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Welcome to Thursday's BBC Channel Islands News.


Are vulnerable children being protected - increasing number


of complaints are being madd about children's services in Jersey


as the team continues to struggle to keep staff.


It begs the question, is thdre a direct correlation between the


increase in the number of complaints and the number of staff that the


children's service have had to be forced to employ because of the


number of placement? No confidence - Alderney politicians


refuse to back Aurigny's management and is calling on Guernsey to step


in to improve airlinks. A new face in the States -


Guernsey's newest politician sets out his hopes for the futurd


of local politics. And we've got a cold night `head of


us across the islands. A possible frost, a touch of sunshine, and dry,


but that changes over the wdekend. There's been a growing


number of complaints about Jersey's Children's Sdrvice


at a time when it's It's still lacking leadershhp -


after the former director rdsigned in the summer and the posithon has


yet to be filled. Now there's concern the combination


of factors is putting vulnerable It's the department in charge


of protecting Jersey's most But it seems the Children's Service


is in difficulty itself. There's been a steady rise hn


the number of complaints it's had... ..from half a dozen, five ydars ago,


to 24 so far this year. The complaints are about a range


of issues, such as treatment, confidentiality, and failurd


to follow procedure. It's led to questions yet again over


the welfare of children These are already vulnerabld


children and they are already at risk because of that vulner`bility


and if the care system isn't working as it should be, then the rhsk is


that these children who are already vulnerable will fall through the


cracks and will be exposed to more danger and risk.


Also causing concern is the staff turnover.


150 have left the service since 2010.


The most recent director left in the summer -


This politician says stability is needed.


The last incumbent left aftdr a very short period of time. My


understanding is she isn't being replaced until the New Year and I


think the post is so import`nt that the health Department should be


looking to replace her as soon as possible.


In a statement, the overseehng department said:


The increase in complaints was because


the service began encouraging children to raise any issues.


It says the nature of children's social work makes it an are` likely


It says it plans to recruit a permanent director


And that meanwhile, three new permanent heads of servhce


Could the successful appointment of a permanent director fin`lly


bring a more stable future for this troubled service?


You can hear more on this story on good morning jersey on BBC radio


Jersey from 6am tomorrow morning. A man from Jersey has been `ccused


of stealing more than ?200,000 from organisations that support


ex-service men and women. 57-year-old Kevin Nicholls,


who lives in St Saviour, appeared at the Magistrate's Court


this morning accused of takhng money over the past two years


from the Royal British Legion He was bailed and will return


to court next month. Alderney's government has p`ssed


a vote of no confidence It follows concerns about the number


of aircraft the State-owned airline But as Mike Wilkins reports,


will this motion carry much weight in Guernsey where


Aurigny is run from? Aurigny now has another problem


that's landed on its plate. Shortly after announcing


a loss of more than ?4.5 million, a government


rebellion is underway. Last night, these people johned


together to overwhelmingly send the message that they have no


confidence in the Aurigny's management providdd


the following statement sayhng: This politician is


reponsible for Aurigny. He says Alderney's welcome to run


its own airline if it wants to. There is a large level of dhstrust


in older than me about the services that Aurigny provides. -- in


Alderney. I think the East ,- the answer to this is to introdtce a


contract whereby if the people of Alderney think they can do the job


better, then they will have the chance to do so.


It's unclear if Alderney's concerns will be raised


But when it comes to politics, the turbulent


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria:


These students are getting ht with new dedicated nap rooms.


Pressure's being put on Guernsey garages to be more competithve


This online group's been set up to let drivers see the diffdrent


The man behind it wants to lake sure people know it's


I think the garage owners whll be checking the site very carefully to


see what their competition hs doing down the road. Even if a penny is


trimmed off there and -- here and there, that is good. At the bottom


end of the market, it is very competitive, but I hope it will


drive down the price at the top end of the market.


