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BBC website. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


On BBC One Concerns for the future of fishing -


Guernsey States agree terms If things continue, livelihoods not


thought about, we'll end up with just a part-time fleet.


athletes get a financial boost to compete in the island games.


A blast from the past - the shifting sands of time reveal


We'll have the results of the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery.


Catch limits are set to be introduced for fishing


boats in Guernsey - in a move which it's claimed


will put at least one local fisherman out of business.


It follows a long running dispute between the island


and the UK Government, which has resulted in a legal bill


There's around 150 boats in Guernsey's fishing fleet.


It's a tough and often dangerous profession -


The States has agreed to change the terms of fishing licenses


for all vessels over ten metres in length, to bring the island


into line with European fisheries management controls.


It means they'll now have to comply with monthly fishing quotas


A move which will put at least one local boat out of business.


In 2009 there was 150 tonnes of skate and rays caught around


It's now gone up to 180 tonnes - that's 30 tonnes more over


the period of seven years, so how can that be over fishing?


I know other places have been overfished, but that is not the case


here. The island's government


tried to fight the move - but lost a High Court battle


which cost more than ?150,000. Now the States say they've tried


to strike the best deal they can for the Guernsey fleet,


given the circumstances. We are hoping we can come to decent,


proper arrangements overall with Defra, which will mean the industry


can carry forward with future. It's a difficult future, but as I have


said on previous occasions to other people, it's in industry that is in


the DNA of Guernsey people. We want to do the absolute best we can to


protect it, but there are no easy answers.


The larger boats in the fleet are the first to be affected -


There's concerns it can have irreversible effects. If these


things continues without livelihoods being thought about, we will end up


with just a part-time fleet. Discussions over further


restrictions for smaller boats Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel


Islands News, Guernsey. Meanwhile questions on fishing


quotas was put to Guernsey's Head of Policy and Resources


and Jersey's Chief Minister Deputy Gavin St Pier


and Senator Ian Gorst spoke to the House of Lords on how


the UK's decision to leave the European Union will impact


the Crown Dependencies. The risks and opportunities facing


the Channel Islands existing relationship with the EU


is being assessed by The woman charged with causing


the death of Clinton Pringle will The toddler died after he was


knocked over crossing the road next 38-year-old Rebekah Le Gal


is charged with causing death Her case has been committed


to the Royal court in the New Year. Jersey athletes hoping to go


to Gotland for the Island Games next The States has announced it


will contribute over ?32,000 It's comes after some athletes


dropped out claiming Gotland has a lot to live up


to after Jersey's success The host island topped the medals


table, achieving one But with a host of better known


athletes pulling out, Fortunately, we've received some


extra funding from events at Fort Regent this year,


and that cobbled with a little bit of underspend we've been able to pay


for the deposits on the flights, which came to just over ?32,000,


which we're really pleased to do, and we hope is going to make


a difference in regards And those are costs that


Jersey's Island Games Association tries to help with by fundraising,


but it's not always enough. It would help us a great


deal in our fundraising to go away to Gotland,


which everyone knows is an expensive It was a complete surprise to me


yesterday when I got This was Lucy, one of Jersey's


brightest medal prospects, practising for last year's


Island Games at which she won gold. The Great Britain archer's competed


at World, European and Commonwealth level, but she wasn't planning


on going to Gotland. The costs were going up and up


and up, and I just thought it's Obviously the funding


from the States is absolutely incredible for every athlete,


I wish this had come out months ago, unfortunately it's too late for me


because I didn't submit my scores because I thought it


was too much money. So for Lucy it's back


to training for a season that Now, you may have heard quite a few


loud bangs along Jersey's coastline this year -


that's because four times more Around 20 weapons left over


from the island's past are uncovered every year,


but that's shot up to 80 this year because of the changing landscape


and more people out looking for them Armed with a metal


detector and a spade, Around 80 pieces of ammunition left


over from battles and wars have been found along Jersey's beaches this


year alone, because of dropping sand levels and the growing number


of enthusiasts like Tony. Out here, there is so much history


which you can come across anything, from cannon balls to bullets,


mortars, anything literally. It's unexpected to us sometimes what we


dig up. Even old copper kettles. What has been your most unique find?


