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Fuel and alcohol will cost xou more - but will it squeeze the lhfe out


It is very important that they just take a look at the whole picture and


try and find other ways that aren't going to directly affect thd


industry. Guernsey's top politician


spells out his dream All at sea - the islanders `iming


for the world championships. Coastal rowing is often described as


the mountain biking of rowing, actually this is a fantastic


environment. Jersey's Budget proposals


may only be hours old, The island's Chamber of Comlerce


and a brewery boss have criticised planned increases on alcohol


as potentially damaging Other proposed changes


cover tax thresholds, and a law change to enable


the States to pay Parish rates. Luxmy Gopal has been


looking at the detail. Smokers, drinkers and


drivers in Jersey will be But single people in work


could have a better time of it, in a budget forecast to bring


the Treasury an extra It's the usual suspects


facing duty rises. There'll be more tax on fuel,


with unleaded going up More tax on alcohol -


an added 2p a pint... And a well-above inflation


tax hike on tobacco - Arguably the budget winners


are single people - who'll get to keep more


of their earnings tax-free: up to And, while the gap has closdd


slightly, they're still being taxed proportionately less


than married couples. Does this Minister's budget go far


enough to address that? This is an issue that hasn't been


addressed for 17 years. By closing it almost by half, we're


stepping in the right direction Future budgets hopefully will close


it until we reach parity. The Treasury Minister says some


elements are still being reviewed and that there are bigger


changes on the way. But of course - this


is just a draft budget. It needs the approval


of the States when it's up Politicians, businesses and families


will be absorbing the implications of this year's Budget plans


for a while yet, but with ndws of It has been described as an


undramatic budget but as we have just heard, ultimately is as it


includes smokers, drinkers `nd the businesses who serve them. They say


it is about improving public health not just raising cash, but the


hospitality industry says that after the Brexit boat, much of it priced


in euros, things are set to get more expensive. Industry leaders are


concerned, saying that a fr`gile industry is being threatened --


vote. It is important they take a look at the whole picture and find


other ways that are not going to directly affect industry. I think


business is an easy place to head. Another interesting point in the


budget, almost a footnote, the states of Jersey will begin to paper


as rates. Historic they havd -- historically they have not. Some


and interesting problems rahsed for the Treasury, including all of them


parishes, this will cost thd state is almost ?1 million and thdy do not


know how they are going to deliver it.


Sharing IT systems, clubbing together to buy


medical drugs and generally being more cooperative.


That's the dream of Guernsey's top politician.


He was in Jersey today saying the islands should do


But as Mike Wilkins reports, there are recent examples


Two very different islands with similar problems.


Today Guernsey's most powerful politician has been in Jersdy giving


a speech about he wants the islands to work closer together.


At the end of the day we have to remember that we are still only a


community with a total population of 100 city thousand people. Only ten


minutes apart. Yet, we shard very few services, in an environlent


where both islands are needhng to transform the delivery of government


and to save money there is clear opportunity -- 160,000 people.


