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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


A frenzied Friday for shoppers sees a buying boost


Bed shortages and cancelled operations Jersey's hospital


continues to struggle under pressure.


We count down the weird, the wonderful and heart


warming stories that got you talking in 2016.


We have quite a blustery Christmas ahead of us. Quite mild, but next


week it is somewhat colder. I will have all the details later in the


programme. It's frenzied Friday


for Christmas shoppers. And this year, while it may have


been a bumper time for people buying online in Guernsey,


it seems the High Street It's thought changes made to parking


in town at peak times has encouraged people to get out and go shopping


as Lucy Bickerton has With just two more sleeps


until Christmas, it's But how much present buying has been


done from the comfort of home? Half-and-half. This year we did do


some shopping online, but now we are doing more on high-street.


High-street mostly. Yes, for me as well. Mostly online. Definitely. You


won't be able to buy lovely jumpers like this here. On the high street,


because I prefer to see what I'm buying. If it doesn't fit, I take it


back and change it. Guernsey Post says they've


had their busiest December yet. And put the increase down to more


people buying online. But initial views are that shops


are also doing well this Christmas. The good weather may have helped,


but its thought relaxing some parking restrictions in town has


also meant more people It's one of those things


where you you do come with an initiative which this year


has been fantastic, you work on that and next time we'll perhaps get


through to the public who perhaps So has this really encouraged some


people away from their computers I definitely brought mum in today


knowing that we probably had a bit longer because it takes a longer


walk in and everything. It's a good idea. Anything to encourage people


to come into town and support local traders is a good idea. I don't


think so. I think shopping is a must, so if you need to come into


town, you need to park and that's it, really.


The festive retail number crunching won't take place until the new year.


But for now it seems many will be raising a glass


13 planned operations have had to be cancelled so far this week


as Jersey's hospital continues to come under stress.


Recent staff illness has added to the pressures of severe bed


shortages and it's not known whether the situation


Emma Chambers has the latest details.


As you see with all the lights on in the wards inside,


the hospital is far from closed, but it is under pressure.


Managers admit there is a strain on resources at the moment -


this week the hospital has been on red alert, the second highest


category, but has since stayed stable at an amber alert


That means there's a low number of beds available.


The situation hasn't been helped by higher than usual numbers


of staff off sick, which has led to the cancellation of a number


operations including six yesterday and two today.


The hospital says it's regrettable but unfortunately unavoidable.


In total 13 operations have been cancelled this week.


So with Christmas round the corner, what does the next few


Well, the good news is that there are fewer procedures planned over


Christmas until the New Year, so clearly fewer operations


But there also are asking people to act appropriately.


That means only using the emergency department if absolutely necessary,


cancelling appointments if patients have had flu or vomiting,


and contacting GPs and pharmacists for advice on norovirus type


It means using the emergency department just for emergencies.


A 31-year-old man in Jersey has been committed to the Royal Court to face


Wayne Highfield of Regent Road in St Helier is accused of sexually


assaulting a 25-year-old woman at the end of last year.


This morning he appeared at Jersey Magistrates' Court


where his case was committed to the Royal Court.


Fishing for sea bass has been banned in Jersey's waters.


The island's Environment Minister says he's made the move to ensure


the survival of the fish for future generations.


Commercial ships won't be able to fish for bass,


and recreational fishermen will have to put back any bass they catch.


It's the latest step as part of efforts to protect local stocks.


The latest figures have been released revealing the numbers


of births deaths and marriages in Jersey for 2015.


The annual report shows 1052 babies were born on the island -


the vast majority in St Helier, where the hospital is, with just 22


Almost 500 couples got married and additionally


778 people died - 96 more than the previous year.


Christmas not only dents our purses, but also our relationships.


Citizens Advice Jersey say January is the busiest month


for relationship advice because of the financial


and family pressures that come with the festive break.


It says there is lots of support and advice out there


for when relationships break down, but how you cope on the day can


Some children go up -- grew up hating Christmas because of


arguments and what happened in their household. Don't let that become a


legacy of the break-up of your relationship or indeed your divorce.


