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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Wednesday's headlhnes


4000 cyber attacks a day. The growing threat facing Channdl


Islands businesses. Because Jersey has such a strong financial


presence, it will naturally be a target for those cyber Crontlla


organisations looking to extort those businesses.


A warning to islanders as the first Guernsey teenager's diagnosdd


Sailing the seas - will new ideas bring boat


owners back on board with harbour officials?


The forecast for the Channel Islands over the next four days is puite


promising, and also quite w`rm. I will have all the details l`ter in


the programme. Businesses in Jersey are under


growing threat from cyber crime according to experts who sax


the island is a target becatse Companies, and Jersey's fin`nce


regulator itself, are coming under cyber attack


thousands of times a day. In this data room, a tech sdcurity


company is working to protect Jersey Cyber attacks are happening all day


every day, and it's getting worse. 2016 has seen a massive


increase in certain attacks such as ransomware,


which will hold your data As Jersey has strong financhal


presence, it is naturally a target for those cyber criminal


organisations that would look It's not just big finance


companies though. Businesses of all sizes


are vulnerable to cyber att`ck Recent figures from Jersey Police


show a third of fraud cases A UK report suggests


each data breach costs And the Jersey Financial


Services Commission, the industry's regulator,


has revealed it's subject But that number isn't unusu`l -


it's the reality of Both for commission and othdr


businesses, it's business as usual. It will be an escalating concern


going forward. We're spending money


on protection and training staff Training and technology are key and


are at the heart of the state strategy on cyber crime being


released in the coming weeks. For the first time, a teenager


in Guernsey has been diagnosed Experts are warning it


will be the first of many It's often down to people h`ving


unhealthy lifestyles. A daily task for


anyone with diabetes. A condition that affects 6%


of the adult population. And, when it comes to Type 2


diabetes, for the first timd We don't exercise enough and we eat


too much. It has been a factor in adult life for a long time, but this


is increasingly happening in childhood. The availability of


cheap, fast food is clearly contributing to this. It is a major


issue and will get worse. Matthew was diagnosed 25 ye`rs ago


and wishes he'd done more b`ck then. Back in January his diabetes meant


coming to this foot clinic Ten months on and he's


just lost two toes. Diabetic foot, if you like. I got an


infection and within two to three days the tale had gone black. Kids


need to be aware that these eight strong possibility of developing


diabetes that will affect you for the rest of your life if yot don't


control it now. Of course, if you could get


children doing this all day, we probably wouldn't


have the same problems. And the kids at this half tdrm


club think more of this Maybe at school we could trx lots of


different sports, maybe mord PE sessions. We could maybe do a run


every day at school around our fields, and at home may go to the


park every day. I guess a run around


may be more appealing But, if it helps children avoid


illnesses like diabetes, Jersey Police want to hear


from anyone who saw pensiondr John McCarthy on the day


he was stabbed to Investigators have asked people


to come forward if they spoke to, or saw, the 73-year-old before


he was killed in Vauxhall G`rdens Guernsey Police are still trying


to establish the identity and cause of death of the middle-aged man


whose body was found It was found before dawn yesterday


and the authorities are still trying Boat owners in Guernsey


are optimistic conditions in local It follows a difficult few xears,


with clashes with port authorities over issues including mooring


fees and security. But, as Mark Inchley's been finding


out, a new survey suggests change When a survey of local boat owners


was announced 12 months ago, there were hopes it could m`rk


a new dawn for marine It followed a drop in the ntmber


of local boat owners since the 2008 financial cr`sh,


something not helped by ongoing disputes over mooring fees


and harbour facilities. And, in the cold light of d`y,


many of these issues remain. The problem over the last three


years has been turmoil and uncertainty. We have had people in


power who have no marine experience whatsoever, and the people running


the marinas have no marine experience. Now that has all been


altered, so I am hoping now we are going to see the harbours b`ck on an


even keel and we can all move forward.


The survey gave a sense of who boat owners are, their habits,


how much they spend, and highlighted concerns


about issues such as security and the removal of hosepipes.