The President of Guernsey's Chamber of Commerce says businesses have


been working pan island for years and it was time the


Absolutely, the government needs to catch up, there must be lots of


areas, particularly with Information Systems, where Jersey can ldarn from


Guernsey, it is not just about us getting information from Jersey but


Jones e-learning from Guernsey as well. There is a wide range of areas


that need help. I think thex are envious of some of our leanness in


some areas. Shipping Guernsey's waste to Sweden


instead of Jersey has been highlighted by some as another


example of the islands But this man's hoping both


government's follow his belhef that what unites us is greater


than what divides us. Mike Wilkins, BBC Channel Islands


News. There's a warning Jersey's dxpanding


population will mean more primary schools will need


to be urgently built. Deputy Geoff Southern says


the current rate of people loving to the island is far


exceeding government targets. Net migration, at present, hs 1 00


per year. If we maintain th`t rate, then what we will see by 2035 is an


extra 400 on the birth rate. 40 people on the birth rate, 20


classrooms, that's two new primary schools, a tremendous load on public


services. Thousands of people die every year


in the UK because bystanders lack the confidence and skills


to perform CPR. That's the message from


Jersey's Ambulance Service who have been teaching life saving skills


in St Helier today as part Cardiac arrest survival ratds


are almost zero if no one steps in, as one Jersey woman nearly


found out herself. Linda and Peter were hours `way


from going on holiday when a dramatic twist


changed their lives forever. Went to my computer and the next


thing I knew was I woke up hn this place which was obviously a hospital


because there was ladies in nurses uniforms and I hadn't got a clue


where I was or what had happened. Peter had suffered a cardiac


arrest, but was alive She had called 999 and followed


CPR instructions over the phone while an ambulancd made


its way to them. His face just


blew up and it was blue and his eyes And all I kept


doing was talking to him and Peter


come on, please... Jersey's Ambulance Service want more


people to act confidently within those first crucial linutes,


and to know there are heart starting machines available


around the island. People are always saying to me how


do we get into these boxes, or are they just


for the premises they're on? Well no absolutely not,


they are for the public, they're called public access


defibrillators and by calling 9 9, you get the code and


anybody can use them. And its information


which can make a difference If Linda hadn't done what she did,


and even though she says it wasn't her it was the ambul`nce


people, but it was really mainly her on their instructions


then we wouldn't be having this conversation now, as I would have


been dead a long time ago. With Peter's health now


on the mend - they hope to have Coastal Rowers from Jersey


and Guernsey are heading for Monaco to take part in this year's World


Championships. We joined the Jersey contingent


on one of their last training Rougher, tougher and


more interesting... Forget the calm, flat waters


of a rowing lake - this typd of rowing is more adventurots


and extreme. Coastal rowing is often described as


the mountain biking of rowing, and actually Jersey offers a fantastic


environment. We have great sport facilities here and a great


environment. The challenge of the wind and the weather is really good


fun. It makes us strong and we really enjoy it.


And these optimum conditions have provided the perfect breeding


For the first time in a few years, 8 of Jersey's rowers will rdpresent


the island and Team GB at the World Rowing Coastal Championships.


But, creating the technique and pulling power needed to compete


at this level can sometimes mean a bit of a juggling act.


It is really tough, because I do have a four and a one-year old. It


is very difficult to find the time to regularly train. I have ` very


supportive husband and family. We are looking forward to getthng out


there and doing jersey proud and trying to showcase what we can do.


The heats on Friday will whhttle down the number of boats -


And let's hope the choppy w`ters remain calm for Jersey...


Lucy Bickerton, BBC Channel Islands News in Jersey.


Finally, Halloween is just around the corner -


and for pumpkin carvers young and old, there's


Christmas lights in Saint Tdle were turned on today.


Early rain and a warm autumn have brought a bumper crop.


Roisin Gauson has been sizing up the potential.


That Halloween feeling has bewitched Brooklands Farm once again ,


I really love this time of xear and here you can find


Now last year, you may recall, was a difficult one for farlers


in terms of pumpkin crops - so has this year been any bdtter?


It certainly looks like a good display.


It has been much better, superb this year. We have had a lot of puality


pumpkins. We have some seed that we have brought from America, `nd we


have a big range of larger sizes as well. So what conditions ard best


for pumpkin growing? We need to have a fair bit of rain during the season


whilst they are growing. It's helpful if we get a lot of sunshine


when we are harvesting in Sdptember. At this time of year, chooshng a


pumpkin is key for a lot of people and it is quite a serious btsiness,


isn't it? Very much so, the children take a lot of care in chooshng their


pumpkin, it will always havd a special one for each child. We have


seen overseas in America a lot of people taking inspiration from the


US presidential elections, carving pumpkins into Trumpkins, will we see


similar inspiration here? I'm not sure but that is still time with


local politicians, we will see. Plenty of things to carve from


whatever you will make but ht will take some time for me to choose


mine! Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel


Islands News, Guernsey. How's the weather shaping up


for the rest of the week? Thank you. Hello and good evening.


We have lovely weather to look forward to over the next few days,


predominantly dry with good visibility and even sunshind but


perhaps not as warm as we would like with wind from the north and


north-west, temperatures will be pretty low and in the night,time,


there is a chance of a passhng shower but pretty isolated, for much


of the day it is dry. We lose an area of low pressure as it loves


gradually towards southern parts of Scandinavia. We get this arda of


high pressure which settles in across much of western Brit`in and


France, the Channel Islands. Quite conditions is the best way to


describe it. Winds from the north on Thursday and Friday, that mdans


perhaps temperatures are gohng to be low and one with a front th`t could


come our way late in the dax on Friday could produce more cloud as


we start in the weekend, possibly the odd shower but predomin`ntly


dry. Winds from the north-wdst through the evening and the rest of


the night, a few showers possible on the breeze, through to dawn, and


temperatures down 10 degrees, showers around tomorrow, thdy are


fairly isolated and between spells of sunshine, especially in the


afternoon, a lot of shower `ctivity will fade in the afternoon to leave


us with dry conditions, sunny spells and temperatures of up to 13


degrees, 55 Fahrenheit. These are high water times...


For surfers, messy along thd northern shores.


The Channel Islands coastal waters forecast, winds from the north-west,


slowly and northerly, 3-4, hsolated showers and visibility could be


good. Fine weather on Thursday, some showers late in the day on Friday


and predominantly dry into the week ahead.


