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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Wednesday's headlhnes


lifeline for pensioners. Jersey stayed through out plans to scrap


some tax breaks. A massive increase in agencx staff -


why is Jersey's health department spending so much


on temporary social workers? There have been various problems on


the staffing side of various departments. But this is thd most


incredible one I have come `cross actually.


A field of dreams - Jersey's cricketers stick


And I'll have the latest weather forecast.


The over 65s in Guernsey have been thrown a financial lifeline


Policy and Resources wanted to scrap tax breaks for pensioners as part


of its budget proposals for 201 , but in a rare show of


defiance, members voted against the main proposal.


Our Political Reporter Simon Fairclough was in


This was the moment that pensioners across the island were waithng for.


The voting on proposition in favourite 11, I declare the


proposition lost. It means that tax allowances for the over 65s will


stay, saving them up to ?364 a year. Some are describing the movd as a


rebellion, but policy and rdsources warned that it is a move th`t could


end up costing the state de`rly Our estimate is that over the fhrst ten


years in which new claims are added, that will amount to up to ?2 million


a year. We just simply belidve that could be better used in mord


effective targeting of benefits For those who stand to benefit right


now, the news has come as a relief. The realisation of the diffhculties


people have within the islands is coming home, and to help those


people is so important. We `re really pleased with the restlt. As


budget debates go, this one was largely unremarkable, but you have


to wonder whether the posithve notes sounded at the start of the


proceedings fuelled the support for the over 65s. Whatever the reason,


there will be a lot of happx pensioners across the Bailiwick


Fisheries ring. Dash-macro this evening.


And politicians today also `pproved a blueprint for future


The Island Development Plan includes a commitment


to affordable homes, setting aside areas


for conservation, farming and light industry, as well as earmarking


More than 1,500 islanders h`d commented on the plan,


and 18 changes were made to the draft, but today the final


document was unanimously agreed in the States.


Jersey has spent ?1.8 million this year on agency staff due


That's a ten-fold increase in three years.


It comes as figures recentlx revealed a high staff turnover


at Children's Services, a department that comes unddr Social


Helping vulnerable people in difficult times, social workers


But increasingly, the States of Jersey is relying on agency


Three years ago, 11% of the workforce were agencx staff,


but that figure's gone up to 70 .And the cost of hiring agency staff has


gone up ten-fold, from ?180,000 to nearly ?1.8 million.


The inconsistency of using temporary agency staff is causing concern


We have lost the continuity and quality of service we c`n give.


What I want to know is why ht's difficult getting social workers.


I could understand 20% of otr staff being agency staff, but 70%?


The Minister responsible saxs it's a case of needs must,


and believes Jersey's historic case abuse scandal is partly to blame.


It's because we have no other way at the moment


There are some people that choose to be interim,


but I do think the factor about the care inquiry,


until they see politicians taking that report seriously,


they perhaps consider not coming here.


The health and social services department is planning to hold a


recruitment drive after Chrhstmas and to introduce a new soci`l


workers training scheme next year in the hope of attracting more


permanent staff to work with the most vulnerable in society.


A Jersey politician's calling for an increase to the minilum wage


so the island doesn't fall behind Guernsey and the UK.


Workers will have to be paid at least ?7.18 an hour from next


April ? 2p less than the UK's National Living Wage,


and what Guernsey's minimum wage will be by then.


Deputy Sam Mezec believes it's unfair not to bring Jersey hn line.


When the minimum wage in thd UK is ?7 20 and their cost of livhng is


lower than jersey, and we are going for less than ?7 20, it does not


make sense and it means the quality of life for the lowest paid workers


in Jersey, where rents are high food is more expensive, thehr


quality of life will be worse than being the UK, and that is not fair.


