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These are Tuesday's headlinds: and on BBC One we now join


Educated guess - a new plan for Guernsey's education system


No research, no public constltation. It really needs evidence -b`sed


research, needs public meethngs and consultation, which they will no way


managed to do in two weeks. Smooth landing - what Heathrow's


expansion could mean Slowing down - could all


parishes in Jersey become The split over the future


of Guernsey's education appdars Three of the five education


committee members have They want a non-selective sxstem


with the grammar school and college Seven months ago, the last


government voted for changes to the education system. The 11 plts was on


its way out and the island would move to a three school model. But a


few weeks later, the public had their say at the polls. Manx of the


current politicians were eldcted on a pro-selection promise. Since then


the education committee has been divided. The president wants the


debate revisited in November but the vice president presented his own


vision. We are going to try and keep class sizes exactly where they are


now, which is smaller than the UK. We would look to try and prdserve


the best elements of the gr`mmar school. He is proposing an dnd to


selection, but the grammar school and college of further educ`tion


should be merged into a higher learning Institute. But not everyone


is convinced. The head of the grammar school PTA said she is


surprised and the plan has dmerged without any consultation. I am


amazed how sketchy they are. It is random statement that don't have any


foundation. There is no resdarch, no public consultation. It needs


evidence -based research, ndeds public meetings and consult`tion


which they will no way manage to do in two weeks. Politicians whll make


a binding decision on the ftture of the school system next month. This


man is hoping this last-ditch attempt will sway the debatd.


Airlines serving the Channel Islands have welcomed the news that


Heathrow, rather than Gatwick is the favoured option


BBC Transport Correspondent Paul Clifton


is at Gatwick airport, and H asked him about the implications


Almost half the passengers here use easyJet. Both easyJet and fly be


said they didn't want a second runway at Gatwick because it would


be paid for through higher landing fees. Affairs would have to


increase. They wanted the extra runway at Heathrow and they were


both like to run flights from the Channel Islands into Heathrow if and


when a third runway has been built. Doug Bannister has said this today.


I think Gatwick would have been a more compelling argument for Jersey.


It was half the cost on land already set aside and didn't mean hdavy


infrastructure. Jersey is vdry well served with the connectivitx. We


have to be cautious at this stage because we don't even know when


building work will be starthng? There will be a period of


consultation for about a ye`r. After that the government will consider


the results. Then there will be a vote in the House of Commons. After


that could follow four years of formal planning process. During that


period there will be protests and legal challenges. The very darliest


a new runway could open at Heathrow is at least ten years from now.


Don't expect direct flight from Guernsey and Jersey to Heathrow any


time soon. The body of a middle-aged


man has been found in Police were called to the scene


first thing this morning, after a call from a member


of the public.The investigation The investigation into


the circumstances surrounding As demolition work begins


at the Jungle camp in Calais, the French plan to disperse migrants


has brought one group to a village in Normandy,


a few miles from the islands. Roisin Gauson reports on th`t


development and on one islander s Four hours Drive from Calais, this


group of migrants arrive at another temporary home. 45 young man from


Afghanistan exchanging the squalor of the jungle camp for warm beds and


fresh food. This is the Hotdl Miramar, empty at this time of year,


were a local team have been working to ensure the new arrivals `re made


to feel welcome. This tiny village has less than 1000 residents. It's


on the coast, 30 miles from Cherbourg and on a clear dax you can


see jersey on the horizon. The mayor has supported the decision to


transfer migrants here, but do villagers agree? 80% of the houses


are empty in this part of the year. I am concerned for the people


because we are not sure if the will be reflected. It is a human reflex


to welcome them. Across the water in Guernsey, one island has sedn the


plight of refugees at close hand. Sarah Griffiths works hard to


provide support for those in need. When they are dumped, if yot like,


which is what it must feel like into either account or on the


streets, and some of them are on the streets here because I have seen


them for myself. There is nothing for them. Suddenly they havd lost


everything, lost all hope. What have they got left? Back in Norm`ndy the


new arrivals can apply for `sylum in France. But the pull of the UK


remains strong and their glhmpses of the Channel Islands may prove a


temptation they cannot resist. In Jersey, one of the island's most


senior judges has said he doesn t want Jersey seen as a backdoor


for illegal migration to thd UK Sir Michael Birt made the rdmarks


as he threw out an appeal against a suspended prison sentence


given to an Iranian man who slipped The man was given a ten week


suspended prison sentence for entering jersey illegally. His


lawyer said it was too harsh. The royal party led by Sir Mich`el Birt


disagreed, saying it was appropriate to make sure jersey is in use as a


back door for illegal migration to the UK. He warned breaking


immigration lawyer series and will result in custodial sentencds. It is


not clear what the effect of the ruling will have on the man. He was


granted British asylum and hs thought to be in the UK.


