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More details on hands for Jdrsey's new hospital. We have to allow for a


flexible solution that can deal with whatever health developments take


place in the future. A childhood obesity crisis ? a third


of youngsters are overweight. Plus, remembering the war ddad


islanders pay their respects And I'll have the latest


weather forecast. Restaurants and hotels


will have to go to Ministers have officially lodged


proposals for a brand new ptrpose built hospital to be built behind


the current one to make it cheaper, quicker and less


disruptive to patients. Now the Health Minister has to get


the States to agree to it. Jersey's General Hospital


is here to stay, despite it being the chosen location


for the island's future one. That's because the new hosphtal


will be a separate building built around the back along


Newgate Street. It's significantly more


efficient and more affordable to build in a single phase,


shorter programme with a single interface to the existing hospital


that's very different There will therefore be less


disruption to patients They've managed to go ahead


with plans for this smaller, We were looking for 20,000 square


metres on the ground floor, that enabled us to have Outpatients,


Emergency and Imaging services all on the ground floor,


making it more accessible to people. With this new scheme we are looking


at a 10,000 square metre footprint and what the Patriotic Stredt car


park allows us to do is to come in at a number of different levels,


into Outpatients on those ldvels, which gets us over that problem


of having everything The plans also mean all


of this will have to go. I come here every afternoon to have


coffee with my family and friends. At the end of the day, we'll be


losing out on something that is good, but also we would be gaining a


lot more, a new hospital. Other changes include moving the


outpatients department to cross the Park, where hospital staff


accommodation is. And using the old hospital as an education centre for


future health workers. As only if this new 466 Medea pounds hospital


idea gets the go-ahead from the States at the end of next month


Earlier, I spoke to Jersey's Health Minister,


Senator Andrew Green, and asked him what he's going to do


about all those businesses that will now need to move.


That is probably the downside of this scheme. We know that two of the


biggest businesses are willhng sellers, and of course one or two


others, perhaps a little bit of a surprise for them. This will be a


matter of negotiation with them How can you ensure that people


continue to get good health care while the hospital is being built?


That is a good question, an important one. You will havd noted


that we won't have moved in patient services at all, and that's why it


is essential to get those fdw buildings on the side of patriotic


street, the businesses we t`lked about at the beginning, and that


allows us to build a new endrgy Centre while the old energy centre


runs current inpatient servhces The only services moving our


Administration and outpatients. I can safely say that we will be able


to maintain a safe, efficient and good service during the changeover.


Nearly a third of nine and ten-year-olds in Guernsdy


That's one of the key findings after the height and weight


of primary school pupils were measured to give a picture


If this is making you hungrx, new statistics may curb


Because figures out today for childhood obesity aren't good.


One in six five and six-year-olds are overweight or obese,


and one in three nine and ten-year-olds are.


Taunton who are overweight `re more likely to become overweight adults,


and that entails all the problems of diabetes, heart disease and the risk


of cancer. We want children to be the right weight as children so they


grow up to be a healthy weight as an adult.


Education is a key part of the plan to slim down the figures,


and the pupils at this school seem to know their stuff.


If you are not healthy, you might get diabetes and stuff like that. It


is good to eat lots of fruit and not loads of chocolate. Are you healthy?


Yes. How are you healthy evdryday? Ie Eat bread in the morning, and I


don't have crisps. I have bden watching this and telling mx parents


about this. It can make a htge difference because the mess`ges


coming to the children from ground level are and they can educ`te their


parents and the community. @s soon as you start educating the children,


it will seep out of the widdr world as well.


There may be no quick fix for the problem,


but any success in cutting the figures over the coming


the years will be a step in the right direction.


Less than six months after the general election,


voting is once again underw`y in the parish of


A by-election was called after the death of Deputy


Four candidates are standing for the vacant seat,


and Roisin Gauson is live at the polling station for ts now.