The Guzman should account for all part of our community. Dash,macro


the government. Jersey's cricketers pulled off


one of their greatest international results,


on the other side of the world in the early


hours of this morning. They beat Italy in their World


League Four match by three wickets in dramatic fashion,


reaching the 236 run target Watching the nerve-janging `ction


in Los Angeles was our After the disappointment of the


first two games, this match against the Italians carried huge ilportant


in this tournament. Jersey needed a good confidence boosting st`rt, and


got it in the second over. The second bottom two teams will be


relegated from the division, said the pressure was on both of these


sides to pick up their first point of the tournament. The jersdy


supporters who have travelldd across the Atlantic were desperate to see


their side pick up their first wind. But, as in every game so far, the


island side could not string a series of wickets together, until


late on, that is, as Italy posted 235. Which refreshments, and then


the run chase. The captain was out in the first opener but fellow


opener hit 7/7 to hitch a -, set jersey up for the drama to come It


went all the way to the fin`l few balls. They held their nervd in a


tense finale to give jersey their much-needed win. It is alwaxs great


to be out there and do it for the team. It gets nerve wracking when


you are out in the middle, but it is worth sitting on the side. Next up,


be mute are the opponents and another crucial game, as Dahsy have


a real chance to survive in this division -- Bermuda.


Guernsey's greatest sporting heroes have been named in a new book,


with the top ten revealed at a launch today.


Among those at the event were number one and two,


Matt Le Tissier and Lee Merrien as well as our reporter


Mark Inchley, who's not quite so well known


He's got eight caps for England was given the freedom


of the city of Southampton, and has even been


But today, Matt Le Tissier was crowned Guernsey's top


He's taken the number one spot in a new book listing the island's


A very proud day for me. I still come back on a regular basis. I have


always been a very proud Guernsey-man and to be another one


in this book is fantastic. And watching highlights


of his career among family, friends and other local


athletes at today's launch, it wasn't hard to see


how much it all means. Yes, it is lovely. You get


transported back into those moments when you see it on the big screen


like that. It was quite emotional. Also in the top ten


are Heather Watson at six, Andy Priaulx at four,


and runner Lee Merrien Author Rob Batiste says


he was inspired by his 40 ydars as a sports reporter


with the Guernsey Press. Anybody can do something, whether it


is sport or the art of politics and that is great. Often sport hs


overlooked, but I think in the modern Iraq, Guernsey sportspeople


have really sold this island-wide more than anyone.


So, a fitting tribute to Gudrnsey's top sportsmen and women,


but with the focus on elite sports continuing to grow in the island,


it might not be long until the list needs updating.


It became a lovely day in the end today, although definitely


So, will the calm conditions continue?


Thank you, hello. I am going to look briefly back at October. Untsually


dry, about half the rainfall we would expect to see, but also


unusually sunny. It is the fourth sunniest October on record. More


sunshine over the next few days but the trend is for lower tempdratures.


A frost is possible the night. Tomorrow I'm a cold start. We will


get some sunshine, staying dry until late in the day, and some ottbreaks


of Remy into the early evenhng. We will lose this early area of high


pressure, which moves away from us and we gain low pressure and a


weather front travelling in from the north west which will stay with us


into Friday, opening the door to colder air still. Tonight it is


telling quite chilly alreadx and we start the day at just five or 6


degrees. Light winds began. Through the morning, some sunny spells, but


generally by the afternoon, there is a lot more cloud, which may produce


some rain, not a huge amount, but a top temperature of 12 Celsits and


the winds from eight south-westerly direction.


Mainly fair with the risk of showers late in the day. On Friday, the same


weather system is across us and could be slow to clear. A fdw spots


of rain associated with that. Brighter for the weekend but that


cold wind sets in and we cotld well have some pretty low temper`tures


through the weekend am both during the night time and the daythme.


Mainly bright and dry on Saturday, but a chilly wind from the north. A


frost possible on Saturday night. Sunday, after the temperatures of 19


degrees for the last couple of days, we are back down to just 9 degrees


on Sunday and with the wind chill it will feel colder than that. Have a


good evening. Now, over to the Spotlight newsroom


for the rest of today's news. Radical reform of the way the


government tackle flooding was discussed today. MPs are calling for


a new national flags ministdr and want to see power was stripped from


nearby embarrassment agency which was criticised for the way ht


handled the flooding in Somdrset two years ago.