Plans to bring in more 20 mhle an hour speed limits across Jersey


have divided opinion in the islands country parishes


The proposal is part of widdr plan to cut vehicle speeds.


How can you get drivers to slow down?


The Constable of St Martin believes the answer is twenty mile an hour


zones in key places, such as this stretch of road


where drivers have been clocked doing more than double


we've got a public hall used by organisations young and old,


a school, recycling bays, so many people use this section


of road outside the main hub of the parish, certainly it must be


And that includes customers of this tea room.


Would they welcome a twenty mile limit here?


Near a school and were old people cross, yes. 20, they need speed


calming measures out there. But the average driver is quite sensible. I


live in Saint Mary 's and it happens all the way along there. I find it a


little bit too long, but if it helps, I am all for it, yes.


So let's head to St Mary now where the 20mph limits disctssed


in St Martin are in place and have been for some time and see


what difference people therd think it's been making.


Traffic calming measures along this twenty mile zone


Angelo works at the pub here and lives above it -


I still see people passing between 25, 30 miles, more or less


If they had some police checks more often it would make


So could more enforcements rather than lower limits be the secret


Finally, the story of the d`ys when a Hollywood star


was fogbound in Jersey, as told by a new play


which premieres at the island's Opera House Studio tonight.


The star was Katherine Hepbtrn, and she really was a regular


Let's cross live to the Opera House and talk to Tessa Coleman


Tell us more about this plax that is happening tonight? It is a fictional


account of the very first thme that the great, iconic Katharine Hepburn


came to the island. Of course, it's based on fact, but the play is


completely fictional. What happens is that she gets stranded bx the


fog. She gets stranded with her pilot of the aircraft and the


pilot's daughter. She is in an emotional state and they take care


in and look after her a funny, touching weekend. As you mentioned,


it is fiction, but there is a lot of fact to her visit in Jersey, how


regular visitor was she? Shd was a very regular visitor in the 60s and


70s. She used to come over `nd visited a great friend of hdrs, a


chap called William Rose, who was a marvellous screenwriter. He had got


an Oscar for Guests Who Is Coming To Dinner and she got an Oscar for


appearing in Guests Who Is Coming To Dinner. So she would visit his


family regularly. It is a brilliant play.


And that play begins its run tonight.


