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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle. is


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Monday's headlines.


A four month wait for an MRI scan, unless you can afford to go private.


extra investment in the staff to run the scanners, I don't see how we can


reduce the public waiting list any time soon.


Tooth decay in decline - a new approach is delivering great


Holiday hotspot - Jersey's been attracting visitors


And we've got a bit of a change underway in the lead up to


Christmas. I will have the full details later on in the programme.


People in Jersey are waiting on average 16 weeks


That's compared to two in England, and six in Guernsey.


The figures - released to the BBC in a Freedom


of Information request - also show there's only


one scanner in Jersey, despite repeated promises


This is a common procedure in hospitals.


MRI scanners like this are used to examine almost every


They can detect a big variety of conditions


Deputy Jackie Hilton is worried how long the wait


At the moment, I've been told that the second scanner is not


going to work alongside the original one, so when we have the new scanner


we will only have one scanner in position.


The old scanner will be used occasionally as backup.


So that was disappointing as I don't see, without extra investment


in the staff to run the scanners, I don't see how we can reduce


the public waiting list any time soon.


And that waiting list is currently 16 weeks long,


unless you want to pay to go private.


Jersey's health department has promised the new hospital


will have two scanners, but that's eight years away.


The director of Jersey Hospital says a replacement scanner should work.


16 weeks is a longer wait than we would like.


We do our best all the time to move people around,


of that scanner and to try and bring those waits down.


There is nothing that we can do before we get the new replacement


scanner in place that gives us anymore capacity other


than minimise the downtime for maintenance, but obviously that


We do have the opportunity to send people off-island for specialist


The replacement scanner was due to be installed


by the end of the year, but that's been delayed


So the message seems to be - if you're worried,


and you can afford it, you might be best to pay.


Meanwhile, Jersey's hospital cancelled five operations


today as it's now back up to a red alert status.


There are currently fewer than five beds available.


The health department says higher than normal emergency admissions,


winter flu and staff sickness are putting pressure


The number of four to five-year-olds with tooth decay has


dropped to its lowest level ever in Guernsey.


Latest figures show that 14 in every 100


Mike Wilkins reports on the measures taken to punish plaque.


Not a sound many young people want to hear,


but now fewer children are having to receive treatment


In the last five years there's been a significant drop in tooth decay


Five years ago, almost a fifth had evidence of dental decay.


Dental nurses are better trained and the head of the children's dental


service says new departments are delivering encouraging results.


We're working very closely now with education. We work with the


dieticians, other health professionals and we also about


three years ago having won a bursary, we introduced


tooth-brushing any charity based preschools.


Whilst tooth decay is falling, sugary drinks and poor brushing mean


that of those with bad teeth, on average at least three


Guernsey's Director of Public Health says tooth decay


Some of the drinks are linked to obesity, nutritionally they are


useless, such as Coca-Cola and fizzy drinks. They are a particular


problems with tooth decay and tooth decay associated with a lot of pain


and problems potentially for children. A lot of this is also


preventable. The advice is to not give children


sugary drinks and for them to see their dentist every


six months and to brush Jersey's Treasury Minister has


been questioned over Concerns over the drop


in students going to university because of the costs involved has


prompted a review by They want to hear from students


and parents to come up with alternative ways on how


the island can help with student financing,


as they say today's meeting highlights the lack of work done


by the ministers involved. The work in between the two


departments education and Treasury was of concern and that is not that


options that could have been considered from a Treasury


perspective looking out for university students really hadn't


been done and therefore at the panel will continue to gather evidence. We


want to hear from the public and hear their views on how they feel


student financing should happen on the island.


Jersey was a holiday hotspot for Neanderthals -


that's according to new findings by archaeologists.


Research led by the University of Southampton has unveiled that


a cave along the island's south coast was a must-see tourist


destination from at least 180,000 years ago.


Well, to find out what attracted our ancestors to our shores,


I spoke to Dr Andrew Shaw from the University


Although the world around the Neanderthals and around Jersey was


changing dramatically over the time they were occupying the site, you


have the consistency of a place which offered protection and shelter


and views over a wide landscape in the area which is now drowned by the


sea. What would Jersey have looked like then to those people who were


visiting? It would have changed over time. It would have been a wooded


landscape, a landscape over to words perceived is now. It would've been a


rolling grassland, called climate, very few trees with woolly mammoth


and woolly rhino roaming the landscape. How do we know this


wasn't a permanent base instead of the home instead of going away and


coming back again? We can see how people were using both the site


itself and its wider landscape. From that we can see people were only


there for a short period of time but where repeatedly visiting the site,


going and coming to the site, it being there for a short period and


going away again and then coming back again. Back to the tools, what


was about them that you knew they weren't per minute there? Frequently


they were making their stone tools out of Flint and Flint isn't


available in Jersey itself. It comes from sources now under the seat,


halfway towards Guernsey, we can see people were visiting those locations


to get the Flint, carrying Bertelsmann and working them at the


site and then moving away again to get more raw materials to roam


around that landscape. He invented the envelope


folding machine, printed the first perforated stamps,


and was instrumental in the mass manufacture


of the modern deck of cards. Now Guernseyman, Thomas de la


Rue has been honoured with a blue plaque,


marking his place of birth. His name is set in stone


in the heart of St Peter Port, but how many islanders really know


who Thomas de la Rue was? Thomas de la Rue behind you, do you


know who he was? No idea. I've no idea who years, no. Was he in Big


Brother? No clue. I have no idea who he was. I think he invented printed


banknotes. He was a printer. He was a printer. Do you know any more?


