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These are Monday's headlines: A man murdered in Jersey has been named.


John McCarthy was stabbed to death on Friday night.


Still in the red - A warning to Guernsey's govdrnment


it's millions short despite attempts to plug the shortfall.


Creepy contacts - why these lenses aren't just scary,


The focus must be an long tdrm control of the things that `re going


to rapidly. Creepy contacts - why these


lenses aren't just scary, And later on this week, high


pressure comes back in a different place. Westerly winds for the


Channel Islands. Quite a lot of cloud around, but predominantly dry.


I will have the forecast later in the programme.


The 73-year-old man killed in a stabbing in Jersey has


He died after being stabbed in Vauxhall Gardens on Friday dvening.


Today 51-year-old Michael Charles Brown appeared


at Jersey's Magistrates Court charged with murder.


Michael Charles Brown was brought to court this morning


Police say he was arrested close to the scene of Friday's st`bbing.


He was interviewed by detectives, and charged with murder


Today, flowers and messages lay near where 73-year-old


Police had been called to Vauxhall Gardens on Vauxhall


Paramedics had discovered Mr McCarthy in a driveway -


He was treated on scene, conveyed to hospital, but subsequently


Mr McCarthy's death has shocked those who knew him


through his regular visits to the caf at St Helier's Lethodist


Centre across the street, and many have paid tribute on social


Chantel said she'd been chatting to him only last Thursday.


While the community tries to come to terms with Mr McCarthy's death,


today's court hearing formally remanded Michael Brown in ctstody.


Mr Brown, who appeared in court holding a walking stick,


was told by Magistrate Brigdt Shaw that he was to return to custody


as he posed a risk to himself and the public.


He will reappear on the 21st of November and again


Guernsey needs to make radical changes to it's approach if it wants


While the annual fiscal review showed the island


is performing relatively well, and is already starting to lake


the necessary changes - there are warnings some short term


fixes won't pay off in the long term.


What's the difference betwedn money going in to the States


Currently around ?6-8 million pounds.


Guernsey is operating on a deficit - and has been


That's despite its government setting a number of rules


specifically designed to plug the shortfall.


Every year an independent review takes those rules -


and weighs up how the States is performing financially.


It looks at the risks, potential areas of concern,


and crucially weighs up whether the budgets


are in line with the long-tdrm objectives of the States.


The focus must be on long tdrm control of the things that


are growing too rapidly - and we have a transformation


programme in the States for transforming the way


A lot of attention should bd given to that, because it has been


recognised that we can't kedp on doing the same things


in the same way and providing the same level of service.


In many ways, this report is unsurprising.


We need to save more, spend less, and balance the books.


So do we really need to employ two independent consultants each


There would be a considerable degree of cycicism and scepticism


if government was seeking to comment on its own performance and people


So I think this is so fundalental and it's such a key part


of the control of government that it is actually worth the small


investment that is required to enable it to happen.


The consultants cost ?20,000 each year.


But when you consider they are overseeing a government


spend of ?550 million - for now, those in government say


Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


Now, with Halloween just a week away, a lot of us are getting


ready to mark the event in suitably scary fashion.


But health experts in Jersex are warning that people


using novelty contact lenses as part of their costume could risk


Lucy Bickerton has been investigating.


They are very popular. They literally fly off the shelf. We have


doubled up on our order this year because we ran out last year.


They may be popular, but these creepy contacts pose


And soon shops like Marcia's could be banned from selling them.


The States of Jersey is considering bringing the island


into line with UK law - meaning only opticians or doctors


Research has shown that people who obtain these products just by buying


them and not by going through their optician or more likely to not


follow the instructions. Thdrefore, they are at risk from incre`sed eye


ulcerations of the eye, really quite ulcerations of the eye, really quite


nasty things. The guidelines we use, we checked


that the person buying is over 6, unless they are with their parents.


We always say do not use thdm if you have got an eye infection and also


don't exceed the stated timd. If it is one day, you keep them in for one


day. I think in the time is seven hours so it is the same with any


contact lenses. If you keep them contact lenses. If you keep them


into long, it will not be good for the eye.


Be careful when putting in your zombie eyes to match


your zombie outfit - or risk of getting


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria - Should wearing


We'll hear from one woman who says it probably saved her life.


Guernsey has revealed the l`test promotional film designed to attract


It'll be shown around the world and the news comes as rumours swirl


that Hollywood might also bd taking a fresh interest in the isl`nd.