Historical terms football, it is over 200 years old. We find


fragments, but with a fan of all wanted the intact before. Even


though it had been in the water for over 200 years.


When uncovered, they are passed onto Jersey's bomb expert to be


Because even though they may look past their best,


they can certainly remind you of what their intention was.


The majority of streaming nations, although they are rusty, they look


harmless -- of munitions. At the end of the day, there are as good as the


day there are made generally. It is just the exterior that has rusted.


Munitions deteriorate and become more dangerous, more sensitive to


movement. That's why if you come across one


the message it to leave well alone and call the experts


in to dispose them safely. Now, who wants to be


a Christmas millionaire? The Channel Island Christmas Lottery


has been drawn with a top The winning ticket number


is 338439 - congratulations and we'd love to hear


from you if you're the winner. However, if you missed out


on the top prize there are 12 others and can check your tickets


online, where we have And if like me and many of us,


I'm sure you've been talking about how you'd spend it,


here are a few ideas # I don't want a lot for Christmas


# There is just one thing I need. It would be very nice, wouldn't it? I


would probably buy a property or pay the mortgage off, the same as most


people. Holiday, somewhere nice. Dump my house, by a mobile home,


drive around Europe with my dog while my house is being done up. A


good holiday with the kids. I'm not sure. I would buy a house, start


with a good holiday. A decent car! And I fancy a rather expensive


cruise, I would go with to start with. I'm not I would do much what I


would do with the rest. We would buy a house and go on holiday. And


donate some to our charity, the original baby foundation. If only!


David Braine may not have a winning ticket but I'm sure he'll


Not that brilliant over the next few days, and no chance of snow for


Christmas, it is likely to be still quite mild. Some rain and drizzle at


times tomorrow, so quite a cloudy day, quite breezy for a time.


Generally the mild as sticks with us as well. One weather system will


stick with us tomorrow, but it ripples along, its progress is quite


slow. One amusing, we could end up with some cloud. Thursday is much


brighter before we see this little fellow. It is a girl, has been named


as Barbara, it looks like it is heading for the of Britain. For us,


you spot a rain overnight tonight, but more persistent towards morning.


Tantra is down to six or 7 degrees. Breezy for the morning, edge


temperatures down. The wind will slowly ease, and by the afternoon it


isn't so blustery. The risk of persistent rain at times. 11 degrees


the top temperature. That is 52 Fahrenheit. Here is our times of


high water. Some usable surf, but most of our beaches will be quite


choppy at times with those winds eventually becoming more westerly.


Here is the coastal waters forecast, South south-westerly 5-6. Fearing


westerly and easing. Occasional rain, moderate or the lady in the


rain. This takes us to Christmas Eve. Thursday bright and mainly dry,


quietly on Thursday. Friday, at the bottom end of the new area of


pressure which has been given a name. It is blustery on Friday,


expect outbreaks of rain. Bright for Christmas Eve, and it could well be


rather Gray for Christmas Day. Not too bad. But still quite mild.


Federer, David. I'm back at it be better at a PM. Right


now, I'm off to check my lottery ticket.


to receive France's highest honour finally received their medals today.


The French Government decided to award the Legion D'Honneur


to all servicemen who helped Liberate their country


But the application from Torbay was beset with problems and has


However as Our South Devon reporter John Ayres explains,


It's been quite a wait, but finally today the last


of Torbay's Normandy veterans waiting to be honoured recieved


Better to be given it after the war, but anyway, here we are.


Getting medals, you know, at this late day, late hour, you know.


There were far more who deserved to win a medal than me.


I was lucky, I was able to go through without being killed, so,


you know, that was privilige, luck, I don't know


My friend was killed that first night.


The French government wanted to thank all the servicemen


who helped liberate the country from the Nazis


They decided to offer the medal to all living


The problem was the French and our Ministry of Defence had


twice as many applications as they were expecting.