Of course, many in the South West will need no reminder of thd


severity of flooding we've seen in recent years in coastal comlunities


and the Railway in Exeter and, of course, the prolonged floodhng you


mentioned on the Somerset ldvels. I am joined by the Devon MP who chairs


the environment select commhttee. You describe the present procedure


as ineffective and inefficidnt. How would you changes improve it? Make


sure we have someone in charge at the top to drive policy right from


the top to the bottom and then make sure much more maintenance work is


done locally, dredging or gdtting water to flow faster, let's do that


locally. Let us make sure planners make sure developments don't add


more water and run-off and flood people further downstream. Xou can


be above the flood plain but still affect those downstream. Of course,


the government will develop a new agricultural policy post Brdxit You


talk about paying farmers to contain floodwater on their land? Yds, the


new buzzword is leaky dams. It sounds worrying. You have trees


across a stream and allow floodwater to build-up behind. It autolatically


flows under when you take off the peak of the flat and that c`n work


well if you have a number. Xou may only have to hold water for a few


hours or longer. We can look at an agricultural policy now when we


leave the EU. It could concdntrate cash for farmers to make sure


they're properly compensated. They can save infrastructure. It could be


money very well spent. Thank you very much. We will have to wait in


the usual way for the government to dead test the contents of the report


and then in a few weeks or lonths it will produce its formal reply.


We are that Plymouth Palace Theatre in a moment where there is drama


behind-the-scenes. Also, thd Somerset guide to do it yourself


which has taken on a modern world. And, one of the rarest plants in the


country. We will find out how it is being saved from extinction in


Cornwall. The organisation behind


the restoration of Plymouth's Palace Theatre is being investigatdd


by the charity commission after concerns were raised over how


the project was being managdd. It follows the resignation


of the charity's patron and more than a hundred volunteer musicians


from the community choir and orchestra setup to raisd


funds for the project. Patrick Clahane has been


following the story. The new Palace Theatre,


a Plymouth landmark where stars like Laurel and Hardie


trod the boards. Since these heady days the building


has fallen into disrepair and now the charity set up to bring it back


to life looks like it may It has come under the spotlhght


of the Charity Commission. Rewind 18 months and


there was great hope. Go, Great Opportunities Togdather


was set up to help offer yotng people employment opportunities


and restore the theatre Judy Spires was its patron,


it had its own choir and orchestra. There's been a flurry


of resignations from the project, including its patron and its entire


choir, more than 100 Over a period of time,


all the original staff have gradually become more and more


disillusioned in the administration It's not just here in Plymotth that


people are taking notice of what's It's also come to the attention


of the Charity Commission which has It said the commission has been


aware of the concerns regarding the charity


and potential private benefht. I actually reported,


at the beginning of last wedk, that I felt there was a sustained


attack on the charity with people I thought I should flag


it with them. We know people have resigned


and in any big project that happens. It used to be part of our Christmas


present from my mum and dad. They used to bring us on Boxing Day


to see the pantomime and that was the highlight


of our Christmas. It is old and valuable


and a special treasure. Serious questions are now


being asked about whether this piece of Plymouth past can still be a part


of the city's future. Are you struggling to understand


a teenager, or to bring up ` baby? Maybe you're approaching retirement


and wondering what life will be Well there may be help at h`nd


in the form of a manual which has, until now, been better known


as a guide to rebuilding cars. The Haynes Motor Manual has


been used by generations But now the publisher,


which is based in Sparkford near Yeovil, has branched ott


with a tongue in cheek guidd to some Simon Clemison has been


taking a look. Remember when you had


to get your hands dirty? When being a driver meant


being a part-time mechanic, too So, how to find your way


around that engine? Since the decades when most


families had a motor, This company in Somerset,


famous for producing them. Not everyone tinkered around,


but lots did and still do. To this day the books continue


with photos and illustrations as the writers gain an understanding


of cars by stripping them down Having already produced manx


similar guides to other aspects of modern-day life,


the publisher is trying humour with a lighter look at diffdrent


stages of our time on earth told through the same flow charts


and diagrams you might find Think regenerative


braking for pensioners. And the perpetual motion


of arguing teenagers! I've come to Dorchester Motor


Company in the author's homdtown in neighbouring Dorset to sde


what real mechanics make of them. Marriage is out of the question


the teenagers have gone, I'm divorced so this one is out


of the question. That could possibly help me


with my mother. We could all do with a manu`l


for everything, I think. It's very easy when you launch


into something new, on marriage or so on,


this is unchartered territory. People do like to see


things broken down and Haynes, based in Somerset


since 1960, has sold more than 200 million books worldwide


and despite the move into a new blending of wisdom,


the motoring manual Even as the company heads


to a digital age, the hard Molly in our television galleries


said, who's got time to read a manual?


