application


which means infected computers passed on to others on its network.


The attack was indiscriminate in nature, designed to affect as many


people and as many companies as possible on a global basis. The


health care sector is vulnerable because health trusts post a lot of


sensitive information very often on old IT systems. The criminals know


of course that if they can exploit the vulnerability there, the


obligations would be serious. There were 200,000 computers infected


across 150 countries before a 22-year-old Briton hailed as a hero


stopped its ability to spread. Finding a simple kill switch in its


cold, something he warned was just a temporary fix. There


is a lot of money in this, there is no reason for them to stop. There is


not really much effort for them to change the code. Now the director of


Europol has confirmed the fears of security experts. We have since seen


the cyber criminals react to this and put out a new variant of this


which overcomes that temporary fix and I am also concerned about what


happens on Monday morning because I think this bug will be sitting in


systems over the weekend, that are so far not been used and when people


arrive for work on Monday morning and turn on their computer, I think


we will see the numbers going up again. Why the high-profile


organisations hit have largely recovered, Britain's NHS among them,


thanks to back-up systems, some victims, especially many individuals


were so prepared. Graduation is just weeks away for students at this


campus in China, with no option but to pay up if they want their files


are blocked by the hackers. TRANSLATION: The encryption of the


ransomware was pretty advanced, individual users would not be over


to recover their files. So I think for users, they'll should always


back up their files, upgrade their security software and use antivirus


tools. And with the new attack imminent, that is the main advice


from security experts, download the latest security patches from


Microsoft and regularly back-up to devices not connected to the


internet. Karl Riley, BBC News. Our security correspondent


Gordon Corera says the the latest ransomware is a large-scale


and indiscriminate attack. It is a global attack. It is not


targeted at a particular country or particular industry sector, it is


basically spread everywhere on the internet looking for machines which


it can exploit, because they have a certain operating system which has


not been upgraded in a way, which allows this worm to operate and do


its work by encrypting and making the data on it inaccessible. We have


seen this strange distribution of it where in the UK for instance, the


national Health Service has been targeted, but in other countries,


factories or in Germany, railways were targeted, different companies


in different countries because it basically comes down to which


companies or organisations or people were using a particular operating


system which was vulnerable to this attack. And are we any nearer to


knowing who is behind it? Noel is the simple answer. I have spoken to


people who say they still have not got a clear sense of who it might


be. Typically this is a criminal act rather than the State act.


Typically, not always. But because they are seeking to make money, they


are asking for a ransom payment in that guides, a certain amount of


people have paid, tens of thousands of dollars, but it looks like no one


has extracted that or taken the money out, which


has been paid. I think authorities will be hoping there might be some


way of tracing those that coins, you're not supposed to be able to,


but it might be possible. Who this criminal gang was or whether they


really understood how widespread the impact would be, whether it is a


small gang or established gang, all of that is unclear. A predominantly


companies and what do they need to need to do to protect themselves?


