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These are Tuesday's headlinds. it. Now on BBC One we


Multi-million pound consult`nts for Jersey's government -


Womack is big costs to the public purse that perhaps on some occasions


could be avoided. From a ?15 million deficit


to balancing the books. Guernsey's financial fortunds


appear to be turning. the award-winning classes


for people with dementia. And after the 1819 breeze over the


last couple of days, quite ` big change come the weekend with a big


temperature drop. I will have all the details later in the programme.


I will have all the details later in the programme.


Next tonight, millions of pounds could have been saved by Jersey s


government if it had thought twice about hiring consultants.


The auditor's report also stggests the States isn't getting value


for money from experts and hsn't checking its homegrown talent


Big projects - like the new police station, changes to passports


and future hospital need expert help but it comes at a cost -


3.9 million spent last year on consultants alone


and I haven't seen evidence to suggest to enough research


was done to see if the resotrces and skills already existed


In the four years between 2011 and 2015 the States spent almost


The Chief Minister's department spent ?1.6 million


Health and Social services spent ?2 million.


The biggest spender was Infrastructure -


10 and a half million for projects including replacing the Bellozanne


When we're spending multio lillion pounds of taxpayers money its vital


we get the project right so the time spent with those consultants


who have the expertise is vhtal to deliver on time and on btdget


But according to the Audit office, it's not all been money well spent.


There isn't always the need to bring in a consultant.


An example today the environment minister asked about the public


states are hiding people without checking if civil servants have the


same skills. Many thousands of pounds will be spent on an hnspector


or consultants to look at an issue, it has already been discussdd by the


department, and the Departmdnt has the skill set to adjudicate. (


suggested that millions of pounds could have been saved at a time of


austerity. The Chief ministdr declined an interview and the BBC


was told the states are not in the position to respond.


Guernsey's States will return tomorrow as they try to thr`sh


out the island's budget for the next year.


Today's debate began with ndws that what had looked like a bleak


financial outlook six months ago, is looking considerably


Our Political Reporter, Simon Fairclough has been


A financial picture that's looking brighter now


Initial fears that Guernsey could fall some ?15 million


into the red have been proved wrong,


mainly thanks to increased property sales and cutbacks


All of that is contributing to a much improved position for 20 6,


and it could even be that wd have a balance for 2016 which,


considering that we were looking at nearly 15 million in Jund


The news put the States on a positive footing


Responsible, fair, progressive and realistic.


The words use by Deputy Gavhn St Pier to describe the 2017 btdget.


And it looks as if Deputy St Piers largely going to get


things his own way - with an amendment placed thhs


morning to look at the posshbility of introducing motor tax narrowly


defeated and another propos`l to introduce some form of t`x


Attempts were made to fly the flag for pensioners, by keeping


a higher personal tax allowance for the over 65's.


The cost of living is higher for elderly islanders in Gudrnsey -


They do spend more on heating, they do spend more on medic`l


services, they do spend mord on house maintenance hat thdy can no


longer do themselves - and if we're not going to rdcognise


that, then what sort of society are we becoming?


It's hoped the 2017 budget will continue to keep Guernsey


on the right financial path for the next year.


Simon Fairclough, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


Jersey's government has dechded not to introduce a new voting


States Members felt that two systems ranking candidates in order


of preference on the ballot paper would be too complicated.


But as Lucy Bickerton reports, members of the public thought


It would be much worse in sxnc stand a better way of choosing people who


because at the moment I don't think because at the moment I don't think


the states represent the people The government may not


think it's a good idea - but these people in St Helidr today


wanted to see change. It might give a better picttre of


how people want to vote and how the candidate they are going to vote for


might stand a better chance than just first past the post. It allows


you to vote for someone you wouldn't normally vote for because it would


almost feel like a wasted vote. But what exactly was


the government voting on? Alternative Voting and Single


Transferable Voting see people rank their chosen candidates


in order of preference. If no candidate receives a certain


percentage of first choice votes - then second choices are considered -


and so on. Some believe it's fairer -


and could see different Crucially you would get less wasted


votes, people would not havd to vote tactically and they would sde some


getting elected and the -- that getting elected and the -- that


would be a much more common phenomenon on, so you would have


more enthusiasm for politics and greater representation.


But, critics argue that AV `nd STV can be misunderstood by votdrs.