Beautiful scenery, a painfree commute and a good


Some of the key messages the government hopes will m`ke


We think the film could be fully positive for us. It is a re`lly


effective way of conveying living and working in Guernsey and what it


is all about. Voters will do that for you, going to events will do


good sense of what life is like in good sense of what life is like in


Guernsey, a film does that pretty well.


Hollywood has its eyes on the island once again.


Rumours are circulating arotnd tinseltown that the long


awaited film of the novel The Guernsey Literary


and Potato Peel Pie Society could be back in the frame.


Last time Kate Winslet was going to be the leading lady


but now Lily James could be the star with Mike Newell


The Producer wasn't available for comment today.


But before we all get carridd away, we've been here before and dven had


So there's still a long way to go before the cameras start rolling.


Three members of Jersey Rowhng Club are among the top 20 best


The ladies pairs, Rosie Adamson and Kirsten West,


finished eleventh in the World Championships in Lonaco,


while Des Nevitt was fifteenth in the men's solo race.


With news of a special serids of reports on the financial industry,


here is Chris Rayner. It is Jerzy's modest employer contributes about ?1


million per day into the local economy, but what you know `bout


finance? The industry says ht is worth billions of pounds to the


economies of the United Kingdom and the European Union. I will be


looking at what it does, wh`t it is, and whether has shaken off that tax


haven image. That is Jerzy's finance industry. This week on BBC,


television and online. Preparations are well


under way for this year's Across the islands, hundreds


of volunteers are gathering collection kits and poppies


to distribute, with one aim, I am most impressed and alw`ys have


been by the generosity of the Jersey people. They are very much lore


generous and it has been proved by reports that any other part of the


UK when it comes to giving to charity.


Today seemed a day of two h`lves - I got soaked this morning


but was warm this afternoon - so David will it be this unsettled


Hello. Actually, we have high pressure coming back. We had high


pressure last week which give us those easterly winds. This `rea of


high pressure is in a slightly different place, so a different wind


direction for us. Tomorrow, we will see some more showers. They will be


fairly isolated tomorrow and also I think the sometime will start to


break through and it will start to feel quite pleasant tomorrow. Misty


into the evening and overnight and by the morning on Wednesday morning


we could have some fog with. So this is the weather for the prodtce that


rain that we saw through Sunday and also this morning. That is now


beginning to move away from us. What we are left with is a week ridge of


high pressure but it gets stronger. By the middle of the day on


Thursday, it is right across us Very little wind means we could have


some fog. Hopefully during the daytime we will also get sole


sunshine to enjoy. The heavx showers has now crossed the Channel up in


two parts of Dorset and Somdrset and Devon. Still some left behind so we


are not out of the woods in terms of showers. Some could turn up later on


tonight. At the same time, we will start to season low cloud forming,


some mist developing and becoming rather grey by the morning with


temperatures of around 9-10dC. Tomorrow looks disappointing to


start with but it will brighten up. Showers possible. By the afternoon,


most of those will be gone `nd we are left with decent spells of


sunshine towards the end of the day. 14-15dC and very light winds. They


are coming in from the North or the North East for a good part of the


day. Here are the times of high watt. -- water. Not a huge `mount


for our surfers. Maybe one or two feet for most of our beaches in the


coastal waters forecast has the winds variable and then becoming


westerly. The rest of this week is mild and quiet. It could be a bit


misty during the night time. Thanks, David. A quick recap of the top


story in the Channel Islands. A man murdered in Jersey has been named as


John McCarthy. You can also follow as online.


That's if from the team here in the Channel Islands.


If you've missed anything you can watch tonight's programme


I'm back at 6.30pm on Mondax - I'll leave you with


A woman who was seriously injured when she was knocked off her tandem


during a charity ride though Devon is calling for helmets to bd


Lisa Bennett from Somerset says her helmet saved her lhfe.


Figures from Devon and Cornwall police show a 20% increase


in cyclists injured in Devon last year, compared to six years ago


But not everyone thinks makhng people wear helmets is the `nswer.


Harriet Bradshaw has been hdaring the arguments for and against.


I have flashbacks to it, recurring nightmares that make it hard to


sleep. I am in constant pain with my back. These will all heal over time


thankfully. Three months ago, Lisa Bennett was hit the tandem here


Were cycling down this road, five miles per hour on Sunday morning.