Try and, you know, keep it civil for ever on's benefit and think of the


longer term goals. -- for everyone's So as we steam ahead towards 2017,


we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at the year's big


stories - but what were they? Penny Elderfield has the top ten


stories that got you talking and clicking on this year -


and there are some surprises. 2016 has a lot to be remembered for.


At number ten, it's the tale of this sick cat which was taken to


Guernsey's animal shelter. Things weren't looking good. Until, that


is, it had a good wash, when it became clear it was just a puppet.


Number nine, it is the five Jersey boys who went for the England


manager job. What are you doing in here? Eye after my job? They ended


up meeting the man who got it, Sam Allardyce. He is a big friendly


giant. Very friendly. We now know he wasn't there for long. The number


eight spot goes to Guernsey's election. With all be hellos,


goodbyes, highs and lows. That's politics. You know, move on to other


things. An appearance at number seven, although it is all about


where you do another one or two on board. The ferry operator had to


change its toilet signs from ladies and gents to symbols after a


complaint or transgender discrimination. Wrapping it up at


number six, it is the wrapping teacher from Jersey. Catching the


attention of American rapper 50 cents. He thinks he has some flow.


At number five, -- rapper 50 Cent. The greatest honour any diplomat can


display. This Jersey woman sheltered her Jewish friend for 12 months,


risking her own life to save his. Another act of wartime bravery at


number four. These men were deported to prisons in Europe for


distributing news sheets. After seven decades of searching, this


year their daughters finally found them. At last. I have found the


closure I was looking for. At number three, enjoying the December


sunshine may be the best option for pupils at this Jersey school. After


their annual summer beach trips were cancelled because of health and


safety. A nautical number two, and the quest to find a name for this


research vessel. Eventually, it was after Sir David Attenborough, but


the public voted for Boaty McBoatface, a suggestion from


Jersey. The chief Mr Hurd made headlines after describing the


island as Islamophobic when talking about the decision not to accept


refugees. He later apologised for his comments, but perhaps won't be


celebrating his win on this occasion. An eclectic win to say the


least, but bring on 2017 and all the weird and wonderful news we get to


hear about. Some great stories there.


Jersey's Christmas Day swim in St Ouen's Bay has had to be moved


for the first time because of Storm Barbara.


Stormy seas and strong winds mean the conditions are just too


dangerous so instead it will be held at St Brelade.


Scores of people are expected for the event which sees swimmers


take a dip in the winter waves without a wet suit.


This is the first time we've moved it. Obviously we've been looking at


the weather charts for the last week, and obviously the isobars are


tallying up. That rapper tightening up. The wind is increasing. With the


wind and the swell, the rips etc, it will be slightly dangerous for


swimming in the Bay. That's just one of the many


Christmas day swims taking place but will the weather help us


into the icy waters, Thank you. Hello, good evening. I


think that Christmas this year will not be too bad for the islands. It


will be quite blustery. Generally quite mild, and we will see some


showers dotted around from time to time. They're set up at the moment


is for quite deep areas of low pressure to pass between Scotland


and Iceland. One that is moving away through the night to come, and


another quickly follows. The races in the same sort of direction toward


Iceland through Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day. The weather


front that trails behind that will eventually get to us, probably not


until Christmas Day night and the small Isles of Boxing Day morning.


Until then, we have some patchy rain to get rid of first, and those


blustery winds, but they should die down later this evening and with


clear skies at times, tempered as well into single figures, down as


low as 7 degrees. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, bright, dry and


breezy day. Some sunshine. Just the chance of a few passing showers, but


they will be few and far between. Still quite mild, ten or 11 degrees


I think will be the maximum temperature with a brisk west or


south westerly breeze. Our times of high water. St Hilaire 2:33am and


250 7p. Some big waves have been generated by those two areas of low


pressure in the Atlantic. I don't think the server will be that clean


with onshore winds. The winds are from the West tomorrow, Force five


and occasionally six. Generally fair with good visibility. Here is the


outlook of way to and including the early part of next week. Sunday


starts bright and dry. Christmas Day. We will see pretty good


temperatures on Sunday, 12, 13 degrees. A blustery south west wind


which will increase through the morning and become strong to gale


force in the afternoon. A front going through overnight, so Boxing


Day is bright and dry with lighter wind and then turning cold and


quiet. For the early part of next week. Have a good evening.


