26/12/2016 Channel Islands News


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Good evening. the news where you are. Goodbye.


A man from Torquay is in a critical condition in Antigua


37 year old Christopher Tester was injured during an attempted


robbery at his parent's restaurant last night.


Friends have launched an urgent 90 thousand pound appeal to fly him


We are all very shocked as you can probably imagine.


His parents are very well loved members of our expat community here,


they have had a couple of restaurants throughout the years


and it is extremely shocking and saddening what has happened


Chris flew out a few days ago to come and help with Christmas


and was due to fly back home on the 29th of December.


It is something you do not expect to hear when you wake


The former Wham bandmate of George Michael has paid tribute


to the friend he says was the finest singer/songwriter of his generation.


Andrew Ridgely, who lives near Wadebridge in Cornwall,


was reacting on social media following news of the global


superstar's passing yesterday at the age of 53.


Writing on Twitter, Ridgely said he was "heartbroken" at the loss


of his beloved friend ...who would be "forever loved"


and missed "by his family, his friends, the world of music


In Guernsey, police say they believe the body of a man who disappeared


six months ago has been found by children out for


a walk on Christmas Eve. Steven Corbet was last seen getting


off a bus at Portelet Bay and reported missing on the 27th


Police say formal identification will take in a few weeks


but evidence at the scene suggested it was Mr Corbet.


There are calls for the government to do more to combat homelessness


Official figures show that around 500 people are sleeping rough


in the region.Charities, though, say this is just


Harriet Bradshaw's been hearing the story of one former


The simple pleasures of many young people.


But for Dan, life hasn't always been this straightforward.


Recently following a relationship breakdown, he ended up


I felt like I was a piece of dirt that someone


It is terrifying for someone who has never done it before,


who had a home and a fantastic life before that and then you have


to come out and do something like live on the streets.


The latest government figures suggest more than 500 people sleep


Unless we see some structural change in terms of government policy around


benefits and housing supply, this problem is only


Life is looking better for Dan since getting help


From this to this, you can see what I have got now,


The government says it is protecting homelessness prevention funding


with an extra ?5.7 million specifically for the Southwest.


Harriet Bradshaw, BBC Spotlight, Exeter.


On to sport and hundreds of football fans have been queuing today


to get their hands on tickets for Plymouth Argyle's FA Cup away


match against Liverpool on January the 8th.


Tickets went on sale at nine o'clock.


Many fans had been waiting since the early hours.


Today's sale was for club members, non members will be able to buy


The club has around eight and a half thousand tickets for the game.


Just got your tickets, how do you feel?


We have been here since 8 o'clock this morning


I am so relieved that we have got our lovable tickets.


Special, we don't play Liverpool every week, do we?


It seems a long time, but never mind.


But Argyle were knocked off the top of League two this afternoon


after drawing 3 all with Wycombe at Home Park.


The Pilgrims led 3-1 but the visitors fought back


Meanwhile there was a point a piece for Exeter and Yeovil with the local


And in the National League, Torquay United beat Forest Green


Hundreds of swimmers braved the chilly waters around our coast


today to take a traditional Boxing Day dip.


This was Charlestown in Cornwall where the rowing club organised


While in St Ives, bathers from as far afield as Australia took


part in the sunny swim at Porthminster beach -


they were raising money for a homeless charity


and for the Wave project which aims to help youngsters build


On to the weather and Ian Ferguson has the forecast...


A marked change of weather type with high pressure


dominating the pattern, meaning the return


of some cold nights, but for tomorrow, a fine day.


We will find further east in the region, temperatures


particularly in the countryside dropping below freezing,


Not so towards the South West peninsula and the Channel Islands.


The odd patch of fog as we start tomorrow,


but effectively it is looking a fine day, for the most part,


a lot of sunshine, a bit more cloud across parts of Cornwall


and here brisk winds feeding in from the south-east,


but light and variable winds as we head further


Similar story in the Channel Islands, temperatures tomorrow


broadly in the range of between seven and 9 degrees.


That is all for us for now. We will have another update at 12 o'clock


tomorrow. Goodbye for now. and longer spells of rain over


northern isles. By the end of the night, temperatures recovering once


again after a chilly evening, three to five Celsius. Tomorrow and for


the next couple of days, we have this area of high pressure which


will really settle the weather down, compared with of late. We start


tomorrow on a mainly dry note. There will be a few showers continuing in


the north-west and the northern isles, and the wind picking up here


as we go through the day. Elsewhere, it's looking dry, with plenty of


brightness and sunshine and not as raw a field tomorrow as we have had


today, with less in the way of wind. Temperature wise, up a notch to


around seven to nine Celsius. For the rest of the UK, we are also


under the influence of high pressure. Dry conditions across the


board, with brightness and sunshine and very little in terms of wins.


Temperatures around six or seven. On home turf tomorrow evening, it stays


dry with perhaps a touch of frost in sheltered rural parts. A


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