Gray you've got a pub. I don't how much he uses it.


A blue plague in Forest Shores marking where the house


We're putting up, more or less, one a year.


Individually, they serve as reminders of that particular


person, but collectively now, we're getting a nice


story about the famous Guernsey people of the past.


Thomas de la Rue left Guernsey in 1816, but his legacy continues.


We still believe in innovation and entrepreneurialism


We're the world's largest printer of commercial bank notes.


We're the world's largest commercial printer of passports.


And just recently we celebrated 200 years of formation.


The name Thomas de la Rue may have been more associated


with this pub than printing, but it's hoped this blue plaque


will remind people just how much this visionary Guernseyman achieved.


Well, there's been three days of disruption for travellers


with a thick blanket of fog covering the islands.


Bee, I hope you have good news for those who are hoping to head off


I do. I think we can see that low cloud and mist clearing. It would be


plain sailing. We will see the wind is picking up. Many of us have seen


scenes like this today. It feels like forever since some of us have


seen some sunshine. As we go through the week, there will be some change.


The winds will start to pick up and we will see some rain at times.


Hopefully that stubborn mist and fog should start to clear. For tomorrow,


through daylight hours, it should be dry and we've got this weather front


out to the west. That will bring a spell of rain overnight and into


Wednesday. Wednesday looks like a wet day. You can expect a lot of


cloud, outbreaks of rain, some of which could be quite heavy. For


Thursday, largely dry day, with some sunshine. We've had a lot of cloud


today. Some rain are starting to patients over the last few hours, it


will turn rather damp overnight tonight, it's a mist and low cloud


persisting. Yet again another grey murky night. In terms other


temperatures, nothing too worrying. Frost free anywhere between four and


8 degrees. More hopeful of seeing sunshine tomorrow compared with


today, some of that mist and low cloud should start to break up. It


will be largely dry to the day, some sunshine breaking through into the


afternoon and then during the early evening we get those winds picking


up with that weather front starting to push on. Here are your times of


high water. In terms other surfing, we've got fairly clean conditions, a


bit more of a weighed down towards Jersey compared with further north.


The winds will be a southerly, four or five. We will have those stubborn


mist and fog patches but they will start to lift as we go through the


day. If it be changed on the way as we head towards Christmas. Tomorrow,


the last of the really foggy and misty days. Some of that will start


to lift and break-up as we head to the afternoon. A wet and windy day


on Wednesday. More sunshine as we head towards the end of the week but


the winds will start to pick up. No of anything wintry though.


You're up to date with the news from the Channel islands.


It's all aboard the polar express. Victoria is live somewhere very


extraordinary. and we can join her now from a very


appropriate location. It is very chilly but then it would


be in the North Pole, in the heart of Devon. Tonight we are going to


give you a real Polar Express experience, I am even armed with my


hot chocolate. On Friday I asked you if you have ever seen the film.


Don't worry if you have not because tonight we will give you a real


experience of the Polar Express and at the same time, launching our very


own Spotlight express which will be a week-long series of Christmas


trains and stories driving you on a journey throughout the region,


hearing from different people about various Christmas traditions. I hope


he will stay with us as the excitement builds because they are


only six more sleeps before Christmas. I have seen with my own


eyes Father Christmas and the elves who have been busy shipping


Christmas presents across the world. Do stay with us for the Polar


Express which is packed with very excited children and their parents


and another person who managed to get a ticket was our very own Andrea


who went on a journey that no one will ever forget.


It's an action-packed journey, all the way to the North Pole.


And it's not just the children having fun.


A change of pace to drink that hot chocolate and eat their cookies


and while they do it, the story of the Polar


We've arrived and the elves and Santa take a break


I've got some special elves that deal with that.


Santa says hello and the children, well, just look at their faces.


# Jingle bells, jingle bells # Jingle all the way.


On the way back from the North Pole, there's loads more fun.


# Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.


# Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.


# Oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open sleigh.


Father Christmas was here to visit and he gave us a bell.


I think he's the real Father Christmas.


Just to see Father Christmas, to ask for what they want for Christmas,


We have a nice collection of them on the tree now.


Felt a bit silly in the car on the way up in our pyjamas,


It was lovely to see you singing and dancing,


The team are so energetic and so friendly and welcoming.


It's a real party mood on the train, it's lovely.


# We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


By the time the Polar Express arrives at its final


destination in Okehampton, there is no-one on board


Never mind the children, I am equally as excited as we wave off


the Polar Express. We have managed to keep hold of some of the


characters. You are from Exeter. Is this the first year you have done


it? Yes. What is it like being on board the Polar Express? Really fun.