Emails got lost, then they may write back and say we haven't got


the address of the recipient, only his name or we've got his name


It just went on and on and I can only assume that there


Sadly seven of our veterans died before they managed to recieve


It's been a real chase, but I'm grateful to colleagues


in parliament and particularly to the veterans minister who's


helped chase this forward and I'm just pleased that now,


with Christmas coming, they've got the medals


There was also a medal for Rob Barber but he couldn't be here.


Awarding these medals is something the French really wanted to do,


and although these veterans had to wait, they are very


A Devon woman is set for literary fame this Christmas having been


selected from almost 1,000 competition entries in the search


to find a modern equivalent to the timeless festive tale,


The winning children's story is Sol The Slug's Night Before Christmas,


A story about a slug living under a family's floorboards,


who assumes Christmas is not for him, until he comes


face-to-face with Santa, and Lucy joins us in the studio now.


Congratulations. Hello, thank you. A slug is not the first creature you


would think of at Christmas so how did that come about? Perhaps


slightly embarrassingly, we have quite a big slug problem in our


house and for many years we have tried to block holes and stop them


getting through and at one point we just thought we would accept the


slugs and one day I saw they had done a sort of pattern on the rug


and that is sort of where the idea for the story came from really of


looking at them at a different way. You say looking at a different way


because you say slugs are quite surprising and we can learn a lot


from them. Absolutely, you look at them and you thinks I'm young


discussing that actually they can be artists I suppose. Tell us about the


store you focused on because reading the reviews of those who have


already read it, there was a feeling it is the true spirit of Christmas.


Without spoiling the ending for those who haven't entered -- Reddit,


what is the essential story? Essentially it is about a little


slut who comes out at Christmas Eve that he sees all the things around


him and he thinks Christmas is not for him but Father Christmas comes


down and puts him right and since Christmas is for everyone no matter


how slimy you are. It is a message of inclusivity. This competition is


quite major, what you expect it to do for you? Will lead to other


things? Hopefully, yes. It is on Amazon at the moment so hopefully we


are thinking... That is a free download, isn't it? Yes, hopefully a


lot of people will take interest in it and I will go on writing and


hopefully who knows in the future, more books, fingers crossed! Lots of


people try to get stories, particularly children's stories


published. What do you think the secret of successes. What you have


to have? What grain of an idea do you have to have for it to a


success? I think a lot of it is just having a magic formula and the idea


that works as a story but a lot of it is also just perseverance and


keeping going with it. It is a long process. I started writing


creatively when I was 19 and I am now 34 so it has taken that long. It


is just being in it for the long haul and a bit of patience. This


could now be a new Christmas classic! Fingers crossed. Thank you


for coming in. Now, it's day two of our


Spotlight Express journey For, those of you who were


watching last night, you'll remember I was at the home


of the Dartmoor Polar Express as we launched our week long series


of films on Christmas trains. Well, as train rides go,


the Lappa Valley Steam Railway near Newquay isn't the biggest


or the longest. But that didn't stop


the Spotlight Special delivering 40 passengers to a very special


destination at the end of the 1.5 John Henderson was lucky enough


to catch the Santa Express. Welcome to the spotlight express at


Lappa Valley Steam Railway. Never a dull moment! I love Lappa


Valley. I come four times a year. Honor Roll the Spotlight Express


powering down the valley. 40 passengers on board and waiting to


meet the big man. Santa also came by train, driven naturally enough by


one of his reindeer. Absolutely marvellous, I love coming to Lappa


Valley, you know, especially when I fly in over the village of new Lynn


East. The lights down below me are absolutely splendid. Here is the


proof. A present that just keeps giving, and one that means


everything for Jeanette. It is fantastic and it started off at this


pub. Everybody has just built on it and build on it and if you look


behind you that house has just done an amazing job. That inspiration


came ten years ago. The village has never looked back. Jeanette and her


husband John saw the light started fundraising for more this. We put


the lights up I would buy the lights and people of the village host them


and they plugged the moon but three years ago John died and... So... For


the collection for his funeral we raised over ?500 and we bought a


beautiful shooting star in memory of him. It takes pride of place outside


Jeanette 's home and in the last few years people have also made lanterns


and followed as Father Christmas as the lights are turned on, but this


naturally as special symbolism for the woman dubbed the lady of the


lights. It makes me think of him every night when I look up to the


sky, but just at Christmas. Every day is Christmas when you look up to


the stars. At Santa 's grotto the important work is almost died. And


you will make sure to put my doggie on the list does well, remember


that. I will put your doggie on the list, of course I will remember


that. No trouble at all. All aboard the Spotlight Express for the return


journey! Time to take the train home.


