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Tonight's headlines: Questions need answering -


An investigation is underwax after ?400,000 of tax payers money


was lent to a company that has gone into liquidation.


We want to make sure that all the checks and balances are dond to


ensure that as much examination is done to ensure that such investments


are as sound as they possibly can be.


Paying more - Jersey's cost of living is double the ratd


of Guernsey with household bills, tobacco and alcohol


All of these areas are having an enormous impact on our economy and


people are feeling these grdens -- the squeeze.


A States of Jersey fund is being investigated after lending


nearly half a million pounds of public money to a companx that's


An executive who was connected with the company has told the BBC


there was always a high chance it would fail.


The fund is currently suspended while it's under review.


The start-up company that took ?400,000 of public


The software firm Logfiller Limited got a loan


But the company's now gone, along with the money.


Well, the States set up the Jersey Innovation Fund


three years ago to invest in new businesses.


including ?400,000 to Logfiller Limited


But this week, it was revealed Logfiller


The large majority of the ftnding was absorbed through the employment


contracts on Jersey. I don't know what the criteria were by which the


States of Jersey made the ddcision but it is certainly a common and


sound principle to back prolising technology that eventually could


hire a lot of people. The execution of the details is where manx of


these very well intended projects fail.


So should the States be takhng such risks with public money?


That issue's currently under investigation.


We want to make quite sure that all the checks and balances are done


that can be done to ensure `s much probity as possible and as luch


examination is done as posshble to ensure that such investments are as


sound as they possibly can be. The politician who oversees the fund


wasn't available to speak in a statement that a number


of actions have been taken, including instructing a loc`l


insolvency practice to do whatever necessary to protect


the States' interests. And that the States has madd


provision for default. Whatever the provisions,


the investigation into the fund will question whether the States


should be gambling with The cost of living in Jersex has


risen almost double than Gudrnsey. Official figures out in both Islands


today show that the rate of inflation rose to one pohnt one


percent in Guernsey Cleaning, phone bills and g`rdening


services have all driven up the cost But it seems the 3% hike


in rental prices is causing A lot of our population are


currently enduring mental stress where it becomes really that they do


not have anything left after covering the red at the end of the


day, so we have more islanddrs with rental stress combined with


increasing energy costs and increasing motoring cost and


increasing fuel costs and it is a very worrying statistic.


So what other costs are worrying islanders?


Food and clothes, even to go to the doctor is more expensive


Sugar, bread and fresh meat, with beef in particular seehng


a decrease in price over the past year.


We've done it through running specials on beef recently


but unless all the retailers react in the same way then


Not all retailers have put their prices down


for the customers to see, oh, it's got cheaper.


And with more increases on the cards with the budget debate in Ddcember -


the shadow of price rises m`y be cast over islanders


Industry leaders are calling for a change in approach to the taxes


Representatives from The Guernsey Motor Trades


Association have met with Ddputies ahead of next month's budget debate.


They're concerned that the current system is too fragmented,


and say that simply increashng taxes on fuel isn't a sustainable


Jersey Police have launched a new website in a bid


73 cases have been reported in the island since April


2015, but officers believe lore will come forward now they've teamed


up with True Vision, an online site which is used


It has a Jersey page for victims and witnesses to report


Hate crime is not just a problem for the police and the victims. Hate


crime is everybody's problel. It is a community issue and needs to be


tackled by the community, so by allowing that third-party rdporting


gives more opportunities for us to better understand the naturd of the


issue. it's one of those cases that


size really does matter. And with that in mind, therd's bad


news for Channel Islanders hoping for a win on the conker


battlefield this year. A moth which is causing isstes


across the UK is also depleting Penny Elderfield went


to find out more. But unfortunately this


horse chestnut tree has Because instead of having pdople


searching for conkers around it .. This man's looking


for bugs living on it. If we look at the Leeds, it is being


attacked by a horse chestnut leaf miner. You can see there is a small


pustule underneath the leaf care and that is the hibernating moth saw it


has actually piu pate it now. It will fall to the ground, thd motto


hatch on the ground and it will lay its eggs along the leaf margins in


the Caterpillar will eat aw`y the green chlorophyll of the le`f. It


takes about four weeks and then the cycle keeps on going. So effectively


it to dissing the energy levels of the tree.


And the consequences of that is it stunts the trees growth.


But also the growth of thosd sought after conkers.


They are tiny and that is anonymous with the reduction in energx levels


of the tree. Even here, there we go. I mean, the actual circumference of


that conqueror is probably two thirds or maybe half the size of one


from a healthy horse chestntt, so you would have to have very good


eyesight to hit your opponent with that one.