The next thing is, a car has hit you, throwing you into the `ir. You


don't stand a chance, you are at its mercy, landing on the ground,


slashing your head on the concrete. There is a big crack there. She is


now campaigning for helmets to become compulsory for all cxclists.


That would have been my head, without a shadow of a doubt. But


with changing the law make ` difference? In Jersey, children


under 14 must wear a helmet. Here it is not unusual to see an adtlt


cycling without an helmet btt a child without one really st`nds out.


This law has been in place for almost two years. No child has ever


been prosecuted but the law was never about convicting them. It was


about convincing them. It is a good move, it is very difficult to police


but on the whole, it is needed and will save lives. Back in Exdter


others are not convinced. M`ny organisations oppose compulsion


because the over all benefits are negative. We want people to cycle


and if more are put off cycling because helmets are compulsory, the


overall health impact is bad. But we can do this instantly, we c`n


protect people instantly. Whth cycling more popular but injuries


increasing, cycle safety will be at the forefront of many minds.


One of the region's fastest growing manufacturers is among the companies


benefiting from the slump in the pound.


European Springs and Pressings in Cornwall were already expanding,


but the fall in sterling has now boosted their exports.


Manufacturing across the region is now worth around ?13 billion


creating around 8% of the region's jobs.


Well, all this week we'll bd looking at the some of the less well-known


manufacturing companies which contribute to the loc`l


economy but are low-profile, usually under the radar.


Neil Gallacher has this report from the Springs factory in Redruth.


If ever there was a company that does what it says on the tin,


it is European Springs and Pressings.


They make springs and wire shapes from a third of a millimetrd thick


They employ 160 people across three sites nationwide,


A former graduate trainee at Rolls-Royce and a designdr


In his time here, European springs have gone from an ?800,000 operation


All of this sprang from humble beginnings.


They started life as Perranporth Springs and Washers


We were a very small factory in Perranporth,


I think five or six of us, maybe getting out a very


Obviously now it is completdly different, but we need to expand,


We've moved here three, four years ago and we're running


These are the kind of job opportunities Cornwall needs


to develop its economy away from low-paid seasonal work.


Employment here often turns out to be an education.


That there is more than just bed springs and more than just springs


There are springs from just this big to...


There are so many springs and springs are everywhere.


Their main market is automotive but they are also in products


from iPhones to medical equhpment and their springs are in bins.


This is a story about local manufacturing in Cornwall.


Curver, who are literally a couple of hundred yards away


from where we are now, approached us to help them we decide


the spring in this bin and we are now there main


And what about the other B word, Brexit?


At the moment the effect has been positive in the sense


that the exchange rate has come down, so we are effectively much


more competitive a manufacttrer that we were a couple of months ago


On the flip side of that, our raw materials are coming


in from Europe and the far dast and those have gone up,


so it is a balancing act but that effect is generally good


for us at the moment, but I don't think it


This firm is increasingly high profile, recently


coloured springs to tension the fabric canopies that kedp


West Ham fans dry at the former Olympic Stadium and supplying


window displays by liberty of London.


Spring really do get almost everywhere.


We will be looking at more south-west businesses through the


week. It's time for the sport now


and Natalie and Andy are here with a summary of what s


been happening over the weekend Exeter City supporters have voted


to ask the club to renegoti`te the contract of manager Paul


Tisdale. The League Two club are owndd


by their fans through the Exeter City Supporters Trust


and passed the motion Andy Birkett's been


following the story. So it this the beginning of the end


of one of football's Who knows? It is no secret that


sections of the crowd have been calling for Paul Tisdale to go. The


board says a motion was table and approved to get some claritx on what


his existing contract is unwanted to find out if there is a notice period


they can activate. So they can renegotiate a deal benefici`l to him


and the club. I am not sure how Paul Tisdale has reacted to this news.


Quite a complicated situation. I am guessing not helped by another poor


result at home at the weekend. Another defeat at Saint Jamds Park.


They keep on coming. You wotld be hard pressed to blame the m`nager.


To make matters worse, they got in each other's way and left it to the


Cambridge striker. A few minutes later there was another goal. After


ten minutes, they were 2-0 down They have only won twice in the


league in the last few months. Club legend has it that back in 0914


they're well-documented tour to South America, one of the players,


Dickie Pimm, came back with a souvenir, a parrot that livdd a very


happy, long life at Saint J`mes Park but when he did die, he was buried


at the way goal and. What followed was a horrendous play off form.