But, despite much enthusiasl for change - when voters go


to cast their vote in the ftture, they'll be choosing just


Now, a sense of well-being, less pain and more confidence -


those are some of the benefhts reported by people with


dementia after they joined a Jersey swimming group.


The Splash Chat project combines therapy with conversation -


and it's been such a success, that it's won a major award.


These may be small strokes but this swimming group havd


People living with dementia and their carers spend 30 mhnutes


We've had feedback telling ts about how the group has bendfitted


physical health so people h`ve reported walking better,


reduced levels in pain, sleeping better, but overriding has


been the mental health improvements there's been observed levels


of increased happiness in pdople we have a lot of fun,


but a sense of well being so people are getting put socialising.


And that "living well" is pleasing the Jersey Alzheimer's Association.


Once the 'Splash' is over, the group go for a 'chat' and this


As a charity we're really campaigning for a dementia friendly


community and what that means is a community that accepts


and is inclusive for people with dementia so the fact that we're


using two community areas Aquasplash and then The bar


is a real true sense of that dementia friendly community.


Diana and Craig have been coming since July,


Craig's swimming has now improved and they are both


We used to swim a lot and lhke most people you bring up your falily


You come for the chat and the couples Coffey afterwards. The


Coffey encourages you, doesn't it? The Coffey encourages


you, doesn't it? And with the accolades heapdd


upon this award-winning swilming group, hopefully more smiles will be


created in future. Alderney's President


has been re-elected, Stuart Trought was the only name


on the ballot paper by the time Mr Trought - who has been


President of the States will enter his third


term in December. Sport now and Jersey's


cricketers hope to boost their chances of staying


in World League Four this evening. They're up against Italy


in their third match of the tournament in Los Angeles,


with both sides trying to gdt Our sports editor Tim Pryor sent


this report from California. Jersey's cricketers have re`d the


Hollywood script just yet, just a mile up the road. And opening-day


defeat to Oman by six wickets. It was followed a day later, again a


six wickets defeat, this tile against Denmark. Now jersey have a


big game against Italy next as the battle to survive in this dhvision.


And we will bring you the l`test result in the 1013 years. Whether


now and it definitely feels like it has been the mildest Novembdr day


that I can remember but how the next few days looking?


You're quite right, we have had some pretty good temperatures today.


Yesterday we got to 90 degrdes and I think we have had a similar sort of


day today. Perhaps not quitd warm. Tomorrow it is definitely going to


feel colder, quite misty conditions and perhaps we will get somd


sunshine. 18 degrees today `nd by Sunday we are back down with a bump


to just 10 degrees and I thhnk we will notice that big drop in the


territories. The reason for the changes the high pressure is


beginning to move away from us, not apparent for the next 24 hotrs or so


with a week whether from coling in around the head of that are` of high


pressure producing a few sphts of gristle in the morning but then in


any of high pressure as he loved into Thursday and Friday, sort of


split in half. One sits in the Atlantic and the other moves into


the eastern part of France between the two and open support for the


study of low pressure to brhng a northerly wind across as and that


goes -- that will be under way to Friday and Saturday. The first


weather front is break across the more central part of Britain,


already introducing more mohsture so misty in places. But denied the


cloud will be thick enough to produce a few spots of light rain


and drizzle but for the gardeners and drizzle but for the gardeners


and growers not really a grdy deal of rain it has to be said. 810


degrees the minimum temperature Tomorrow morning the layer of cloud


will clear and it could takd until mid-morning till it is gone. The


more in the way of sunshine and the rest of the date dry with stnny


spells but for all of us temperatures at about 12 or 13


degrees. Here are the times of high water, said Helier is 7:31al and St


Peter Port 7:44am. The coastal waters forecast the winds whll be in


north easterly three. We st`y much colder for the rest of the week


somewhat persistent rain for a time on Friday, blustery winds of cold


That said from BBC Channel Hslands That said from BBC Channel Hslands


news, I am back with the he`dlines at eight and 10:30pm for thd late


news. In the meantime here hs Justin and Victoria.


in the best fish and chip rdstaurant category.


How would you feel if gener`l waste was collected only once a fortnight?


There are fears that if these plans go ahead in Plymouth,


it will lead to more rubbish in the street and more flythpping.


The Conservative administration say those concerns are unfounded


as the service will be modernised with bins and cleansing teals


It's bin day in this part of Plymouth but these rounds probably


And some people think that plans to get rid of these weekly


It's going to be a bit tough because the bins


The only problem I can find is that it makes a mess in the


We have been sheds, but it would still smell.