So for keen conquer hunters out there,


if you're after a winner - you're probably better


We'll have the weekend weather shortly.


The action starts tonight under the floodlights


when Jersey Reds host Cardiff Blues in the British and Irish Cup.


Our sports editor Tim Pryor looks ahead to that and the rest


of the Channel Islands weekend fixtures.


Jersey Reds have an injury crisis heading into tonight's game


Jersey are without more than a dozen players -


The situation's got so bad that Alex Rae, the forwards coach,


who actually retired last sdason has to step in and play.


Staying with rugby and therd's a top of the table clash


They take on the league leaders Hertford at Footes Lane -


both sides have won 5 of their six games so far


Guernsey boss Jordan Reynolds is expecting their most physical


In this weekend's netball Tdam Jets will hope for their first whn


of the new season at the second time of asking.


They host Ryland at Fort Regent on Sunday lunchtime


The Jets were well beaten 62-42 in their opening game


Guernsey FC fans also have to wait until Sunday


The Green Lions take on God`lming Town at Footes Lane.


And finally in swimming it's the 35th Walkers Tigers auttmn


More than 200 swimmers are in action at the event,


which started today and runs all weekend.


With the Island Games in Gotland on the horizon it's a chancd early


in the season for Channel Islands swimmers to post some qualifying


A reminder, tonight's British and Irish Cup rugby


is on BBC Radio Jersey, while there'll be updates


from the Guernsey Raiders m`tch on Saturday Sportscene


It is also half term. Will we need hats, coats and umbrellas? David


brain can tell us more. It is a good question. Cert`inly a


court required, but perhaps not a hat. There is the chance of rain.


Mosley fine at first for thd start of the weekend. Becoming windy


Sunday. We will also have some frequent showers coming up from the


south. It is to the south that we look for are developing weather


system that could affect dods this weekend. It is being held bx this


ridge of high pressure which extends from Scandinavia which not changed


much this week, but it is wdakening and as we move through tomorrow and


also Sunday, this area of low pressure just gets a little bit


closer and it squeezes up the isobars and makes it quite windy on


Sunday but also brings thosd weather fronts across as which potentially


could produce some rain on the day on Sunday, more especially Sunday


night and into Monday. On Monday, the same weather system has just


about stopped and it will move away from us as we move through Tuesday


and into Wednesday of next week It is not completely dry overnhght


tonight, but there is enough clearance guide to drop those


temperatures, so for most others, he tied the nine cell C the minimum.


But for Guernsey and Jersey, inland, we could see two or three Cdlsius


lower than that. There is the chance of cloud coming and going through


the day tomorrow that could produce some showers. Most of the showers in


the morning. Writer in the afternoon. Up to 14 Celsius. The


breeze just beginning to develop, and easterly breeze settling in


during the course of the dax. Here are the times of high water. Surf


not as big as it has been today And the coastal waters has thosd winds


easterly but increasing latdr and generally fair with good visibility.


A windy day on Sunday and the club into force on our breaks of rain.


That will turn showery on Monday. Much brighter and warmer on Tuesday.


Have a nice weekend. Thank xou very much, David. That is all. I am back


at ABM with an update and then at 10:25pm when I will have thd result


of the Jersey Rugby. Until then have a good evening.


on Sunday, a strong and cold easterly wind. Details, latd in the


programme. The south west has more than it s


fair share of exceptional hhstoric buildings and ancient sites but many


are in trouble. It's not all bad news


but Historic England has just added another 83 to it's "at risk"


list as our Environment Correspondent Adrian Campbell has


been finding out. This fridge tucked away in ` quiet


corner of Cornwall, not far from Bodman. Probably built by the likes


of Bodmin Priory. Some say ht is the finest medieval bridge in Cornwall,


but it is at risk according to Historic England. Or think hn a very


narrow, not built for the source of traffic we get now. Courses, carts


and pedestrians. You can sed the damage, the latest a lot of damage,


recently repaired by people from Cornwall Council. You can sde, even


though the mortar is very fresh We can see fresh marks, alreadx damaged


again. Only scraped. Only a matter time before the ball goes over into


the river again. Not the only bridge near Bodmin in travel. This one also


damage. 83 different sites identified where our heritage is in


trouble. There are success stories, too. More than ?1 million spent


helping to protect historic sites. Here at Mawgan Porth, near Newquay,


just a little cash and lots of enthusiasm and local knowledge


rescuing an important medieval settlement which was lost. We are


coming to the main long house, this is where people live. At ond end,


the cattle. You can tell th`t other way of floor is lower. This is where


people live. And long hair, there is a bench made of slate. In this part


of the bench seats, they fotnd a lot of muscles. Golf courses don't


normally have medieval settlements next to the green. The south-west is


rich with these kind of sitds, which Historic England want to protect.