Before we go, just a reminder there are regular news,


travel and weather updates on BBC Radio Guernsey


From all of us here at BBC Channel Island News,


finish it off. Enjoy. I will, probably too much. That is very nice


actually. I do have to go back to work boat. See you in a bit, go on,


go. Still to come in


tonight's programme... Join me for corals and horses at


Bigley barracks. -- carols. And a blustery Christmas I had. Quite mild


but next week at a somewhat colder. Now the last of our


Santa Steam Train series. Given the time of year we've been


taking some special journeys on the railway and tonight we travel


between Paignton and Kingswear. On the Spotlight Express we meet two


young passengers whose lives are affected by illness this


Christmas. Our reporter John Danks


followed their trip Welcome aboard the spotlight express


on the Dartmouth steam railway. As the train steams on towards


Kingswinford Dartmouth the excitement is on board is building.


One passenger trying to take it all then is four-year-old Flynn who is


here with his grandparents. Flynn's is with us today because his big


sister has been rushed to Children's Hospital. She is being treated for


cancer at the moment and has been fighting for 15 months. Her third


session of chemotherapy so she is away for three months now. Doing


events and trips like this with the little one is very special to him


because he misses his sister and his mum. And soon it is time to meet


Santa himself. I like your jumper! I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Thank you very much. Flynn's trip was paid for by the Torbay holiday


helpers network, a charity that specialises in days out for families


with seriously ill children. I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Also


getting into the festive spirit is four-year-old Harry from Newton


Abbot. Is ticket provided by a cancer charity. He has been


undergoing treatment for leukaemia since April. It is one of those


little things, it is very small and it means so much to them. He has


been so excited. Because Father Christmas is here so it is brilliant


really. Magic of it. And Flynn already knows what he wants for


Christmas. To play with Allah. -- for to play with Ella. It looks


like these two have headed off. In the run up to the big day we've


seen families reunited as servicemen and women return from tours of duty


- others of course won't be home We'll hear their Christmas


message in a moment. But first military families have


gathered to sing carols at the home Johnny Rutherford is


at Bickleigh Barracks. A carol service with a bit of a


difference, isn't it? Actually we are at Bickleigh Barracks but have a


look around, this is in fact the stables at Bickleigh Barracks. Where


22 horses although they are not quite military forces but I will


explain that in a second are here at Bickleigh Barracks. Earlier on I had


a look around the stables. The stable club was founded in 1961 but


the horses aren't actually military working horses, no Trooping the


Colour here. Some are owned by military personnel and some by


Republic. Cathy Gillespie runs the stables. Who are the stables


actually for? They are here for families and their children and not


just the military but also be public as well so anybody can come up and


have riding lessons and see the work that we do, our primary purpose is


to provide riding lessons and horse care for military families. Would


you like to have a look around? That would be great. Let me put Bob to


bed and there will be right with you. This is thin. Hello. He is


still a baby. Here we have grace. Hello. She is wondering what is


going on. She is gorgeous. And then we come to my favourite because he


is my horse. This is labour. The stables here, we work very closely


with soldiers who have PTSD and problems like that so we are doing


therapy with them. We're going to be extending that into 2017. Quite a


big thing because back in May the stables were close to closing and


within two weeks, and now all good to go. 2017 is definitely for you to


be our year. Something special going on? I am not going to say, watch


this space, but there is going to be something very special happening


over 2017. The commander of 42 commando is here. What does this


mean having the stables here? It is wonderful, it brings great warmth


and character to the unit. We are having the carol service this


evening not just to get into the Christmas spirit to remember all the


people at 42 Commando deployed at the moment. Members in the Middle


East but also people in the Naval service and wider Armed Forces


working for Christmas and means we can figure them. There are some


families here this evening? Yes, the stables live with us here at


Bickleigh Barracks but they work with servicepeople from all over the


Naval service and give a lots of the community so we are bringing in the


family is deceiving to say thank you. It is always a difficult time,


to be away from families. Yes, as I said we have people away and it


gives us a moment to think of them. The stables are all about a


community and family spirit and there is no better time than


Christmas to have that. Hopefully we will hear some music later on.