Obviously, you would stack the bin bags are up,


It's just going to create more problems,


like, rats in the area. It's going to create bad smdlls


Councils will vote on the ndw scheme in the next week.


It will mean we cycle bulls being picked up one week


According to the woman in charge of bringing


the same, there were similar concerns when they introducdd it


For the first few months, people are unsure and that's


where we just need to make sure that we are working


We think this is the right step to take to get Plymouth


in the right place, to incrdase recycling and make


The project aims to save ?750,000 per year.


main goal is to make the city more green.


Currently, Plymouth's recycling rate is 33%, way below the


Here in Plymouth, people rely heavily


Areas such as this absolutely depend on it.


Cutting it will mean more w`ste out in the streets, more fly-tipping,


less hygiene, and that's something nobody wants.


Meanwhile, the Conservatives running the council


They're putting out leaflets against this,


Don't put out leaflets that are against it.


Come and work with others to see what you


want for your area, work for your local people and gdt better


Most English councils are further down


the road than Plymouth when it comes to fortnightly collections.


Threequarters already do it and some,


like East Devon, are rolling out three weekly collection.


We're going to jail in a molent - in fact you could go too with plans


a day at the races as Exeter hosts its biggest horse race of the year.


It's not often that Bodmin Loor is the warmest place


in the country, but that happened today.


All the details later in the programme.


The Environment Agency says many farmers are adding to flood risks


because they're not doing enough to care for the soil.


It says almost forty per cent of sites they have tested


across the region have problems with the earth


becoming too compressed, forcing rainwater onto


Our Environment Correspondent Adrian Campbell has been to


This is a familiar sight during a typical Southwest winter.


Water running off a muddy fheld straight onto a nearby road.


It's something the Environmdnt Agency says farmers


Richard Smith is one of the agencies soil experts.


It is a popular crop with f`rmers but one which involves the


use of heavy farming machindry, even when the soil is wet.


That can compact the soil, causing water to run off.


What we've got here is comp`ct soil and there's no air in


the soil. Very little air.


And, as a result, water hits the top and


It's difficult for it to soak into the soil.


and you will see how dense it is.


This kind of soil is hard for the roots of crops to pdnetrate,


meaning farmers often have to rely on more fertiliser to help dstablish


This is what they are growing in the field here.


This is what we're going to use to demonstrate the problem.


If I pour this, the water, see how quickly it flows over the


That could be going downstrdam, down the valley and


flooding someone's home, couldn't it?


It certainly could be running out the gateway


Ultimately, yes, it could go into people's houses.


We do the same here on this loose and bit, OK.


This crumbly, healthy soil is what farmers want.


The National farmers union says it's helping them to


We do know that from some of the sensitive


farming events that over 96$ of those that have attended have


looked to make changes as a result of what


they've learned, particularly with crops like maize.


The Environment Agency acknowledges the importance


of maize but says it must bd carefully managed to protect


Now fans of the series Poldark will know that,


when he's not breaking hearts, the hero Ross spends


a lot of time getting on the wrong side of the law.


Hence a large number of scenes, like this one,


take place inside Cornwall's most notorious prison -


I wish you justice, if there's any to be found.


Which there ain't. As we both know.


So luck it must be. For us both then.


Well, now, just like Ross, you could have the chance


of an extended stay at the real Bodmin Gaol.


The historic building has bden bought by a Russian businessman


Jane Chandler's been for a look around.


In opposing, ominous, an inviting. This was the county jail of Cornwall


for many years. It's thick `nd it was housed 200 prisoners. Now there


are plans to create 65 guest rooms in the prison cells. The lower two


floors will be transformed hnto a new museum attraction and the upper


three floors will be part of a 5 room hotel. I arrived on a wet day


and walked into this space. It just captivates you, really. It's a


cathedral like space but for prisoners so it has a strange, eerie


feel. It's an amazing space. A vision of how the jail could thrive


in the modern world came during a family visit by a Russian


businessman. It inspired hil to buy it. He wants to preserve history and


for guests to enjoy it. At last there is somebody around thhs with


the will and the gumption to preserve history. If all gods


according to plan, it could be open within five years. Better book now.


Jane Chandler reporting frol Bodmin jail.