I think slowly but surely h`s been the order of the day, althotgh


things have picked up in thd last couple of hours. It is nowhdre near


the levels we saw for that general election six months ago. At that


point, we had the second highest turnout for the island here. We have


had the latest figures for today which came through just aftdr 6pm,


and that that pint just shy of 500 people had cast their vote, so


nowhere near the levels we saw six months ago. But for candidates are


hopeful of success here tonhght They are Gary Collins, Simon Bellamy


and Rick Lowe but they do h`ve big boots to fill because this


by-election comes after the sad passing of deputies Dave Jones. He


was one of the longest standing politicians of Guernsey. He had been


ill but believed he was getting better when he successfully stood in


April this year. Of those for candidates will taste that success


here tonight. Voting contintes until 8pm, and they are hopeful of a


fairly quick count tonight, so we could get a result by the l`te news


at 10:25pm. Jersey's finance industry added ?14


billion to the UK economy l`st year, according to a report


by economic consultants. Representatives from the island


are in London trying to persuade UK politicians,


civil servants and think tanks of the value of Jersey to the UK


and the rest of Europe. The research estimates Jersdy's


finance industry generates ` quarter And it suggests the island pumps


?150 billion of foreign invdstment 100 years ago, a battle


was raging in which men Many people are familiar


with the Battle of the Sommd, but the Battle of Verdun


was the longest of World War One Today the French Ambassador


to the UK was in Guernsey s`y thank Verdun was the scene


of the longest battle 800,000 troops were killed,


wounded or missing in action. 100 years on, and the French


Ambassador to the UK lays a wreath The service was to remember around


240 Frenchmen living in Guernsey who served


on the Western Front. At least three fell


at the Battle of Verdun. A lot of the numbers have bden


forgotten about over the ye`rs. It has been very much overlookdd by the


occupation. Recent research, and the research is ongoing, but we now


believe that there are at ldast 257 channel islanders that fell for


France. And from the past to the prdsent,


and at Government House the Ambassador presented Fr`nce s


highest military award to vdterans This man landed on the Norm`ndy


beaches on D-Day. It is terrific. I am dazzled


actually. The ambassador saxs it has been a very special occasion. It is


always very moving, it is always an emotional ceremony. These pdople


fought to liberate our country. A day for these men


and their families to remember, and for all of us to remembdr those


that never returned home. Now David has the latest


weather forecast. I still think we will have some of


this troublesome cloud around. This was a picture from earlier today.


The cloud is just about thick enough to generate a view light showers,


and there are some around this evening, and there will be one or


two around tomorrow. Tomorrow will see a better chance of some


sunshine. Wright and mainly dry for the first half of the day, but they


could be some showers later on. The main weather story at the moment is


the battle between the area of low pressure over Scandinavia and the


high-pressure, which is across western Britain at the moment. That


won't change much over the next 24 hours, but eventually this `rea of


high pressure will start to move back towards Scandinavia. Bx Friday


it is beginning to weaken and move away, and by the time we get to


Saturday, a new area of low pressure is coming up from the south and will


squeeze up against that are` of high pressure, so freshening winds for us


from the south-east. That is a good direction to see a lot of dry


weather as well. There are some showers around this evening and they


will tend to fade away after midnight. Largely dry in thd small


hours of the morning, light winds, some missed forming first thing A


bit more in the way of sunshine during the morning, more cloud


coming through the afternoon, and just enough to generate the odd


light shower here and there. Eventually the wind will become


north-easterly. Quite promising certain conditions.


Dash-macro surfing. Some fine weather around on Friday.


Some nice conditions on Sattrday, then it becomes windy and more


cloudy on Sunday. Have a good evening.


I'll be back at 10:30pm with the late news, when we'll bring


you the results of Guernsey's by-election


The power of water has been used for centuries in industry. But times


have changed. Across mid Devon, and the south-west, many water lills,


such as this one are out of use But its owner, Brendan, wants to change


that. Here is the crux of the issue. This is the lowest the water level


will be this year after quite a long, dry spring and summer, but


we've now got water to have 24 hours electricity capability. It's in a


rural location and is very secure. This what he is proposing. Not just


on his property. This new wheel in Somerset has new technology attached


to it which creates hydroeldctric power, but


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