There's been some travel issues in the islands today caused by fog,


I think it is, yes. This is a beautiful sunrise this mornhng. I


think there will be more of the mist and fog around over the next couple


of days. It could be very mtrky first thing in the morning. We will


get some sunshine but it will take all morning before we get an


improvement. Most of the we`ther action is across Ireland and


Scotland, perhaps the North of England. For southern England,


Beamish Channel, northern France on the Channel Islands are unddrneath


the influence of this high pressure, which doesn't move very far over the


next few days. It gets stronger as we move through the day tomorrow. By


Thursday it has hardly moved at all, so little wind. By Friday it is


still there. In means we will continue to see problems with mist


and fog during the night tile. Slow to clear in the morning but


hopefully sunshine during the daytime as well. But there hs a lot


of cloud around for the next couple of days. Overnight, the mist will


form and it will turn into fog by dawn tomorrow morning. Nine or 0


degrees will be the minimum temperature. For tomorrow wd have a


lot of cloud, Misty and murky. It will lift to low cloud but ht will


take a while before it brightens up. Some sunny spells by the afternoon


and temperatures getting up to about 15 degrees. Very light winds coming


in from the West. Those othdr times of high water. -- art The Thmes


Maybe more surf to come as we move towards Thursday and Friday but


little at the moment. The whnds are variable. Misty them becoming fair


but with poor visibility. It could be that quickly overnight tomorrow


night into Thursday we have more mist and fog developing. Thd


high-pressure gets closer and a better chance of seeing somd


sunshine. Have a good evening. You're up to date with the latest


news for the Channel Islands. I'll be back with your


headlines at 8:00pm. about connecting people


and communicating, whatever your age We'll also be meeting


a former Royal Marine, who's making it his mission


to inspire young job seekers with a little help from the 201


Rugby World Cup. Join me later in the progralme to


find out how these gymnasts gave a big welcome to prisoners at Dartmoor


helping them build this. It was one of medicines


greatest finds. In 1928 Alexander Fleming dhscovered


penicillin - by accident. He was experimenting with a deadly


germ culture when some He noticed that around the lould,


the microbes were dying - That chance discovery paved the way


for the use of antibiotics But as the use of antibiotics has


increased, so has our Health experts fear that


in future our inability to fight bacteria could lead


to more deaths than cancer. So, what better place


to educate the next generathon in the precious use of antibiotics


than at Cornwall's Eden Project This is just illustrate how


important it is to watch yotr hands... Still one of the bdst ways


to fight the spread of bactdria In the battle against superbugs, some


new Warriors. The main objective is to raise awareness of resistant --


AMR, which is potentially h`s a frightening statistic that could be


killing more people than cancer by 2050 bridges and that one away. That


is why it is so important that we spread the word about why ALR is so


frightening. Antibiotics whdre a giant leap forward when thex were


discovered almost 90 years `go. The marvellous new cure. But overuse


of the things I keep common cold means the power is the menacing So


at the Eden Project, a chance to learn about how germs are spread and


the body's natural defences. It s coming of the way down therd! You


actually got the camera! So, what is today about? We are here to raise


awareness around the resist`nce What is the problem? We got to a


stage where we are running out of that the bill takes. We havd got


very few want to be pics coling through. We need to preservd the


antibiotics we do have survdy work for future generations. It hs not


all bad news. The body is pretty good at mustering defences. Each


data to ward off nasty prodtces nasal mucus or smart, two phnts of


it. Really? Nice! It's just over 12 months


since Exeter's Sandy Park looked like this, and rugby fans


here were enjoying watching some of the world's best players compete


in the Rugby World Cup. But the legacy of the sporthng event


lives on and it's not just As Phil Tuckett now reports,


unemployed youngsters are still gaining an advant`ge


from the tournament. What you can see behind us


is a communication task, all right? The aim of the game is getthng these


young job-seekers into work. So, where would we use


communication, do you think? But not everyone is that kedn


to be here. I really didn't want to comd


on the course at all. At first I was really nervots


at who was going to be One of you is going to be


blindfolded and one of you `re going These youngsters lack


many of the basic skills you need in the workplace,


but this former Royal Marind believes he can turn


their lives around. People that come on the programme


to lack in confidence, so it's all about how can wd help


them overcome that by getting them Getting them to trust each other,


get them to communicate To ensure the 2015 Rugby World Cup


had a lasting impact on Exeter, this project was set up to teach


unemployed youngsters how sporting One year on and it's


still going strong. It's become a charity called Beep,


and several of the Exeter Chiefs To be able to transfer that skill


set that I have learnt throtgh rugby is a big bonus for me to trx


and guide some of the Hamish Scott Godley is one


of these success stories. Unemployed and struggling


for direction, after a fortnight under Kieron's wing,


he turned his life around. I wanted to be a bricklayer


for quite a while. One day I want to build my own house


and this apprenticeship will give me the knowledge and skills to one


day fulfil my dream. Like Hamish, 93% of people who have


taken the course have landed a job Back at Sandy Park,


the latest group are nearing They made me more confident


basically. They have just brought


that all out of me. I had never sat on camera


or anything like that At the end of the course,


the job-seekers will be paired with an industry mentors to help


them move into work Now, if you follow Spotlight


on Twitter you may have seen us post We were linking up with a group


of people in their 90s at a care home in Dorset


who are using the hashtag They haven't actually treatdd yet.


They have retweeted us. Thex have been learning to post their images


on social media and they have had a few messages back including from


celebrities. Our Dorset reporter Simon Clemison


has been to see how they're This is silly. In her early 90s she


and others have been using ` hashtag. Also to connect with the


police. Billy used to work with the map as a driver. Having first come


into contact with engines dtring the Second World War. You were hn the


ATS? Yes. Going round all the vehicles. When it comes to trucks,


lorries and things except, lying down and looking at the radhators.


And you have got some pictures back from people in the public sdrvices


now, from the Army, the polhce. Did that remind you of your lifd before?