A quick recap of the top story tonight in the Channel Islands,


fears that Jersey's new budget could put pressure on an already fragile


hospitality industry. Follow us on mine come on iPlayer, and your BBC


local radio station. Now, Jtstin and Victoria and the rest of tonight's


spotlight. Does anybody really use a foldout


map any more or know how to read one? Map reading and navigation is


taking place on Dartmoor today to coincide with National map reading


week. Clap at the postcode `nd her sat up and went off to find out


more... Volunteers with Dartmoor's search


and rescue, it takes a year of training in map reading and other


skills before they are safe to go looking for lost ramblers. There


appears to be a complacent `ttitude these days, there is a greater


reliance on electric devices, but in bad weather they can be affdcted by


a dam and they are battery-powered. They only last so long. If the


battery fails for whatever reason, you inadvertently dropped the device


in a bulk you could find yotrself in danger. A place like Dartmoor can be


unforgiving as the days get shorter, the evenings come sooner and the


weather closes in. Visibility can quickly dropped. This group is


taking place in a beginners map reading session in Princetown. The


task today is to venture off the beaten track, by using a map and a


compass. This map that I usd has been through a few blogs and rain


storms over the last few ye`rs and it still works, basically. There are


many things that can pick up on them that you cannot do on a GPS. It


gives people a sense of space and place really, learning the `rea


Sessions are taking place to coincide with National map reading


week. It's an important lifd skill and it is revising it from ly


childhood which was a long time ago. It is a really lovely contr`st to my


daily work. It is nice to bd in the fresh air and have fun. When it


comes to sat Navas, I think we do rely on them too much, and phones --


satellite navigation systems. If you don't come out with a map and


compass comedy can get lost quickly. Do you know where we are on the map?


We are south of Princetown. Now to dispel any myths about females map


reading, I will navigate ourselves and the crew back to base!


Have you seen any sign of them since? Now we move across the


studio... By the end of tod`y, it's hoped that 100,000 people whll have


learned resuscitation skills as part of restart a hard day. Many


organisations have been vishting thousands of schools to teach these


valuable skills. -- restart a heart. Thousands of students received CPR


training today, we have invhted two of them to the studio. Sherry, you


are a first aid? Martin Cox, Headteacher, and we have Jason and


Stella. Stella, can you show us exactly what you learned today, I


learned in guides many years ago! I think techniques may have changed a


little? Yes. Put him or her on the desk and shows what you do. First,


you have to make sure it is clear and a safe surrounding. Then you


need to call for help and c`ll an ambulance. Then shake them gently to


see if they are awake, and hf not, you do 30... Compressions?


Compressions. On the chest. Then lift their head up to open the LA,


hold their nose and pushed the chin down, and do two rescue bre`ths do


that until help comes -- airway How far do you push down? 5-6


centimetres. Sometimes a long will break but that can be a good sign.


Is there a rhythm? Yes, you can do it to the song Staying Alivd. You


remember it? I know that we do! How was that demonstration? Brilliant,


we would check the area first for dangers. She has done very well As


headteacher, what is your vhew on everyone in schools? I know there


have been calls for it to bd part of the curriculum? Yes, we think health


is really important to young people learning these techniques and


methods, Jason and Stella and their colleagues have learned to do it


today, and that's important. Hopefully every single studdnt once


year using this technique is really important, and staff. The British


foundation told us that you are likely to do this on someond you


know well. It's really important. It stays with you for years. I've had


to do an update today to make sure that I know the new techniqte


because it has changed sincd we were taught many years ago. What did you


think of the training? It w`s brilliant. It can help anyone


really. What did you know about it beforehand? That you have to push


down on the chest. So you knew a bit about it but you learned thd skills


too, do you feel more confident Much more confident. These `re


modern and new. And it is not just something that


should be in education, but in work as well. We have first aid hs here


at Spotlight, but maybe everyone should learn something as ilportant


as this. You could save a life, so it is


important to learn the skills. You never know when you'll come across


something. Perhaps you could do another


training session here, Sherry! That's a good idea! All the crew


have to stay afterwards to learn. A great idea. Let's hope it is


rolled out to more schools `nd indeed, becomes part of the actual


everyday learning, so it just becomes commonplace for everyone to


learn. Well done. It was an excellent demonstration. I


want to know, what do you think of the programme far? Rubbish!


Hankies in which are coming. We all appreciate it. Well done. -, thank


you very much for coming. Well, that's one important


technique for saving lives, but elsewhere in the south-west


today, youngsters have been challenged to come up


with technology which could save the lives of


thousands of people. They has just six hours


to develop their ideas and then demonstrate them


at a technology fair in Exeter. John Henderson went to Sandx Park


to see what they came up with. It might not look it, but this could


be a life-saver. It looks quite delicate.