This is a wake-up call for anyone, to protect yourself you need


up-to-date software, you need to be running the software which has been


patched meaning the vulnerability has been closed. In this case, the


vulnerability was spotted and a patch, a fix for it was sent out and


if people had used that, then they would not have been affected. It


really is a sign that people need to take cyber security seriously and


those people who were able to upgrade and update their machines


will not have been affected in the way that others were. Gordon Corera


talking to me earlier. Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats


have won Germany's most populous state, beating their main


Social Democrat rivals, in the last electoral test before


the national poll in September. Exit polls for North


Rhine-Westphalia show Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats


taking a projected share of 34-point-five percent of the vote,


with their Free Democrat allies The Social Democrats have


30-point-five percent while their governing partners,


the Greens, slumped to six percent. Our Berlin correspondent,


Damien McGuinness, told me this result would be seen as a pointer


to the federal election That is why this regional election


matters because on the one hand, it matters in its own right, this is


Germany's largest state, 13 point something million voters are both


there and they vote primarily on regional issues. They are voting on


schools, policing, transport, these are all issues run by the regional


governments, but this region is also a bellwether and a signal for the


national elections in four months' time and that is partly because this


is traditionally a SDP centre-left stronghold and Martin Schulz, Angela


Merkel's challenger said and he assumed that they were going to win


their and they were going to set up a strong left-wing Coalition


government in that area because Martin Shilts felt some enthusiasm


from left-wing voters over the past few months and he assumed he would


do well here and that this would be a strong signal for September. He


has just said about half an hour ago that it is a difficult day for


social democracy and a difficult day for him personally because he is


well aware now that this is a signal that actually the support around the


country may not be as strong as he thinks, because what we have noticed


over the past few weeks really is that the initial enthusiasm for him


seems to have faded somewhat and that polls are showing that actually


Angela Merkel, the current incumbent Chancellor is the most popular and


it seems that most voters want her to stay and it is partly because she


is seen as a safe pair of hands in insecure times. A difficult day for


Martin Schultz, he is not exactly when to throw in the towel, but do


you think as far as his leadership challenge goes, you pretty much


predicts that it will not happen? That is what some commentators are


already saying, they are saying it is the end of the road for him but


he said he would keep fighting. It also has to be said that it depends


what happens over the next few months, but those Angela Merkel has


had a few knocks over the past few years, during the resurgence of the


refugee crisis, we have had terror attacks and all those things did not


support and there are plenty of voters who are not satisfied with


Angela Merkel and want a change, but Angela Merkel and want a change, but


I think what we have seen over the past month or so is that people here


are saying that Martin Schultz has not really come up with concrete


policies and the SDP are finding it difficult really to get that centre


ground where Mrs Merkel sitting comfortably indeed when it comes to


issues to do with migration when it comes to do with security and


terror, Angela Merkel is sitting in the popular centre ground which the


SDP is minded hard to occupy. That is the problem and until Martin


Schultz can come up with concrete policies to really combat Mrs


Merkel, it is hard to see how he will beat in September. Damian


McGuinness there. Emmanuel Macron has promised


to restore France's global standing, as he was sworn in as the country's


youngest president, Speaking at an elaborate


Elysee Palace ceremony, President Macron also vowed to see


the EU ' reformed and re-launched' His inauguration comes just a week


after his resounding victory over Not since France had


an emperor 200 years ago, 39 years old and inaugurated


president today of one of Emmanuel Macron has


seized his opportunity, propelled by a young man's


self-confidence and some The disillusion that has


fuelled populism elsewhere, has led France to back a newcomer,


but one squarely Emmanuel Macron routed


the traditional parties. The outgoing president,


Francois Hollande, leaves office as France's most unpopular leader


of modern times. But the task in front


of Mr Macron is huge. If this business friendly liberal


is to honour his pledge TRANSLATION: All labour laws


will be liberalised, Innovation and creativity will be


at the heart of my programme. The French feel left


behind by globalisation To achieve that, Mr Macron needs


a majority in parliament, but his new party has no MPs


and elections are in Emmanuel Macron has promised this


moment will mark a decisive break from the past for France,


a moment of national renewal where all his predecessors


have promised reform He will need more than useful


to optimism and energy to succeed. What Mr Macron hopes he can make it


a force at the heart of the EU, TRANSLATION: He will


relaunch the EU. If the British were still members,


they would be part of this, It is on the basis that countries


who want to cooperate further, Will. For France and Europe, much rests


on some very young shoulders. The UN Security Council will meet


to discuss North Korea's latest missile launch


within the next two days. It comes just hours after the US


military confirmed a missile was launched near the north western


city of Kusong and landed America's ambassador


to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave this assessment of why


she thought the North Korean leader He is in the state of paranoia, he


is concerned about everything around him and I think this was a message


to South Korea, after the election and what we are going to do is


continue to tighten the screws. He absolutely feels it. Having a


missile test is not the wake to sit down with the President because he


is absolutely not going to do it and I can tell you, he can say all the


conditions he once, until he meets our conditions, we are not sitting


down with them. I spoke earlier to Mark Fitzpatrick,


Executive Director of the International Institute


for Stategic studies he explained more about


the latest nuclear test. This appears to be the longest range


missile that North Korea has successfully tested to date. The


range would be about 4500 kilometres, if it was straight and


not in the trajectory. That is about 1500 kilometres longer than anything


North Korea has tested to date and brings it closer to having an


intercontinental ballistic missile range. How close is closer? They


still would need to add more oomph to the missile, to reach the United


States. They would need a range of 8000. There is considerable more to


go, probably at least a couple more years of development, but the pace


of North Korea's missile testing has been so rapid and the progress so


great in the last couple of years, that it is unclear that they will be


stopped before they can reach the United States. Mark Fitzpatrick


there. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come... Others for the Arabian President is


the former President calls on millions to vote for him. -- a boost


for the Iranians President. The Pope was shot, the Pope will live. An


Italian commentators said that terror had come to the Vatican. The


man they call the butcher went on trial today in the French town where


he was the Gestapo chief in the Second World War. Winnie Mandela


never looked like a woman just sentenced to six years in jail. The


judge told Mrs Mandela there was no indication she felt even the


slightest remorse. The Chinese government has called for an all-out


effort to help victims of the powerful earthquake, the worst hit


the country for 30 years. The computer deep blue has triumphed


over the world chess champion. It is the first time machine has defeated


reigning world champion in a classical chess match. America's


first legal same-sex marriages have been taking place in Massachusetts.