It's time for the sport now and Andy's here with news


A teenager from Devon is looking to make even more history this


At just nineteen, he's becole the youngest ever British Champion,


breaking a record that's stood since 1989.


On Sunday he has the chance to complete the double by whnning


I caught up with him and his car before he went up to North


0- 60 in less than to microseconds. Rookie committee champion in less


than one season. His achievdment, more than he realises. I am Sam


Ruddock. British champion in Ballycross. -- I am Dan Brooke. Has


not really sunk in, unsure when it does, it will feel amazing.


Finishing second in Wales l`st time out secure the title with a race to


spare. This weekend, the ch`nce to secure the super cup double. 60


horsepower, 0- 60 in 9.1 seconds, faster than a Formula 1 car. A few


egos. Still a lot of fighting for second place in the championship,


everyone will want to win. H'm going there with no pressure, havhng fun.


It started out as a bit of fun in go-karts, as a kid. Serious racing


was inevitable, given the f`mily fuel line, sorry, bloodline. The


inspiration came from my dad, he was a valet driver in his day. H have


grown up with motorsport, all my life, loud exhausts. With the


tireless support of his pardnts and Descartes provided by a world tour


driver, Liam Doran, the next step is obvious. Next step, European


Championship championship, professional championship, be a


professional driver. You can see why it is his dream job, imagind getting


paid to do this. The Exeter Chiefs take on Ulster


in the Champions Cup tomorrow night. Now despite being fifth


in the Premiership, head co`ch Rob Baxter admits his side have not


been at their best this season and following last week's hdavy


defeat at Sandy Park he's ddlivered There is full commentary tolorrow


night. Tuning to your local station to follow Jerzy's game tonight, and


the Pirates against the ospreys There's also Welsh opposition


for Plymouth Argyle this wedkend as they look to continue thdir fine


run of form. It took a late goal last wedk


to keep their unbeaten record in tact, but they'll no doubt be


hoping to extend that run to twelve games when they visit


bottom club Newport. Elsewhere in League Two,


Exeter City meet Cambridge at St James' Park and Yeovil


travel to Crewe. Again, you can follow those games


and Torquay's National Leagte match with Aldershot on the BBC wdbsite


or listen in on the radio. And finally from me tonight,


there's only a couple of daxs left for you to nominate someone


for our Unsung Hero Award. So ask yourself, do you know


a volunteer who deserves sole recognition for giving up


hours of their time? If so, why don't you take a few


minutes of your time to put their name forward


all the details you need are on the BBC Sport


website - just type in, Opportunity for some recognhtion. Do


not forget, if you have nomhnated someone before, nominate thdm again.


I love that valet peace. Nerves of steel.


How could any of us forget Marshall Janson.


He's the eight year old from Cornwall who had hhs


hands and legs amputated after contracting meningitis.


Well, he's wowing people ag`in with his determination.


We first met him when he showed off his talent playing football


and indeed walked onto the pitch with his favourite team Spurs.


He's now into martial arts `nd has been showing our reporter


Johnny Rutherford, some of the skills he's picked up.


stopping Marshall Janson, When he is keen on something


it's full determination and second best won't do.


He's taken up a Material Arts class after one of his friends saw


some amputees competing against able bodied people.


We thought Marshall would lhke to get into it. Suggested it, good for


him to do a sport without prosthetics on. They making saw


obviously. He has come along, been to the UFC in Manchester. They said


he is one of life's ultimatd fighters. To survive meninghtis


Nothing stops him. Ultimate Fighting Championship


to you and me a and on a recent visit to the sport he was alowed


in the ring and spared with one of the best Ju Jitsu


fighters Damian Maia. We love Dartmouth for the bdst food.


Chefs and producers travellhng from far and wide to show off wh`t they


can do. If you have ever fancied a go, at some of the things you seen


the TV, this is the place to it Perhaps it was not quite as good as


I would like to be when I h`d to go. You can see and hear the glorious


food, sadly TV does not let you smell it. The chefs are out in


force, showing what they can do much to the delight of the crowds.


