27/12/2016 Channel Islands News


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A Torquay man who was shot in the head in Antigua


is being flown off the island for urgent medical treatment.


Christopher Tester was seriously injured during an attempted robbery


at his parents' restaurant on Christmas Day.


An appeal has so far raised ?40,000 to try to get him back to the UK.


A picture postcard paradise, but this idyllic beach-side


restaurant became a crime scene as Chris and his parents


were finishing up after serving customers on


A masked armed robber held them at gunpoint and


during the scuffle the 37-year-old was shot in the head.


He has been in an induced coma ever since.


Yes, it is true, mate, it is our Chris.


Back home in Devon, friends at his local


pub have been helping with the


fundraising to get him urgent medical treatment as he didn't have


I am led to believe the bullet went in under


the left temple and exited under the right eye.


They are very concerned about swelling of the


brain and things like that but he's not well enough at this stage to be


Enough has been donated to transfer him by


helicopter to one of the nearby French islands.


He was agitated yesterday so they have put him into a deeper


The agitation apparently is a good sign because it means he was


able to hear everything that was going on.


Friends and family say Chris is a fighter but they all know the


next 24 hours will be critical due to the serious nature of his


Hundreds of people are still on Dartmoor tonight


following an illegal rave which had to be broken up by police.


Around a thousand people gathered near Bellever late last night.


In sub-zero temperatures, there were fears for some revellers


The police are concerned about safety.


About 25 officers have been here all day, the


We are living in a world that is grey if


you cannot have fun and to us this fun so why is it made illegal?


There have been objections to the noise.


Local residents reporting it in the early hours.


They have closed down voluntarily but I'm going to serve


them a formal notice to ensure they cannot come back


At its peak it is estimated 1000 were at the illegal rave, now


they're worried for those who could get left behind.


It was extremely cold last night and several of the


people leaving the site have been saying they are really cold and


struggling to warm up which is one of the reasons why our ambulance


It is getting very cold here now, that's why the emergency services


are going through the woods to look for people who are still on site and


making sure no one goes unaccounted for.


A search for the crew of a missing boat has been suspended in Cornwall


following a distress call saying they were taking on water.


lifeboat from Padstow, a coastguard team from Bude


and a rescue helicopter carried out an extensive


search for the Whisky One, but nothing was found.


The vessel is still missing, and coastguards say they need


to know if the crew made it to safety.


Conditions last night were a lot worse than they are today and as you


Our RNLI crew work on a voluntary basis, they put their lives at risk


incident and it needs to be dealt with.


A forty mile an hour speed limit could be brought


in across Bodmin Moor to cut the amount of livestock deaths.


Speed restrictions were previously introduced at Pensilva after 22


ponies died from being hit by vehicles in just one year.


It drastically cut the number of pony deaths prompting calls


for a 40 mile an hour limit across the entire moor.


Cornwall Council has costed a feasibility


Time for the weather now, here's Sarah Farmer.


Hello and a very good evening to you.


We have a chilly end to a bright day and we stick with that


chilly theme through the coming days.


Tonight as well some patchy frost here and there and then mist


and fog, especially in the east of the region where we have yellow


weather warnings from the Met Office in place from midnight tonight to


noon Wednesday, for the foggy conditions


which could prove tricky on the


Quite grey skies in the east tomorrow morning,


Some of the fog could be stubborn and linger on to


Some good brightness further west and in the


Cloudy and cool conditions to take us up to the New Year.


Good evening. It's a wintry night out there. Temperatures as low as


minus three in one or two places already. For some of us the frost


never shifted all day long. This shot was taken in Somerset. Tonight,


some frost free places in Scotland. Fog will develop as we work through


the night. It becomes wide spread. That's the issue in the morning,


disruption certainly possible with a lot of people on the move. Check out


local radio stations for the latest updates. Warnings in force from the


Met Office. Parts of south-west Wales and England seeing early


sunshine. Generally a lot of freezing fog around, which will be


hard to shift through the day, as we'll see in a moment. The odd


pocket of frost further north. Temperatures higher in Northern


Ireland and Scotland. Drizzly rain across the western Highlands.


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