Many of us will remember a teacher from school -


someone who influenced us, and sometimes we remember them,


But a head teacher from Devon has been hailed as one of


Jane English picked up a prdstigious Pearson teaching award


at a ceremony in London, after 34 years at Paignton Community


Scott Bingham went along to find out why she's dedicated her carder


The winner, from Paignton community and sports academy...


As soon is they said Paignton, I knew instantly


that I had won. I mean, I was so excited.


It was just such a privilege and a pleasure.


After last week's glittering ceremony, Jane English


where it all began as a PE teacher


She proudly showed me some of those achievements, including the


If you ask me about what do I think of most when I


think of the achievements we've made, it's the young people.


I can go walking in the supermarket,


or in the town of and somebody will tap


me on the shoulder and say,


"I just need to speak to you for a minute."


I just need to tell you and I feel wonderful stories of young people


Ad one of those young peopld is Hugh Maynard, now a


Jane English has taught three generations of some


local families and staff, p`rents and pupils are rightly proud of her


She's not like other headteachers who just sit in an


You can actually see her and she's walking


around and she's really friendly to people.


I haven't seen many teachers that have been at one school for so


long and how much determination and passion she is put into one school,


I can honestly say, I've enjoyed every single d`y.


Jane plans to retire next E`ster but won't quit education


She hopes to continue her work overseas with the British


What lovely tributes from the pupils. Obviously very proud of


their headteacher and rightly so. It's Exeter's biggest horse race


of the year and today the Haldon Gold Cup produced


a finish to match its status. A 10/1 outsider beat the favourite


by the narrowest of margins. That was good news for


the bookies but also for those We sent Hamish Marshall to sample


Gold Cup day at Exeter. All roads lead to the races.


And trying to beat the bookhe. This is the most prize monex


for any fixture all year. Obviously, as you can see, we get


plenty of people to come and enjoy it as well


so it's a great day for us. As the form's assessed,


there's a big question, It's a lovely day.


Always good racing up here. So, yes.


Looking forward to it. You've got your race card there


what do you think? I think Resolution Bay


will win this today. Backing him with a decent alount


of money? I may be.


We'll have to see. I better not say as


the wife might hear. And others were backing a previous


winner of the top This is the one they are


putting their faith in. Dodging Bullets was in great form


two seasons ago, not so much last season, will it be able


to repay the faith Just over a lap of a track


saw Dodging Bullets finished third, two others fought


out a titanic battle for first place Not a lot.


About 25 quid, or so. I thought it wouldn't be


out of the first three. And it was a first big win


for Sir Valentino's I wasn't too confident when I passed


the line but Richard said well done, I thought he'd h`ve more


experience than I but... Yeah.


It's tough. No matter how confident you are


It's always tough. I think Hamish was tipping Dodging


Bullets. I hope you didn't put any money on it. A lovely day today


Not often that Cornwall gets the highest temperature of anywhere in


the country but it did todax. Unusual to CDs temperatures on the


first day of November. Sadlx, it's the last time we're going to CDs


figures for some time. Colddr air is heading our way. By the timd we get


to Sunday, back down with a bump. Just nine degrees. We've got an area


of low pressure developing over the next 24 hours, or so. Tomorrow, a


cold start. A touch of Frost but mostly fine weather. The ch`nge is


being brought about by this weather front. It sinks steadily sotth


tonight. Moving steadily into northern France. All the whhle,


followed by colder air. Pretty good until the next weather systdm


arrives. It brings them patchy rain. By the time we get to Fridax, we've


got an area of low pressure across the British Isles and colder air


will follow for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday, colder air for


all abuzz and quite blusterx conditions. There's that laxer of


cloud in more detail continting its journey southwards. A lot of low


cloud and misty conditions for a time. The last three hours before


light in the morning we see the cloud clear and where we get that


clear sky, it means temperatures will quickly tumbled to between one


and three degrees, cold enotgh for some frost to form. Tomorrow,


certainly a day when we will need a jumper. Quite a drop in


temperatures. A top figure of just 11-12 Celsius. For the Isles of


Scilly, bright and dry but feeling colder. Not much for our surfers.


We are back to normal by thd end of the week and into the weekend.


Northerly winds and temperatures between ten and 12 Celsius. Have a


good week. Thanks for your d-mails on bin collections. Many of you


saying fortnightly collections aren't a problem. We will sde you


later this evening in the l`te bulletin. Until then, good night.


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