Jersey's social security minister has rejected a call to reverse cuts


A scrutiny review of Income Support raised concerns about the bdnefits


system, saying the gap between wealthy islanders and those


But the minister insists thd savings won't be undone as they makd


Well, there's always been a gap between rich and poor and in what is


perceived to be fairly wealthy islands, that gap will be pdrceived


to be wider than in other places. I don't think we have abject poverty


at all over here which is why the scrutiny report was entitled


relatively low income. It is all relative.


More controls could be introduced in Guernsey to better regul`te


The Guernsey Financial Servhces Commission wants to bring


the current restrictions inline with international standards -


but wants islanders' views on the matter first.


Speaking on BBC Radio Guernsey, Kate Raleigh


from the Citizen's Advice Btreau says she hopes it'll help stop some


I think it is to protect both parties, really. Some parts like


banks are actually pretty hdavily regulated anyway, other are`s less


so. It's important that people really understand what it is that


they are taking on and what the consequences are going to bd of any


fees or interest or anything like that.


Guernsey's newest politician has vowed not to forget his roots ahead


of his three-and-a-half-year term in government.


Neil Inder secured a comfortable win in last night's Vale by-election -


and is looking forwards to the challenge ahead.


Neil Inder has lived in and loved the Vale for more than 30 ydars


It's probably one of the more real parts of Guernsey left on the


island. It's a great parish. There's so much history in this parhsh and


so much culture. It's something that is often unrecognised.


It's a district of contrasts - from industry to recreation,


The Vale parish has some of the island's most instantly


The political challenge is how to balance the needs of the parish -


whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


The first job is obviously to the parishioners. Sometimes the


government is too wrapped up in politics and they want to bdcome


centrist politicians and forget where they come from. I certainly


want to not forget where I `m from. Those voters put me there. Ht wasn't


the government that put me there, it was the people of the veil that put


me there. The final count up proved


his policies struck It was a blow for former


Deputy Gary Collins - who had polled more votes


in the General Election - choice and they've had


their choice and Neil... You know, we've got to know each


other and he's a great char`cter, he will bring a lot to the States -


hopefully he'll find his fedt And a first taste of governlent


for the island's newest Deptty. Neil Inder will be officially


sworn in on Monday. Roisin Gauson, BBC


Channel Islands News, Temperatures are definitely


tumbling now - but are I have no idea but I


know a man who does! We haven't seen any frosts so far


this autumn but tonight the temperatures could get low. They


could be a bit of grass frost tonight, mainly on Guernsey and


Jersey. Overnight, pretty chilly. We will have some sunshine, mostly dry,


with the risk of a shower, but isolated, really. The area of high


pressure will be with us for tonight and tomorrow. Don't worry too much


about the weather front to the east. That should save that for the next


24 hours or so. What we are looking at is way down here. These two areas


will merge to form one area of low pressure that gets somewhat closer


and certainly develops some atrocious weather for Portugal and


Spain as we move through thd weekend. That area of low pressure


expands and starts to strengthen the south-easterly weekend on Stnday,


which will bring an -- a lively breeze but also some outbre`ks of


rain. The timing mat is uncdrtain at the moment. I'll give you an update


on that at the same time tolorrow. It looks like we will have ` lot of


clear skies overnight tonight and with those cliffside, towns


generally seeing temperaturds as low as 9 degrees, but inland yot could


see temperatures lower than that at five or 6 degrees. Tomorrow morning,


a view light showers possible, but fleeting and a top temperattre of 30


oh 14 degrees. -- 13 or 14 degrees. Not bad for our servers. Most of the


beaches are clean. So, another fine day on Sattrday, a


day when we see a supple increase in an easterly wind combat that not a


bad day with --, but not a bad day with clear skies, and on Sunday week


could see some rain. You can, of course, find more


information on our top storhes online. Don't forget the updates on


Facebook and Twitter, the local radio stations, and the hourly


bulletins in the morning. I'll be back at eight with your headlines


and again in the ten o'clock news. Goodbye.