God bless America! Experts in cyber security warn


of a possible new wave of malware attacks around the world when people


return to work after the weekend. Exit polls from elections


in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia suggest


that Chancellor Merkel's Christian Democrats have secured victory


in a traditional stronghold of their rival Social


Democratic party. We will get all the sport and white


hart lane has become memory lane today. It is so true. An emotional


and happy ending for Tottenham as they said goodbye after 118 years to


their white hart lane Stadium. They beat Manchester United 2-1 at the


Stadium before it is demolished and rebuilt. The pack -- fans poured


onto the pitch with a victory confirming second place at Tottenham


's highest finish in the Premier League. Victor Wanyama and Harry


Kane scored to ensured that Spurs remained unbeaten at home this


season. They will play their matches at Wembley next year before


returning to a brand-new 61,000 seat stadium in time for the 20 18th -


2019 season. We will miss it a lot. White Hart Lane a special but at the


same time, we need to move on. I think we will be very happy to start


to play in the new White Hart Lane. You mention the celebrations, will


you try and take anything from the ground as" pacro we will see what we


can take from White Hart Lane and keep in our house. Liverpool gave


themselves a huge boost in the Champions League qualification


hopes. Daniel Sturridge scored his first Premier League goal since


January as he got there first in a 4-0 win. It means that victory


against Middlesbrough on the final day of the season will guarantee


them a place in the top European connotation next season. Daniel


Sturridge, I have to say, he has not really been training for a long but


what a player he is. It was very important for us today and all these


performances, and I think the 2-0 was a knock for West Ham and we kept


on going and it was good football and we could have scored more.


Liverpool looking good but the Premier League adventure is over for


whole city. They have been relegated after losing 4- 02 Crystal Palace.


Hull began the day four points behind Crystal Palace and Swansea


and knew that it was win or bust. They head back to the Championship.


Over in Italy, Juventus are out to win the series add title in what is


a potential decider against Roma right now at the study of Olympic


gold. They require just a draw to take their sixth title bar Roma have


come out hot in the past few minutes. They have taken a 3-1 lead.


Real Madrid are a step closer to the title after beating Sevilla 4-1.


Fernando 's, Renaldo and crews got the goals, Barcelona won by the same


scoreline at Las Palmas. Neymar scored a hat-trick with Luis Suarez


also getting his name on the scoresheet. All that means that


Barcelona are top of the league. Real Madrid are second, level on


points but crucially they have that game in hand. Senna de sedan's team


face Malaga in the remaining games. Rafa Nadal has dumped Dominic Thiem


to win the Madrid Masters for a third time. He is now 15 wins and no


losses on clay this year having also picked up his tenth title in Monte


Carlo and Barcelona in recent weeks. The Spaniard took the first set in a


tie-break before winning the second 6-4. As he celebrates victory, he is


looking I fear is favourite to take his tenth French Open title. Lewis


Hamilton has moved within six points of the Championship leaders


Sebastien Vettel after victory in the Spanish Grand Prix. Hamilton who


started on pole position lost the lead to Sebastien Vettel at the


start of the race but after taking a tactical pit stop, the Britain


regained it from the Ferrari driver in the closing stages of a truly


race. Sebastien Vettel finished second with Daniel Riccardo taking


third. That is all the sport for now. Thank you.


The leader of the reform movement in Iran, the former


President Mohammad Khatami has called on millions of his supporters


to vote for President Rouhani in Friday's presidential .


The endorsement is a big boost for the chances of President Rouhani


who is seeking a second term in Office as Kasra Naji reports:


He has been attracting the largest and noisiest crowds, this is the


stadium just outside Teheran, 20,000 people turned up at his rally. Their


slogan, we will not return to the past. This is a reference to eight


years of the former President who President Rouhani replaced four


years ago. Here he says he has kept its promises. President Rouhani said


his hard opponents in the election are following in the footsteps of


former President. Many here blame the hardliners were having brought


the country under paralysing international sanctions. Isolating


Iran and pushing the country to the verge of a war with big world


powers. To his supporters, President Rouhani has saved the country from


all of that. We are halfway through, we will not go back, says this


placard. TRANSLATION: The past four years


were too prepared the ground for action on his promises. We hope that


President Rouhani could have another four years so that he could fulfil


all his promises. Demanding the hardliners release the leaders of


the reform movement under house arrest for the past six years.


TRANSLATION: The power structure in Iran is such that the President has


only about 20% of the power. The -- President Rouhani has kept 80% of


his promises and that is why I am happy to vote for him.


TRANSLATION: The other leader of the movement, Mohammad Khatami today


endorsed President Rouhani. Censored by the hardline state television, he


released this video on social media and called on his supporters to vote


for him. President Rouhani is heading for a decisive win, if the


supporters of the green movement, it in force on Friday.


A British veteran of the Second World War has become


Verdun Hayes, who's one-hundred and one-years old,


completed a parachute jump from fifteen thousand feet.


Dressed in a yellow jumpsuit, Verdun Hayes, aged 101 and 38 days,


He is determined to become the world's oldest skydiver.


He is doing it with his son, grandson and great-grandson.


As the plane gradually climbs to the correct altitude,


they need to be at 15,000 feet, Mr Hayes is moved


into position to make what is only his second ever jump.


The former soldier, who fought and was wounded


in the Second World War, has nerves of steel.


He is particularly fond of the brief freefall when they are descending


With all four generations of the family back down safely,


it is time for everyone to celebrate the new record that he has just set.


And all of this for a man who, back in the Second World War


as a veteran of the D-Day landings, had assumed he would


But even at the age of 101, he still is more than alive,


doing things that many half his age wouldn't dream of.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some