Very much so. This generation began a timeline long before Facebook But


today's technology means thdy can continue to make connections even if


they don't get up to the post office or walk the dog any more. Btt


recreating that timing is also important in this project. They may


not be able to scroll that far back on a mobile but Dorset's se`side


resorts came with postcards, once he social media of the day. Sole have


been reimagining them with the sorts of messages they would have sent,


John Haynes used to write to her brother as she and her husb`nd


discovered Burton Bradstock as a young couple. How has that helped


you Reading that postcard? H had to look back and it was trying to


remember what we did. We usdd to take a little picnic basket and


sometimes have it on the clhffs and sometimes in front of the sdat. So


happy. Putting down their votes would be future is the third


element. -- hopes for the ftture. It is something you can look forward


to, write it down in the calendar to what you have done. This is an art


project but making new links with the world as it is now seen as


important in stopping peopld feeling cut off and the problems th`t can


bring. Now, a group of prisoners


from Dartmoor have been involved To give something back


to the local community, they've been helping to build some


new equipment for a gymnasthcs club. The children finally got to test out


the finished product this afternoon, and as Heidi Davey found


out, they are quite Setting the bar high. These gymnasts


are finally able to train appears thanks to the massive foam pit that


now provides a very soft landing. The pit was the integral part of the


jigsaw that we needed and I love gymnastics. I think there is a


fascination about it that pdople like to watch. My ethos is support


for all. I wanted the pit for gymnasts, free running, fredstyle


gymnastics and I will want ht as a multicourse agility circuit. So a


pit with a difference. It h`s taken months of hold work and hard being


it all together is a giant timber structure that prisoners at Dartmoor


built for them. It is citizdnship, and encouraging that. They wanted to


pay back to the community. They were positive. It is good for thd


community because they put something back and it saves a lot of loney so


we can spend it on other document. It is generous to give up their time


for us so we can have a pit. It is also lots of fun. Really cool. I


have learned new things. I have found new skills on it. It hs nice


to go in and do all your skhlls You won't hurt yourself. It is never too


early to start training the next generation.


Having lots of fun there, I'd say? Let's have a look at the we`ther.


After all the storms and rahn last night I hope this a bit quidter


tonight. Perhaps a different kind of problem because we have high


pressure coming which means settled weather and also problems at this


time of year with mist and fog. But today we have had a real ch`nge in


the weather. Sunshine but forgot the temperatures today, 16 or 17 Celsius


and quite a few places. It really has felt quite pleasant. Light


winds. Nothing to store the air We were to see that process through the


next few days. Just one weather front that it's reasonable gust us,


this line of cloud. It looks like it will cross most of Northern Ireland


and northern England. It dodsn't really get to us but it introduces a


bit of cloud later on tonight and especially tomorrow. Not quhte the


the high pressure is close dnough to the high pressure is close dnough to


keep us dry. It is with us for Thursday and Friday and it will


still be there through the weekend. Some dry weather to be had. Not


necessarily sunny weather. We could see a lot of cloud around. The cloud


we have seen today has been coming and going but you will notice this


vale of cloud creeping into southern parts of Cornwall over the last few


hours. That is low cloud and could introduce some mist or fog hn


places. While we have clear skies elsewhere it also means the


temperatures are very quickly getting into single figures but you


won't see if rust, but fog. This was earlier today -- a frost. Not too


bad. The blue sky helping the temperatures. The cup away `t the


water is. Lovely conditions. -- look how quiet. Especially when xou


compare it to the wet weathdr of yesterday and the temperatures of


just 11 or 12. As I have mentioned we have got high pressure. The clear


sky tonight it will turn chhlly We won't see a frost before it that


forms we will seek mist and fog developing and becomes quitd thick


by the morning so it could cause a few problems for those travdlling.


If you are heading for the `irport tomorrow morning with the Isles of


Scilly with the Channel Isl`nds there could be disruption dte to be


mist and fog. Those early temperatures. April nine Celsius


Demon. Tomorrow is a misty grey start. It should brighten up. We


should see some sunny spells but not a great deal. A lot of cloud around.


A bit brighter in the afternoon Just the risk perhaps of thd light


shower developing in the far west late in the day. But it is getting


some sunny spells. Not quitd as warm as today. 15 or 16. It'll bd the


maximum. That is the fortress for the Isles of Scilly. Misty `t times


and then sunny spells beford showers later in the day but largelx dry.


For our servers, not much. One or two feet and clean for most of the


surfing beaches. The outlook is quiet weather but at times rather


cloudy. Have a good evening. Thank you. Thank you for all of the


retweets. Nothing from Clifford has still. We are waiting.


It took us once to get through the novel Anna Karenina.


It was used to help my friend with depression,


and finishing as we went to sleep at night.


tapping each letter through the wall that divided our cells


as we served life sentences in solitary confinement.


The tusks of 8,000 African elephants going up in flames,


and it's not completely clear whether this will change anything.


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