well as the infrastructure, the roads can't support it. John Broome


was behind an attempt to turn Battersea Power Station into a mini


Las Vegas 30 years ago. Leaving County Hall today he says hd is


confident this venture will proceed and things can get moving


straightaway. Cream teas, pasties, cider, cheese,


all food we're very famous for here in the South West,


but what part do our culinary delights play in people's


holiday experience? Well, apparently it can makd a huge


difference to the way A new study has revealed


the importance holidaymakers John Ayres has been to St Ives,


where the study was carried out St Ives is a beautiful placd,


with its beaches and its galleries, but now more and more the experience


is becoming about food. Most of what is in this report


I think as a tourism region we would have assumed anywax,


but it does bring into sharp focus just how important food


is to the local economy. 40 years ago ice creams,


fish and chips and pasties They're still popular now


but the trend is towards good For decades Matthew Stevens


has been providing We are selling spider crabs,


we're selling the John Dorids Here in St Ives that was unheard of,


20, 30 years ago. You may have got cod and chhps


and maybe plaice and chips `nd a few prawns and a cocktail but now we're


looking at all sorts of seafood Over the years the cafes


and restaurants have had to adapt. Visitors expect the food


to be locally sourced. A lot of these people come


from cities where they have a very big choice of very good restaurants,


so when they come on holidax St Ives needs to supply places


that can emulate some They talked about how they could


sort of smell the pastries, they could see the fishing boats


coming in, it was really They also talked about how


they were willing to support the local businesses


and they purposely avoided chain restaurants and any kind


of restaurants that they Now, I would be the first to admit


that perhaps I should eat a little bit less but when I'm


on holiday, like most peopld, Straightaway you think, oh,


we'll have a clotted cream tea when we come down here,


and a pasty, so, yeah, we do like to eat a lot


when we're on holiday. We don't want to appear as food


snobs but it would probably put us off if it was all


burgers and junk food. We're looking for more qualhty stuff


and local produce and just taking the benefits of what you can


get locally really. I think now there's far too many


eating places down the front, it's changed from when I was last


here 30 to 40 years ago, there used to be a lot


of amusements, different Now it's just concentrated on eating


and drinking places. The success of the food


outlets passes right down the chain to the suppliers,


farmers and fishermen. But while the report was very


positive about the way it's going here it did warn that becoming


too popular and not having the infrastructure to support it


could have the opposite effdct. If you can't have nice food when


you're on holiday, when can you 2000 fossils discovered


by an amateur collector in Dorset are going on display


in a new museum purpose-built renowned collection of finds dating


back 150 million years. Steve Etches was in short trousers


when he found his first fossil, this tiny sea urchin in his back garden


in Dorset. It is now on display amongst much grander finds hn the


new museum which brings to life Jurassic Kimmeridge. It was a


tropical sea, we have fish `nd animals interacting and somd of them


predating. Steve is a plumbdr by trade but he has always found time


for fossil collecting. He h`s discovered a host of new spdcies,


like this it clear saw. It hs rather like a modern dolphin, he h`s pointy


teeth. This is a juvenile btt under its rib cage it is stuffed full of


food. Until now his collecthon was housed here, in his convertdd


garage. Every art for -- artefact has now been taken down the road to


its new home. It might sink in when everything is done and dustdd. I am


sharing it with everything. You can't live forever so hopeftlly I am


safeguarding it for the futtre. Some 2000 fossils are already here and


there is space for new finds, meaning Steve has no excuse for


taking his work home with hhm. What are you going to do with your


garage? My wife has some iddas, she has designed what she wants. Also


the dining room, because it took over that. Hopefully we can invite


some friends round for dinndr there now. His workshop is also bding


moved to the museum so visitors can watch how he peels back the layers


of time. This knowledge has earned him respect from academics


worldwide, who have much to learn from a man who turned a hobby into a


life's work. What an amazing collection.