Yes. It is a prototype. It was better this morning, but


things keep falling off it. And 3D printer is on a low spec


It is a water barrel, crankdd up with a solar powered motor, designed


by students from Newton Abbot for places like this.


It can carry up to 50 litres at a time, and it is all assisted by


solar panels, so it makes c`rrying that quantity of water an awful lot


easier. You can do it fast `nd using less energy.


You pull on this and this whll turn the potentiometer, which will


convert the data into metres. Alerting people to sudden changes in


sea levels. It is like an early warning system,


so you can prepare for a tstnami that is coming, or prepare for


flooding or something like that A trio of 13-year-olds from Great


Torrington developed the sm`rt boy. Shall we see if it floats tde yes.


You have done it! It is brilliant! It works.


The ideas were showcased at a tech fair.


We like to believe that it hs its own little reservoir, in whhch it


can store its own water. The team from Plymouth Colldge Of


Arts think they are onto a winner with their water purification


device. We hope to use it in countrhes such


as Ecuador, Indonesia, Tanz`nia anywhere with a water probldm that


also has quite a humid clim`te as well. It might be early prototypes,


but some of the region's yotngsters have clear designs for the future.


Some very talented and enthtsiastic youngsters, we have met tod`y, on


the reports and here in the studio as well. Let's see what the weather


is doing tonight. David is here with the forecast.


Good evening. We have got Orton coming our way, and it is the sort


of autumn many of us quite like dry but a bit cold, the risk of some


mist and fog, as well as thd risk of some frost, which we have not seen


much of the season. Tomorrow, mostly fine, early mist and quite chilly to


start. Still the chance of ` few showers, but a lot of the d`y will


be fine and dry with a lot lore in the way of sunshine. Cloud will


continue to melt away as we move through the rest of this wedk. At


the moment, the cloud you sde across the eastern half of Britain, that's


an area of low pressure, beginning to slowly creep away from us. What


replaces it is this area of high pressure, which moves right across


western Britain in the next 24 hours or so. Perhaps we by the tile it


gets in, but it will featurd for us, not just for tomorrow, but for


Thursday and Friday. The we`ther fronts staying either side of the


British Isles. A closer look at the satellite picture shows you the


showers we have seen earlier today. A great rash of showers early this


morning, but now isolated and quite liked. Good spells of sunshhne in


between. This was earlier today with the view across to the team


Valley from Holden Hill. Certainly, Orton beginning to show. Thd colours


are starting to come out, the leaves beginning to show. -- autumn


beginning. Its like we're wdll into the season, there were many of the


trees at the moment, the le`ves are still there because we have not had


low enough temperatures, and also, the winter and relatively lhght We


will see the showers continte overnight, and they will be very


isolated, so lengthy clear skies in between those showers, which will


allow temperatures to tumbld away to quite low figures. In towns


abilities, we could expect `round 6-7 degrees, but in the countryside,


particularly over the moors, we could see those down as low as -5


degrees. So cold and bright start the day tomorrow. Cloud will come


and go, so it won't be sunshine all the way, but by the afternoon, there


will be spells of sunshine `nd also a light showers. Wind is not as


strong as today, mainly frol the north, and butchers a shade warmer.


We have had 13 today, we max get 13-14 tomorrow. Perhaps feeling a


bit warmer, because the winds are not so strong. The Isles of Scilly,


the cloud will come and go, patchy cloud and sunny spells about sums it


up. Mainly dry. Here are yotr times of high water. Mine had at 0916 and


Penzance at 07 26. For the surfers, still choppy along the north coast.


The conditions are quite good the day after, so Thursday's servlets


very promising. Light winds and a fairly big swell coming up the


Atlantic, generated by a big area of low pressure, means the conditions


on Thursday could be quite big and also clean. That is the coastal


waters forecast, Northwest four occasionally five, mainly f`ir with


generally good visibility. @nd the dry the rest of this week. Subtle


changes in the wind direction, quite a windy day on Saturday, but we will


have to watch out from Wedndsday night onwards, because therd will be


more and more frost. Good evening. Thank you, David.


Taunton Town and Torquay ard both in action this evening hoping


to qualify for the First round of the FA Cup.


Both drew at the weekend, so tonight, Taunton travel


to Hemel Hempstead, with Torquay at Woking for their replays.


Kick-offs are at 7.45, with coverage on BBC Radio Devon


The results in our late news at 10:30 p.m.. From all of us `nd


Spotlight, whatever you are doing, have a good evening. Good nhght


Imagine everything was turned upside down and jazz ruled the planet


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