How many times have you seen the film? About a million. Two of the


shafts. Is this the first year you have done it? This is the fourth


year. It is a great way to see the season in. Everyone enjoying the hot


chocolate? One of my favourite scenes in the film. We try to do the


backflips but we just jumped on the chairs. It does seem really good


fun. Is there a baddie in this film? I own this train, I am the king of


the Polar Express, the king of the North Pole! I have never seen Father


Christmas. Seeing is believing. The conductor here in charge of the


train. We have a schedule to keep. What does that say? Are there any


nonbelievers on the train? If there are, they get thrown off. It is on


time. We have a schedule to keep here. Thank you so much. We don't


have to be here to get into the Christmas spirit. Making your own


cards and singing carols can fill you with festive fun and a group of


children in Plymouth have been doing just that.


Christmas can sometimes be a very lonely time for the old today. These


children are on a special mission to bring joy.


It was wonderful. Their little voices and the expressions on their


faces. They were lovely. I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. It


is good making people happy at Christmas that don't usually have


Christmas together with their family. The children handed out


their home-made Christmas cards to everyone. Thank you very much. I


drew one with two snowman on. I could cry so easily. They are


perfect. The way they have drawn, not silly things I have seen before


and like I draw myself. Mission accomplished, Joy delivered. Have


you done all of your Christmas shopping yet? Song feel it is


getting all to commercial these days. What happened to soap on a


rope and that simple pair of pants that you used to get from your


grandma? John has been looking back through the archives and finding out


about Christmas presents. People's aspirations used to be a little more


colourful. They never had it so good in the


1950s. As the 60s swung in, people wanted more. I want a jaguar. A


Mercedes-Benz. These days people expect to be bowled over at


Christmas and are prepared to splash out. About a ground probably. I have


three children. Back in the day, folks went wild. How much money do


you reckon to spend at Christmas time? ?10. To be fair, ?10 is worth


over 150 quid in today's money says it is easy to see how the Christmas


budget can balloon. Things that they want, they cost hundreds of pounds


and when you put in a few board games, nice things, you are there.


Time to reset those Christmas values, something they hankered for


52 years ago. I suppose that in England today, it is an opportunity


when the world is at its dimmest of making whoopee. The real meaning of


Christmas has been forgotten about. Sometimes the story of the Nativity


has been lost as well. Many would say amen to that and perhaps we


should all be thankful for what we have got. What would you like? Good


health? Nothing else? Christmas presents, Polar Express, we have


singers here as well. And beware that this evening has been really,


really chilly. It feels like the North Pole here.


Well, you are at the North Pole. I am much further south. We seem to


have lost David. He is a little bit further south at Okehampton station


where the Polar Express set off earlier on. It comes along the rails


through the light and ends up here at the North Pole and the children


are treated to a Christmas extravaganza. We will hear more of


the carol singers, but, Justin, you would love it here. It looks very


festive. Let's see the weather is going to be like. It looks like we


have a change on the way as we had through this week. It will be rather


cloudy with a lot of mist and fog but we will see some rain starting


to push in. The satellite picture shows we have a lot of cloud across


the south-west, some might rain and that cloud. The temperature is


getting to know tonight. We have various weather fronts out towards


the West. By tomorrow, we have one to watch out for. It. The cry, some


of the card will lift and then rain is spreading in in the afternoon.


The winds will pick up as well and was the end of the week, things do


start to settle down. We have a lot of cloud out there, most and we have


had some rain but the bulk of it is clearing towards the east. It will


be done overnight, a lot of mist and low cloud. With that cloud it does


mean temperatures are not too low. It should be frost free,


temperatures of three or 4 degrees. A grey, damp start tomorrow. One or


two places further east will see some spells of sunshine. Many of us


keeping that fairly solid layer of cloud. Not as mild as today, highs


of around eight or 9 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly we will see a


lot of cloud, some early drizzle and it will stay rather misty. Here are


your times of high water. In terms of our certain conditions, fairly


clean conditions. Here we will see five or six foot along the north


coast. The winds will become suddenly through the day. Some


drizzle at times and the visibility of all the good occasionally poor.


It does look like we will see a change through the week. Tomorrow we


will keep that low cloud but it. To shift as we had through the day.


Wednesday will look unsettled with strong winds and rain at times.


Thursday largely dry with some sunshine. Friday the winds picked up


with some rain spreading in. Rather blustery as we head towards


Christmas. Jim, a local folk singer is here this evening with the North


Dartmoor quire. But from us here at the Polar Express, we all believe,


the team here at Spotlight. Thank you for joining us. Enjoy the music.


Ben dropping a frozen turkey on Mum's foot.


Put me down! No, we talked about this.


Taser him! That is a video game, isn't it?


I'm going to need at least another 15 years to recover from children.


This is all nonsense - it's highly entertaining, nonetheless it's...


I'm starting this new job, I'm taking over a really tough school.


Where is it? You're not going down south...?


Huddersfield? I know. That's like the dark side of the moon.


You do know that this house is haunted?


This is all nonsense - it's highly entertaining, nonetheless it's...


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