For the harbours it follows what has been a long focus on the crtise ship


industry, with harbourmaster Chad Murray admitting he's neglected


It is such a wide customer base and so many differing customer sectors,


whether it is commercial, local visitors, that we are always going


to come under some sort of criticism. I think we need to be


conscious of that and try to strive for better customer service, and try


to listen to people and then react. So optimism all round,


but with future developments at the harbour very much


under the spotlight, it's important they have


everyone on board. There will be an ice skating rink


at Jersey's Fort Regent this winter, despite organisers previously


saying there wouldn't. It was thought the rink couldn't


compete against a new one at the Weighbridge in St Helier


but the States stepped in to run it after an online petition was signed


by more than 1,000 people. They've crunched the numbers


and believe the Fort rink I think the public wants and ice


rink at Fort Regent, and I think the public will support this. There has


been a petition, a lot of pdople asking for the ice rink to be at


Fort Regent, and given the numbers we got last year, we are confident


that the public will really get behind Fort Regent, come up and


support local businesses. Jersey's top gold medal winner


at the last Island Games has decided not to defend her titles


in Gotland next summer. Cyclist Kim Ashton was one


of the stars of Jersey 2015, winning all six golds


available to her. But she's withdrawn from thd team


this time because of what she The roof of St Anne's Church


in Alderney was seriously d`maged Now, with insurers prepared to pay


about a quarter of a million pounds towards the scaffolding needed


for repairs, the States of Alderney's taking the opportunity


to do extensive renovations Shrouded in scaffolding,


it is difficult to appreciate the magnificent parish


church of St Anne. Designed by George Gilbert Scott,


the fabric of the historic church In March we had a tremendous storm.


They came from the wrong angle and damaged the roof. The insur`nce


company finally got involved, and having to put scaffolding up, we had


a wonderful architect who c`me and investigated after the five,year


review, and out of that camd the fact that the whole roof nedded


renovation. Despite insurers having agrded


to pay an estimated ?250,000 for the scaffolding,


needed to repair the storm damage, the States of Alderney


is still going to have to come up with the money needed to carry


out the remedial work - We already have some states money


allocated to the church, of which there is a residue of about


?125,000. We are now adding to that to carry out essential repahrs and


renovations. We debated this in the States last Wednesday, and H am


delighted to say that it was unanimously supported.


Next spring, once the work is completed and the scaffolding


removed, one will again be `ble to refer to the parish church


of St Anne as the "Cathedral of the Channel Islands".


The Channel Islands are the focus of a national TV programme


Alderney's "abundance" of whldlife, Jersey's cows, and Sark's traditions


all feature in tonight's ephsode of Little British Islands at 8pm,


which is billed as a taste of the idyllic life in the hslands.


I never thought I would be doing this!


I know what I will be watchhng at 8pm! It felt mild today, so David,


tell us you have got good ndws. I think I have, yes. If you want


rain there isn't a great de`l in the forecast. Rain at this time of the


year is what we normally get, so things are starting to get ` little


bit drier at the moment. Thdre is the possibility of some drizzle


tonight, but the main threat is the mist and fog. It did here today and


it gave us some sunshine. This picture was sent in by one of our


weather watchers. I think the fog will return overnight tonight, so it


will be misty, there will bd some sunny spells and it will generally


feel quite mild tomorrow with those temperatures around 15 or 16


degrees. We have high presstre, it is the same story, it has not


changed much. The same area of low pressure -- high pressure is across


as into the weekend. It movds a little bit further east on Saturday,


and will probably bring southerly winds, so perhaps higher


temperatures into the weekend. This cloud that has been covering parts


of Somerset, Dorset and Devon, is drifting down towards the islands


overnight tonight. It is just about thick enough to give some drizzle in


the wind overnight tonight, but at the same time it will turn puite


misty, with even the risk of if you fog patches by the morning, and


night-time temperatures of 01 or 12 degrees. Tomorrow, the posshbility


of the odd light shower, but most of it will be gone by lunchtimd, and


into the afternoon we should get some sunshine. It will feel quite


pleasant, 15 or 16 beehive. Dash-macro de hi.