What a great journey that was a! Some great Christmas lights as well


and another stop on the Spotlight Express on the programme tomorrow.


From a 100-year-old war hero to youngsters who've


overcome huge challenges, we've met some of the South West's


most inspiring people on Spotlight during 2016.


They've included champions in sport, those who've been determined to beat


the odds and others whose exploits have surprised and delighted us.


So as the year draws to a close here's a look back at some


of the people who've made a lasting impression on us and you.


You could be just another person sat at home and eating what you want and


carrying on as life is going, until it ends. If you would like to step


on the scales, please? Unbelievable. Absolutely incredible. Your weight


is 123 kilos which is 11 and a half stone in weight loss. Brilliant. So,


fantastic. Fantastic. My brothers were terrible, they said


if I didn't come home with two golds than I was getting on the flight


back home but unfortunately I came back with a silver and gold, which


isn't too bad. Me and Lewis are out OK? -- out


front, OK. Good job, Riley! I send e-mails and I don't trust


banking on it. It's not that I'm frightened of, I'm afraid of making


a mistake myself. I didn't expect to be so near the edge of life really.


Congratulations. Thank you very, very much indeed. I believe you me,


I treasure it. It is an honour. That has made us all well up again,


hasn't it? That has to be one of the most incredible moments of the year.


Look, we have found our tree from last year. I thought he had been


banished to the loft, never to be seen again! Delighted to see again


after all this time. David, is there a storm coming in?


There is on Friday but maybe not for us, it is passing through the north


of the country. The next few days are not looking too bad for us, it


is damp with rain in the forecast and more tomorrow and a bit breezy


but especially tomorrow morning. Generally quite mild. I don't think


there was any chance of seeing anything white this Christmas. The


layer of crap that stretches from the rest of Scotland act here to the


middle of the Atlantic joins up with a weather front over Canada at the


moment. That weather system will drag its way over and asked for the


night to come and it is reasonably close in the day tomorrow but it


will go through and Thursday is going to be the brightest day of the


week, largely dry. Perhaps a chance to get outside and make sure the


garden is secure because there is a new area of low pressure that has


been called Barbara by the Irish Met service and the UK Met Office. It


looks like it's track will take us -- take it well away from us, to the


north, but there was a squeeze on the eye to bars and a weather front


that will produce heavy rain for a time on Friday afternoon. This


evening and overnight tonight has rain coming in which is patchy right


now but it will become more widespread and persistent later in


the night. Temperatures will fall to five or 6 degrees for most of us but


I think a lot of the wet weather should be gone by the time we get up


in the morning. The exception is parts of Dorset and the ease of


Somerset where temperatures will start the day at five or six or 7


degrees for most of us. Not a bad start with briefly some brightness


but quickly the weather front returns and produces further


outbreaks of rain, particularly in the afternoon. Winds are fresh from


the South West but will slowly drop and become north-westerly by the end


of the afternoon and temperatures should get up to double figures. The


forecast for the Isles of Scilly. Brighter in the afternoon once the


weather front clears. Times of high water.


As we saw through the weekend and last week the waves are out there


and the north-west is between nine and 12 feet with quite choppy


conditions as well, if not messy. There is the coastal waters


forecast. Patchy rain around with moderate visibility in the rain.


Friday looks like it will be a wet and windy day but mild with


temperatures up to 12 or 13. Saturday is Christmas Eve and it


will be quite blustery but mainly dry. Saturday night is windy for


Father Christmas, but he can cope with that.


Let's hope so! Thank you very much. That's all from us for now with the


next update at 10:30pm. Remind me what this Christmas decoration did?


It will drive everyone mad. So glad I asked. Good night.


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