As we mentioned - many military families won't be


together this year - spending the festive


The men and women on board HMS Ocean which is currently out in the Gulf


have sung their Christmas wishes ? well, almost.


# Were going to have a party tonight.


# Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun.


# The season, love and understanding, Merry Christmas,


everyone. And you can see the full video


on our Facebook page. Well, the big day really is almost


upon us now and here at Spotlight we're big fans of Christmas,


so our Christmas celebrations Here is a reminder. It is nearly


over, this stupid money spending bracket we call Christmas. The


pantries are stuffed with charities, cakes and puddings. Sellers are


dripping with... Sorry, I have forgotten it. Can we start again?


What a fantastic site. And Santa Claus has got 31 hours. How much do


you get paid? I think that is a personal matter, isn't it? Would you


do it for nothing? I would if they wanted me to.


I looked across the field. I thought I saw a rabbit, spiced the rain


gear. When we came close it was a baby reindeer! 531 hours and that


gives us the speed which is 6 million mph.


Looking at the plumpness of the breast. Do you agree? Yes.


The knowing nod. I think someone is following you around. I will miss


him after Christmas. It feels like Christmas eve, but that is not so


plenty of time to start the shopping! I would think about what


It looks like we will have a relatively quiet Christmas. There


will be some wind. Quite a strong wind. It is easing off a bit


tonight. It will return tomorrow. Generally it is mild and we will see


some showers dotted around. Compared to other parts of the country we are


doing quite well. That book of cloud to the north-east is one area of low


pressure. That is leaving Canada. Tracking across the Atlantic and it


has been given a name and it looks like that will head towards the


centre of Bavaria. Heading towards the far north of Scotland. For much


of Christmas Eve for tomorrow looks like it will be dry. A few showers


dotted around. That turns up through Christmas Day. The weather front


will arrive late in the day for us on Christmas day afternoon into


Christmas Day evening. Let's have a look at the rain we saw earlier


today because that is now clearing away from Dorset and the east of


Somerset and what we are left with is more broken cloud over to the


West. This was earlier today where is there was some pretty big waves.


Strong gusts of wind earlier today have whipped up the seas. Not too


bad for people other than the bug with the breeze nowhere near as


strong across the northern half of Britain. 40 or 50 mph. Those winds


have eased and I think for tomorrow it won't be nearly as windy and


actually quite a bit brighter too. This evening and overnight tonight


the first line of showers clears away and we are left with clear


skies. Just a few showers dotted around. In between some lengthily


clear skies which will it turns quite cold. Overnight temperatures


could well be as low as three or four Celsius. I don't think we will


see a frost but it will be a cold start. We should get some morning


sunshine before the cloud thickens and later in the day we will start


to see thicker cloud approach from the far west but most of the day


brightened dry. The chance for a few showers. Otherwise a dry story and


not as windy is today. Temperatures getting up to an around ten or 11.


For the Isles of Scilly bright and breezy then cloudy in the afternoon.


For other surfers the waves are going to be big. Very messed up


because of the wind. Ten feet along the northern shores of Cornwall. The


winds for the coastal waters are westerly. Forced 5-6. Mainly fair


with generally good visibility. Here is the Christmas Day broadcast. A


lot of cloud and also quite windy. Not strong to start with but picked


up and in the afternoon on the coastline we will have gale force


winds. Through boxing day and the early part of next week it is much


quieter but also quite a bit colder. The only white stuff we are likely


to see is a bit of frost from early next week. From all of us have a


lovely Christmas, back to you. Well, that's our last full


programme before Christmas - we will, of course, keep you up


to date in our bulletins We'll leave you tonight


with the sound of members From Arsenal, a very happy


Christmas. -- we leave you with Rudolph, the


red nose reindeer.


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