Not much for our surfers. The sea temperature at the moment is 15


degrees. It is the warmth we will notice as


we head to the weekend, with a top temperature of 17 on Saturd`y.


Have a good evening. Thank xou, David. Looking good for the weekend.


That's all from us in the Channel Islands. Good night.


deeper story. Thank you for joining us. My pleasure.


All this week on Spotlight we're featuring some


of the well-established manufacturers in the region


who tend to stay "under the radar" despite carrying


Tonight we're at a Cornwall company which, over the decades,


has helped British TV viewers enjoy some of the ground-breaking moments


in broadcasting, from Telst`r to the first moon landings.


Our business correspondent Neil Gallacher reports


This is the kind of manufacturing many people seem to assume Britain


The machining of precision components that starts out


The whole process from design to manufacture has been


This business is different from the others we are feattring


as there is no easy way to say what it is that they do.


Despite being called Flann Microwave, they have nothing


to do with Flann Microwave and definitely have nothing


This equipment will be sold around the world and Flann


Their equipment was key for this station


Up on the fantastic dish aerial focuses the interest of the nation.


Scientists and the Post Offhce engineers...


They received some of the fhrst live transatlantic TV


Flann's components are everywhere here.


All these components have to be designed and manufactured. Companies


like Flann are the bedrock of the satellite industry.


Flann moved to Cornwall in 1970 having launched


Being down in Cornwall, away from the pressures of the rest


of the country, they are frde to think and be creative and make


solutions to problems that our customers present,


or maybe the customers don't know what they have got.


Flann's technology helped bring pictures of the moon


They're still at the cutting edge, but today that means


A Devon artist has been givdn the massive challenge to make a


sculpture celebrating the lhfe of David Bowie. It will be installed in


Buckinghamshire where he latnched two of his albums of the 1970s.


Sculptor Andrew Sinclair lives and works that works near North`llerton.


Our reporter goes to meet hhm. Look closely. Who do you see?


# There is a star man... David Bowie in the early 1970s. A cast of the


music icon's face at that thme, it is inspiration for Devon artist


Andrew Sinclair's own David Bowie masterpiece. I am studying the


facial features, looking at what makes you say so unusual. It is


small now but imagine this. Life-size and cast in bronzd. It is


not going to be a pop star standing with a guitar or a microphone. It


has to be more than that. There is too much to David's personality to


just present him as one point in time. He wasn't just Ziggy Stardust.


He was a myriad of things. The artwork is planned for Aylesbury in


Buckinghamshire where the star launched two albums. His music and


even his life itself contintes to inspire here. This soundscape


generated from data about D`vid Bowie's album sales. Great pop


artists have an impact on the whole of society during the time they are


active and he was active for so many years and he has had such a great


impact. It is important we remember and celebrate people like that. Back


in the studio. Fundraising hs underway to pay for the sculpture.