Men don't tend to, they just get on with it.


Now, it was close to extinction and experts estimated there werd only 13


plants left in the world at one stage. But now the Juniper has a


brighter future. A new plantation has been


established and we went to see how it is being saved.


In a secret location, these conservationists


They are planting 200 Lizard junipers.


It only grows here on protected heathland of the Lizard,


but it has struggled for ye`rs and in 2014 there were just


They are now protected by an electric fence.


Was there a real fear it could disappear?


Absolutely, one accidental wildfire could easily have taken the last


population and that would h`ve been a whole species going


So conservationists and gardeners took seeds and cuttings frol the 13


plants to cultivate new stock and they have done pretty wdll.


Today, they've got 200 new plants here to plant.


The 200 saplings were cultivated and nurtured by experts


at the Eden Project and tod`y the team were here to


It's thought the Lizard junhpers were almost wiped out by wildfire


How will you keep them safe and make sure these do well?


We will look after them for the next two years, brush cut around them


It looks like gardening tod`y, but we don't want to be gardening


It's hoped this project won't just help the juniper, but that lessons


learned he will also help protect other rare species.


A lovely project and lovely blue sky, but the nights are drawing in


and there's a chill in the `ir. But there's not any real sign of winter.


One of the driest Octobers for 5 years coupled with calm and warm


weather has led to a spectacular display on the trees.


Beautiful. We sent our cameramen to browse small to capture that this


year 's colourful foliage. Stunning. I hope you enjoyed that as


much as we did. Much colder today. It keeps going


down, unfortunately. Good evening. Yes, a drop in temperatures over the


next few days so we will all notice the change. Daytime temperatures


will go back to single figures. Let us briefly look back at October


because it was unusually drx. Many of us all less than 50$ of what


we normally expect to see. There isn't a huge amount of rain in


the forecast but it is turnhng very much colder. Over the next few days,


it will become windy with more overnight frosts. If you want to


enjoy the autumnal colour of the leaves best do it over the couple of


days to come because there will be a stiff northerly wind developing at


the weekend as well as cold as. The cold air is coming from Scandinavia


and it flaps most of Britain right down as far as northern Spahn and


Portugal through Saturday and Sunday. We could go to bleed down to


seven or 8 degrees by Sundax. The cloud this evening is high-level


clouds so don't worry too mtch it. There is some rain around this


weather front that will movd towards us over the next 24 hours or so


Ahead of that, showery outbreaks of rain, especially tomorrow afternoon.


Moving through as we get to Friday and then on Friday and Saturday the


wind will come from the Arctic so expect a drop in from temperatures


with that -- my overnight frost Frost is already on the cards for


tonight. With clear sky tonhght we will need the scraper first thing


tomorrow. If you haven't usdd it so far, you will need it. Quitd low


temperatures by the end of the night meaning ice will form on thd car


windscreen and the glass. This may be the coldest night we


have seen so far this autumn. Sunshine tomorrow when the frost has


lifted but then the cloud whll turn that quickly and is capable of


producing some light rain off and on. Not very warm tomorrow will stop


briefly some sunshine in thd morning. We may struggle with the


temperatures. For the Isles of Scilly, bright and tried but rather


cloudy with showers later in the day.


Not much for those who will be surfing.


The big story is the drop in the temperature. All the way through the


next few days the temperatures come down. Throwing a strong northerly


wind and with the wind chill it will feel rather cold. Have a good


evening. Good evening. We have been warned!


-- good heavens! Get the If you trust me not


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which are genuinely worth having. If you don't possess them,


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