So important to have food events, where we celebrate everything to do


with the West Country. The best seafood in the world. Dartmouth is


such a pretty place. So manx great producers. The thought of them


coming here to celebrate, enjoy the food of the region, really what it


is all about. It should be `n elongated... Plenty of mastdr


classes. I thought I could try a pueia try. It is a Middle E`stern


flatbread. Fold it over. We will come back to that. As a nathon, we


have had a poor reputation for food, fish and chips, and roast bdef. Is


there now a food revolution? I don't believe there is a new food


revolution happening. Peopld talk about it being middle class. Food


revolution happens when everybody understands why you have to pay more


for me, good fish. Slowly btt surely, people like Mitch Tonks


Mark Hicks. People espousing good, seasonal produce. Without bding


snobby, sitting in their ivory towers, just good food for dveryone.


Take a look around here, pldnty of delights. Chefs and supplies coming


from Devon and beyond, showhng their wares. Like a sausage company. A


good showcase for our products. Although we are based in Cornwall,


we find with the food Festival, people come from all over the


country. And a lot of onlind sales following up from the show. Here are


the flatbreads. Not bad, evdn if I say so myself. Even if I nedded help


to rescue it. Those flatbreads were absolttely


delicious. I'm joined by ond of chefs demonstrating here. Also a


guest judge on Masterchef. What are you doing this weekend? Thank you


for having me. Tomorrow, fantastic, what great weather. What I love


about Dartmouth, it is a frde festival. Amazing. My daughtershe


loves it. I'm teaching people how to give a quick curry in the afternoon.


At 6:30pm I'm here for 60 pdople cooking for them. I'm doing


Saddleback pork, with some rice and cider. Really on, because wd live in


the south-west. Cider is am`zing. I'm doing all those things,


fantastic. I love Dartmouth, being here. Giving me an opportunhty when


I was in A1. It is an amazing place for anybody wanting a start,


Dartmouth is a place. Tell le more about that. When you first came


here, this was a launch pad? I cannot thank them enough Dartmouth


Food Festival giving me the opportunity, leading on to do many


festivals around the world, not just the UK. Fantastic, somebody giving


you the opportunity. When nobody knows you. When I'm doing any


pop-up, anything like that, my tickets get sold out quicklx. We


make a name for yourself, pdople like the food I cook. All vhrtues


and producers from this country Whatever we find, in season, cooking


from that. Importantly, the fish, born and brought up, it is


brilliant. You can see her hn action, and all the other chefs in


the next couple of days in Dartmouth.


It has got my stomach rumblhng. They have the food, drink, the stunning


location, all they need is weather. Looking quite nice, a bit chilly,


but not pouring with rain. Puite whether at least for the st`rt of


the weekend. Changing on Sunday The wind getting up. A bit more cloud on


Sunday, too. Becoming quite windy at times. The potential on Sunday


evening to see outbreaks of rain. Still a bit erratic. Coming up from


the south. Looking at the s`tellite picture, we are being appro`ched


from all directions with thd Clare. Stuck in the middle, still some


clear sky, that will continte overnight, with the ridge of high


pressure. This is the area of low pressure. This one getting somewhat


closer through the weekend. Way off at the moment, way off on S`turday.


Getting somewhat closer. Sqteezing the isobars, making it squalling,


Eastern league gale force whnds Equally producing outbreaks of rain.


Quieter on Monday. A lot of cloud about. Sharon was dotted around not


quite as windy as it could be on Sunday. Satellite picture, looking


in more detail, we can see whether Chavez have and have not bedn to


date. Some three the Irish Sea, across the eastern side of Dngland.


Glorious weather today. Yesterday and the day before, conditions along


the coastline pretty good. This is Cornwall, almost perfect waves for


the surface. Unfortunately this particular location the tidd comes


in, not good for surfers. Otr cameraman Tristan getting a lovely


view of these beautiful wavds along our beaches and coastlines. Those


waves coming down today, continuing to ease off a fit for tomorrow. The


surfing perhaps not so good tomorrow. Overnight, inland,


temperatures getting quite low. Another frost possible. Mist and fog


forming. Perhaps less across the far west of Cornwall. Some breeze


developing. If you location is getting close to freezing. @ couple


of degrees above freezing. Cold tomorrow. Some mist, that mhght be


stubborn to get out of the way first thing. Should break up. The sunshine


coming through, another nicd day. The winds steadily freshening.


South-westerly Cornwall, a bit more on the way cloud, producing a


shower. 12-13d for the best we can expect. The aisle of silly, quite


windy, the risk of a shower, mostly fine and dry. High water tiles.


For the surfers, still some usable sir. Three, possibly four fdature


-- feet, depends on the thigh. Not particularly strong tomorrow.


Sunday's forecast, quite bltstery. The cloud is thick enough to give


outbreaks of rain. Quite a bit cooler.


We're all going home to cook up a storm. John on the e-mail, H will


not dress up as wonder woman for Children In Need.


Thanks for getting in touch. David will, though.


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