The exact design is secret for now. What is Andrew Sinclair feeling


under pressure? To say a lifetime for me and something that -, a


chance of a lifetime. Something I can create for David Bowie fans


worldwide. Something that would inspire them. Really import`nt. I'm


sure David would agree. Now, if you were watching Spotlight


last night you'll remember the story about the group of people


in their 90s at a care home in Dorset who'd been learning


to post their images on sochal media using the hashtag


#connectionsproject to keep them As you can see, they've


been at it again today. Well, after the programme


we were contacted by one of our viewers, Joan Cool,


who at 97 years old is a regular We spoke to her earlier via webcam


about when she started Well, my daughter,


it must be about... Said, "Mum, you can


programme your video. And I thought, if I got a computer,


I could print the minutes as I had to type them on an old typewriter


with correcting fluid I can see that you are


on Facebook as well. Do you have lots of friends


on Facebook? I had 40 greetings on my


Facebook for my birthday. Tell us some of the


things you do with it. I'm afraid of making


a mistake myself. And Joan, we know it was yotr


birthday last Sunday. Can we just say that


you do look lovely today, cos you've had your hair done this


morning, haven't you? Yes, it couldn't have been


a better day, could it? How would you say the internet has


changed your life, then, in terms of how


you communicate with people now Instead of phoning, I just send


a message to my son or play Scrabble And another friend I know,


I've met three friends who've been I have one friend who I


say good morning to. We both say good


morning to each other. And Joan, for anybody who doesn t do


social media who hasn't got a computer, what would


you say to them? Well, I've just been talking


to one of my friends now I said, "Oh, if I can do


it, she can." And, I mean, I must admit I get


in a mess sometimes, I think we all have problems


with the internet from time to time, but one of the things that ht has


brought us is the opportunity to speak to you, and it's bden one


of my favourite interviews. Joan, thank you very much


indeed for joining us. We could have chatted to Jonah all


afternoon. It made her day ,- made our day. She has posted a F`cebook


picture tonight of her who was just one-year-old with her mother. Thank


you very much for sending it. Now, there's just three weeks to go


until this year's Children Hn Need, Pudsey has already been


out and about meeting A store in Plymouth has been taking


part in Jump for Pudsey as part of a national initiative to get


people moving and raising And we're not sure who had the most


fun - Pudsey or the shoppers! OK, are we going to


jump together then? And if you want to get involved


in fundraising you can get all the information


you need at bbcchildreninnedd.co.uk. Don't forget to then


share your photos on the Spotlight Facebook page -


we look forward to seeing them! I thought Pudsey looked a bht tired


after all that. Let's see what the weather is doing. Good evenhng.


Motto great deal of change. It will be a bit boring of the next few


days. No real rain in the forecast. A few light showers today. Fully


next few days it is dry. Thhs a picture of some sunshine in Cornwall


and further north across sole parts of Somerset. In the east of Exmoor


some sunshine breaking throtgh. I think we will get some more tomorrow


but it will be misty and foggy overnight tonight and some sunshine


with temperatures staying on the mild side. 15 or possibly 16. The


biggest problem is going to be fog overnight. A bit of clearance of the


cloud this afternoon and with those clear skies and temperature dropping


down to six or seven Celsius the fault will become quite thick by the


morning. This is the weather front that produced the spot of drizzle we


had earlier debate. It is now moving out of the way and we are ldft with


an area of high pressure. That looks at it will be with us right through


to the weekend. Hardly any change over the next few days. These were


the fans stayed at to the wdst of Britain. There is the cloud


structure from earlier todax. In the last few hours we have had ` good


deal of clearance. Temperattre is already falling. This was e`rlier


today in Salcombe weather w`s rather a lot of cloud and it stuck with us.


This is the lifeboat. Salcolbe has had a rich history of lifeboats and


tomorrow, 100 years ago sadly the lifeboat disaster and we will be


there live on Spotlight. We will see this layer of cloud continud


eastwards tonight. Temperattres will fall away smartly. There will be


mist and fog which becomes puite extensive by the morning. Overnight


temperatures... Tomorrow it is a grey start a misty one. It will lift


and we should get some sunshine More than we have seen todax


particularly for those that stay great all day. In the sunshhne we


should get temperatures up to 1 or 15 or possibly 16 if you get a


couple of hours of sunshine. Not too bad tomorrow. With the Isles of


Scilly Rather cloudy but mostly fine. The breezes mini for the west


or south west. Times of high water... For our surfers thd waves


are not very big. A bit choppy because we have got westerlx winds


at the moment. The coastal waters forecast... A generally fair with


good visibility. This might look a bit like a stuck record bec`use not


a great deal of change from Friday through Sunday. Spot the difference.


A bit cooler perhaps at night. Some brightness tomorrow. Some fog around


first thing every morning btt it could rather grey for Saturday and


Sunday. I am hopeful the sunshine will work on that so it is not all


bad news. No real rain in the forecast at the moment. Havd a good


evening. By the weight if you are a pensioner and you are a dab hand


with a webcam, why not have a chat to as? I would love it out like that


every day! Have a lovely evdning. Good night.


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