How much sleep did you get last night?


We don't sleep at all, do wd? We don't get a lot of sleep,


unfortunately. There are plenty of surveys warning


of the dangers of a lack of sleep. And it seems one local univdrsity


is taking them seriously. The chaplaincy at the


University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth is helping


weary students by But before you judge this move,


or the students, take a look University life has changed,


a more nine-to-five culture has developed as undergraduates pay fees


to study here, so if they choose to sleep in the day,


that's up to them, right? Well, that's what people


here at Marjon think. Next to the university chapdl,


a nap room has been set up for students to take snoozes


between their studies. But is there really a need


for this at university? A lot of people have this sdnse


of students from the old daxs, The Young Ones and things lhke that,


with students just lying around That could not be further


from the truth these days. Students are often working laybe


one, two, three jobs combined with their studies,


plus family, so with the additional stresses of modern life,


always being on with social media and mobile phones, actually


the chance to take a break Nick wants his chaplaincy to be


as relaxed as possible. The addition of the nap rool


is an important part Students don't just do


their degree and that's it, some of them belong to sports,


some of them run societies. Me myself, I run the choir


here at Marjon and I also do hockey as well so I'm constantly on the go,


so...come in here, have a n`p, recharge your batteries


and then go and do it again, It's a quirky idea but I was curious


to find out just how I've been out reporting on the road


all day and I could do Let's just hope BBC


management are watching this. I quite like the idea of a hammock,


actually. We have a nap room here, it's called


the newsroom. Make sure you are not asleep by the


time I come back to you. Thdre is some quite interesting weather for


the next three or four days. First of all we have more mist forming,


some fog patches first thing this morning, certainly some frost


overnight tonight but once the mist clears it should be a nice day with


some sunshine. There has bedn an east-west split with the sunshine


today but the bigger satellhte picture shows the curl of cloud to


the East, that is one area of low pressure which has hardly moved the


24 hours, but down here there is a new area of low pressure. Wd still


have high pressure for the day tomorrow but by the time we get


through tomorrow evening and Saturday into Sunday this area of


low pressure becomes the dolinant feature. It will squeeze up against


that high and squeeze the isobars, giving us afresh if not strong to


gale force easterly wind by Sunday evening, and the potential for that


to produce some outbreaks of rain but the timing is uncertain. Quite a


contrast of weather types from one side of our patch to the other,


glorious sunshine for a good part of Cornwall, rather grey for E`st


Devon, Somerset and Dorset. A few spits of light rain even now but


most of that will fade away overnight and in the small hours we


will get some length lead clear skies, allowing the temperatures to


drop pretty fast. -- some ldngthy. We could start tomorrow with not


only mist and fog but also temperatures not far above freezing.


For most of us away from thd coast there is a chance for some frost,


maybe even on the car windscreens. Once we get rid of that and the mist


and fog it is a nice day. The East of Devon has had stubborn cloud


today but it is much more in the way of sunshine. Very light winds, not


much to stir the air, so if you have some sunshine and avoid the mist and


fog first thing in the mornhng you should have a pretty good d`y, 3 or


14 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly, fine and dry with spells of


sunshine, very similar to the weather today. The times of high


water, Portland, 10:49am, F`lmouth, 9:33am. Lovely surfing condhtions


today, the waves are not quhte so big tomorrow but still usable. On


the north coast between thrde and five degrees and clean. There are


the coastal waters forecast, force three to four from the south-east,


generally fair with good visibility, and the outlook as we go through the


weekend is more cloud, cert`inly a lot more on Sunday, a strong


easterly breeze developing, maybe a bit quieter and the potenti`l


overnight for some patchy r`in. Still awake?


We stayed awake for all of that and I will have to stay awake a bit


longer Everyone's living these


amazing lives, You're like a...


Different person?


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