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A man from Torquay who was shot in the head during an armed robbery


in Antigua has been safely flown to another island for


37-year-old Chris Tester is now being treated in Guadeloupe


following the attack at his parent's restaurant on Christmas Day.


A luxury holiday to Antigua turned into a nightmare.


37-year-old Chris Tester from Torquay was helping his parents


at their restaurant on Christmas Day.


But a masked, armed robber held them at gunpoint and Chris


His sister, Vicky, from Bristol, is anxiously waiting for news.


I spoke to my dad, and he just said "I've got some bad news.


Today, he was transferred to another island for specialist care.


He's in an induced coma and they're just desperately trying to...


Because originally they wanted to get him straight back to the UK.


You know, they wanted to get him to a hospital here because


But they were advised it's not safe to fly him.


It's a long flight and the pressure, it would be too dangerous for him.


A crowd funded appeal has so far raised more than ?60,000 to fund


treatment and to get Chris back to the UK.


He's a really laid easy-going kind of...


Even, he literally wouldn't hurt a fly.


Vicky says their parents emigrated over ten years ago but they've never


The body of a man in his 60s has been recovered


The area was cordoned off shortly after one o'clock today.


Meanwhile, in Paignton, the body of a woman has been


Torbay lifeboat was called to the scene following reports


someone had been seen falling from Paignton Pier.


Exeter's main hospital made almost ?2 million


Torbay Hospital took almost ?800,000, and Dorset County more


The figures came from a Press Association investigation.


Hospitals say the money is invested in front line services,


But, as Harriet Bradshaw's been finding out, critics


The amount made through hospital car parking charges and fines.


Here at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, last year,


almost ?2 million was made through car parking charges.


And more than ?50,000 in car parking fines.


It's not the only hospital to feature in a new report today.


Torbay and Dorset County both say money they raise goes


into the upkeep of their car parks, and some patients don't pay.


But, with NHS hospitals across England making more money,


We get lots of calls on our helpline about this.


People are very concerned about it, and the prices seem to have


It's almost like an additional tax on people that are


So, really recognise this is a sensitive issue for the public,


which is why we make sure that we invest our parking income


One is that we spend money straight back into patient care.


And, secondly, we subsidise the park and ride service which is a service


that is available for both visitors to the hospital staff.


Not all hospitals in the south-west took part in the survey


but the findings are sure to spark more debate.


People left behind after an illegal Boxing Day rave on Dartmoor


have said they're sorry for any disruption caused.


They spoke to BBC Spotlight from woodland near Bellever,


where clear up work's been taking place today.


Car keys lost, these revellers have no way of leaving Dartmoor.


Stranded and cold, there has been time to reflect.


It is a shame if it has disturbed some people which,


I'm sorry if it did ruin anybody's Boxing Day.


As well as the response from the emergency services,


an animal charity was called out to collect escaped ponies at risk


We all had to drop tools, down family time, and come out


and put extra resourcing into gates and ensuring the ponies


Our big concern was the ponies escaping onto the roads or getting


Steps have been taken today to restore order.


The message going out to that community is you are not welcome


to come to Forestry Commission land and carry out your activities.


It's a danger for the members of the public who are here enjoying


legitimate activities, like walking, cycling,


They're are also putting themselves in danger,


they're driving around the woodlands, they're using our


woods as a toilet, and they're also disturbing wildlife.


The last traces of mess are being cleaned up.


The focus now moves to preventing raves like this in future.


Clare Woodling reporting from Dartmoor.


Now, it's a time of year when many of us like to get out


in the countryside but it's not so easy if mobility is an issue.


Here's our Environment Correspondent Adrian Campbell on a new all-terrain


buggy scheme which has been pioneered here in the south-west.


You'll get that good viuew when we get around the corner.


This all-terrain vehicle is being put through its paces on Dartmoor.


There are 37 sites around the south-west where people


with limited mobility can get out into the countryside


I went with my 86-year-old father, who tackled the sometimes difficult


I'm used to a scooter but this is a different kind of scooter.


The south-west has pioneered this idea.


For a nominal fee, you can sign up to the network


They vary from coastal sites, where you can get up on clifftops,


or you can go to a forest area, like Holden Forest.


I'll do you a new list of sites with pubs.


As I understand, pubs would be more...


And you can find details of the charity which supplies those


buggies on the Spotlight Facebook Page.


We've got another cold night in store, with quite


a bit of frost around, and some mist and fog patches.


We should get some sunshine but, for all of us,


Some of the fog will be freezing fog, particularly across parts


Could cause some problems on the roads.


We have high pressure, so nothing really to stir the air.


Very light winds through the night, with that mist and fog forming.


A little bit more on the way of cloud coming into the far west


of Cornwall but we start the day with temperatures at


Some sunny spells through the day tomorrow but in places some of that


fog may not lift at all and, where that happens, it's


8-9 degrees, I think, will be the maximum temperature.


Little change as we move into Friday.


South-west winds so slightly less cold, turning colder again,


That's all the news and weather from us,


we're back at 10:40pm with the late news, in the meantime,


Good evening, the weather is proving hazardous and the fog now becoming


more extensive and causing disruption overnight tonight.


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