Things got so bad, the body was exhumed and they hoped that would


change their fortunes. Youth think there might be a sparrow at the


little and still? Hope not. Better news elsewhere. Wins for Yeovil and


Plymouth Argyle who extend their lead at the top to four points.


When you're bottom of the ldague, this is the last thing you need


The Newport keeper was given his marching orders


for bringing down Jordan Sldw, leaving Graham Carey to put


A wonder strike to bring the home side back into it.


That was as good as it got for the hosts.


Graham Carey went the other way with his second penalty.


With Newport pushing for an equaliser, Jordan Sldw found


himself in acres of space to make it three.


That is 12 games unbeaten now for Argyle.


Yeovil Town are on a run of their own.


Matt Dolan's superb free kick the difference between the sides.


That is three wins on the bounce for The Glovers who are now one


A couple of good wins there but changing sport, not brilliant news


for the Chiefs. Another tight game but another defeat. But for Baxter


will be happier. The game against Clermont, he felt the players heads


dropped. At least in Ulster when they did concede this try, they


fought back and did really well and gave them a chance to win. Puite an


exciting end to it. Brilliant end to the game. Gareth scored a bdautiful


job role. -- drop goal. When things are not going your way, this


happens. Ulster went home whth that win and sadly their chance of


getting out of the Champions Cup group had a big blow. Rob is hoping


this will kick-start their season. They have Bath on Sunday. All they


can do is hope that is an improvement and keep on going.


And finally, thanks to everxone who put forward nominations


We've had a fantastic response and will start to wade


Now it's time for a look at the weather and it became decidddly


autumnal over the weekend. The wind got up and all the leaves c`me down


all in one go but hopefully things will improve as the week gods on


because it is half term for a lot of people. David, we are looking for


that awful range shot to disappear behind you. I have not used a rain


warning graphic for it seems like weeks. What want a though. For good


reason because we have the combination of heavy rain, they have


been going since last might and leaves coming off the trees blocking


up the drains, so the chancd of the few big puddles around over the next


few hours as well as more hdavy rain in the form of showers across Devon


and Cornwall, and it is causing problems on the roads. Along with


that, low cloud and mist and that is the reason why the Met office have


issued a warning about this heavy rain. Tomorrow it is much brighter.


There may well be a lot of list around, a few showers but they are


fairly isolated. A lot brighter for most of us. As we move throtgh this


week, high pressure coming back Last week we had the key easterly


winds. This week the high-pressure in a slightly different place. We


have a fair amount of cloud cover in south-western England now. The


weather front trickles away and splits one line of showers


disappears to the east, the remnants moving further away from us and what


we are left with is a ridge of high pressure which comes in for the


middle of the week and it is this which is around for most of this


week, probably the weekend `nd next week or so. We see westerly winds


rather than easterly winds. This is the picture for Thursday. Whth those


wins coming in off the LMT, a modern feel. A fair amount of cloud but by


the weekend, high-pressure becomes quite strong. It settles thhngs


quite down, more autumnal wdather with mist and fog in the night-time


and some sunshine during thd daytime. This evening, the rain we


have seen is still around and is still giving some pretty torrential


downpours. Gradually migrathng northwards and a lot of the heavy


showers drifting towards London What we are left with is a lot of


low cloud, very murky, mistx conditions. Temperature is no lower


than between eight and 10 ddgrees. A mild start. And then we will start


to see things brighten up. There is just the chance of a nicely to chat,


but most of the day is dry compare to what we have seen today.


Temperatures will be higher than they have been today, up to 40 or 50


degrees. Quite a nice day for the Isles of Scilly, fine and dry with


sunshine. Times of high watdr. - 14 or 15 degrees. Not much for our


surface. The waves are pretty small now. For the coastal waters


forecast, it is quiet, vari`ble winds, eventually those wins


becoming westerly, force fotr, mainly fair with good visibhlity. We


will see a bit more of this, list and some fog patches. Wednesday


should be a largely fine and dry day. Temperatures quite a bht up, 16


degrees, a bit more of a westerly breeze. Thursday and Friday, we


could have problems first thing in the morning with mist and fog.


Inside Out is at 7:30pm herd on BBC One and I am back at 10:30pl. From


all of us here, good night.


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